Illustrator 3D Textured Text Effect Tutorial For Beginners

One way to really make flyers and brochures stand out is with a 3D text effect on the front/cover. A text with a 3D effect added really pops off the page and draws the eye. Adding your own 3D effect to text is not as difficult as it may sound, especially if you can follow along with these easy and simple detailed steps. This is exactly what the following Illustrator tutorial aims to do: provide you with a step-by-step process for creating stunning 3D text (complete with detailed texture using clipping masks!) perfect for use with flyer and brochure printing.

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10 Easy Ways To Graphic Design Without Even Thinking About It

A proper graphic design can enhance your business overnight. Now, the graphic designers have multitude of tools, which they are ready to master. It does not matter whether they are using Photoshop or Illustrator, it is mandatory for them to learn ways to use the tools well, for better results. And with little help, they … Read more

Create Stunning Infographic With These Great Tips And Tutorials

Infographics are where data and information meet design. These graphic visual representations are able to quickly and effectively share knowledge with your audience. In Today’s post, you will learn how to create a stunning infographics with these very useful tutorials and articles. They will arm you with all the latest techniques and information to help … Read more

Best Electric Callus Removers

Want smooth and nice-looking feet? Then, it is time to replace your pumice stone with an electric callus remover. Callus shavers also known as foot scrubbers are super handy devices used to remove dry cracked skin and calluses. Feet and hands might develop patches of hard skin which may get painful if cracked a condition … Read more

5 Great Ways To Get Inspired By Retro Design

Looking into the past for ideas on design is always a good plan, especially if you are looking back into the past 50 years or so, with an emphasis on the ‘50s, ‘60s and ‘70s. This is what is most often referred to as “retro,” and it is a design concept that is always in vogue.

Here are five ways that you can become inspired by retro designs to come up with your own fantastic creations.

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The Art Of Bottle Labelling

The label on a bottle can make a huge difference in how people perceive the taste. There’s a reason why companies like Coca-Cola and Budweiser spend millions of dollars on design and perception testing before they release a new label. As important as the beverage itself is, the label can be just as important for the success of a drink product.

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Best Nicheless Led Pool Light

Good quality nicheless led pool light could help us to create beautiful photos in a simple manner. Many people use it to make create their pools look even better. Pool lights offer your swimming pool all the beauty you want and deserve. When choosing the right led pool light, you should pay attention to many … Read more

Best Sony PS-LX300USB Needle

The Sony PS-LX300USB needle has a lot to offer. We have done research on the web to find out more about this item and share our thoughts on it. In this way, you can find the product easily. This is an audio equipment product, but not just any kind of audio equipment–a turntable. Although there … Read more

Best Tablets 6GB Ram

Tablet is the most common personal computer that could be used easily by everyone. These are small computer devices and are mostly used in different locations. It is now preferred by many people who do not want to carry a heavy laptop around with them all the time. Tablets have become increasingly popular in recent … Read more

Best Subwoofer Box for the Dodge Ram 1500

Subwoofer boxes are typically large enclosures that are mounted inside the trunk of the car, or behind seats. The excursion requirements of subwoofers often necessitate a larger box for optimal sound performance. This article is a list of the best subwoofer boxes for the Dodge Ram 1500. The Dodge Ram is not only a great, … Read more

Best Probiotics With Chitosanase

Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are thought to support the immune system and maintain a healthy digestive system. The regular consumption of probiotics can also prevent the growth of harmful bacteria that can cause intestinal problems while promoting healthy digestion and healthy bowel movements. If you wish to obtain enough health benefits, it is important … Read more