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Welcome to our official website named designs authority. This website is one of the first and most comprehensive information sites. Our goal is to make it one of the most visited websites on the web.

Interested in learning about designs?  Our goal is to be the world’s largest and most popular resource for information. Information with step by step tutorials and illustrations, and other material formats. These will be on designs for nails and nail art, kitchens, graphics, and websites as well as Fashion. We shall also cover tattoos, interior, logos, homes, t-shirts as well as decorating ideas, landscape and much more.

Best Unique Cool Letter Opener Reviews

How long does it take you to open your envelope with your hand? Manual letter opening can be tedious and time-consuming. This is more challenging for those who must go through multiple emails and letters to determine vital information on them. The use of the best...

Finding The Best Kitchen Flooring For You – A Guide

Just this summer I decided to renovate my kitchen -- on my own! With all the decisions to make, I wondered, “What is the best flooring for kitchen enthusiasts like myself?” It's easy enough to turn on HGTV and become immersed in renovation projects. Heck, I was in...

The Best Free Kitchen Design Software to Plan Your Dream Kitchen

Planning a new kitchen? Looking for a remodel? We take a look at the best free kitchen design software to help you visualize your goals.

What Does An Interior Designer Do? Should You Hire One?

image source: pexels.comIf you've just moved into a new home or want to spruce up your old one, you may need some help. Interior designers are perfect for this job. You might wonder, though, what does an interior designer do?What Does An Interior Designer Do?When you...

Perfect Gel Nails Manicure ( EASY AT HOME DIY STEPS)

When it comes to feminine hygiene, one of the most common treatments that women undergo at least once a month is a nail treatment. While going to a nail salon is one of the most relaxing activities for any female, the changing landscape of manicures have certainly...

What is design and why does it matter?

First of all, design is a process and it is an art. Coming up with the single definition that can please everyone is hard. This is because “design” encompasses a lot of things. You will find that it exists almost everywhere and in everything that surrounds you. Every creation has been designed either consciously or unknowingly that the creator was involved in the design process. Here at designs authority, we simply define design as “A work process which translates an idea or concept into something that’s desirable, viable, commercially successful and adds value to people’s lives“. Thus it is a creation process. This process involves deciding upon the look and functioning of an object or system. Usually by making a detailed drawing of it.

Why does design matter?

Without the design process and designers, this world would exist in chaos, or perhaps not exist at all. God himself is a designer and creator. But for our world here “referring to man-made things”, everything exists because of the design process. Be it from the furniture you are probably siting on now, the laptop or phone from which you are reading this, to the building you are occupying right now. Its true scientist can make technological innovations, from which manufacturers can make products for salespeople to market.However,the only person who can combine insight into all the above and turn a concept into something that’s desirable and useful is the designer.

What Are The different disciplines of design?

As we have already expressed, design is everywhere and in everything. So it should not come as a surprise that there are tens of design disciplines. Without going into the specifics of each discipline, here are the discipline of design: Graphic design, nails, Beauty and fashion, interior design, product design, biological design, engineering design, landscape and architecture, applied arts, sound design, communications design, military design, software, systems, services, transition, visual designs, web design, user experience, games, information architecture, industrial, military, modular, motion graphics, process designs to mention but a few.

The 12 Best Interior Design Software To Bring Your Vision To Life

It's time to build a new home. While you may be excited, you may also be a little worried. However, if you use the best interior design software available, your worries will vanish in an instant. But, do you even need to worry about interior design? Interior design...

Adobe Dreamweaver Review: An Advanced Yet Simple Web Design Tool

​Image Source: ​Unsplash Imagine spending hours writing code for a new website only to find out the visuals aren't what you expected. Too bad you didn't have a visual editing tool. For this Adobe Dreamweaver review, we wanted to explore the program and the benefits of...

How to Start an Interior Design Business: Top Tips to Get You Started

Passionate about interior design? Interested in learning how to start an interior design business? Read on to find out more.

11 Quick and Easy Tips on How to Get Web Design Clients Fast and Grow Your Business Today

So, you just started your web design business, and things don't seem to be going as well as you hoped. Clients are not flocking to your business, and you're starting to get a bit discouraged. The answer to your problem is learning how to get web design clients fast....

Nail Stamps – My Best For Stamping Nail Art

When I first published our famous 8 steps nail stamping tutorial, a lot of people wrote in asking me to tell them about my best of the best nail stamps and nail stamping kits. That is what has led to this short and precise review of the best nail stamps and nail...

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