Most of us have probably been jealous at some point in time of men’s button up shirts, and if you have had a boyfriend/husband, chances are, you’ve stolen one… or many of them to wear yourself. Well, I’m here to tell you that you no longer have to beg to wear his dress shirts anymore! Because I have some incredible news for you: now, there are women’s shirt dresses that are modeled after his dress shirts. I know that’s a bit of a mouthful, but stick with me here.

I, like most other women, always steal my fiancés dress shirts because I love the way they look – this is before I learned about shirt dresses. Now you can get that same look, but in cute dresses that are made to fit you and have incredible patterns to them! There are a wide range of women’s shirt dresses that you can buy. A shirt dress can have a collar, a button front, cuffed sleeves, or all of these features – it all just depends on what you’re looking for.

To help you get started on your search for the perfect shirt dress for you, here is a list of the top 10 shirt dresses you can find for a decent price!

  1. Olrain Womens New Plaid Irregular Hem Casual Shirt Dress

What’s to Love: This dress is perfect for all seasons; the plaid never goes out of style! It is flowy without being unflattering.

Pros: It is perfect for all body types; this dress looks amazing on you regardless of your weight or height. No matter what body shape you have, you can rock this dress.

Cons: Keep in mind that this dress has an irregular hem, so the front and the back of the dress are not the same length. Some people may find that this dress runs rather small, so I recommend that if this dress is something you fall in love with, make sure to read over the sizing charts provided and work form there! Click here to see the sizing charts and Securely buy it on Amazon.

  1. Simplee Apparel Women’s Half Sleeve One Shoulder Side Split Striped Shirt Dress

What’s to Love: The dress is incredible, it has a turn down collar, a high waist, the side is split with buttons, and it has a belt on it. This dress gives you two options to wear it: you can keep it with just the one sleeve or you can button it for full coverage.

Pros: Like most people who ordered this product form our recommended retailer (Amazon), you will receive in the mail exactly what is pictured in the photo of this dress. Not only that, but it is beautiful and everything they had hoped it would be.

Cons: An issue that may arise is that this dress may be a little short for taller women, so just be sure to look over the measurements of this dress before making your final decision.  Click here to look over the measurements and securely buy it on Amazon.

  1. Allegra K Women’s Printed Half Placket Above Knee Sleeveless Belted/Shirt Dresses

What’s to Love: This dress is adorable, the moment I saw it I feel in love with the color, the print, and everything about it. This dress is incredibly comfortable; it is super lightweight which is perfect for the warmer weather.

Pros: You can dress it up or down, the belt that comes with the dress matches and makes up the outfit but you can always change it up and add different accessories. This dress is a tiny bit sheer when out in the sunlight, so I recommend wearing something underneath just to prevent showing skin that you would prefer not to show, but that is a compromise when it comes to incredibly comfortable, lightweight summer dresses!

Cons: Some issues that arise is the fact that if you have a larger bust size, the buttons could come apart a little bit when you’re wearing the dress. However, if this happen to you, you can use a safety pin to secure the fabric over your chest. Click here to read all other reviews and buy it on Amazon.


  1. Tribear Women’s Oversized Asymmetrical Long Sleeve Shirt Dress

What’s to Love: This dress is exactly as it is described in its title! The colors and cut of this dress are perfect, because of this it is very comfortable to wear.

Pros: The material of this dress is high-quality and thick, so you don’t have to worry about layering while wearing it if it’s a little colder out. The sizing of this dress is a little weird since it does say that it’s an oversized dress, so it’s recommended to order a couple sizes up!

Cons: Another thing is that some people may find that it is far too short for them and that it fits more like a shirt than a dress, which is okay if you’re alright with altering how you would wear this dress and work with it. Click here to read all other reviews and securely buy it on Amazon.

  1. Supplim Womens Lady Long Sleeves Plaids Irregular Hem Casual Shirt Dress

What’s to Love: This dress can button fully over the bigger chests, or leave a couple buttons undone for a sexier date night look.

Pros: This dress is perfect from going from work, being more conservative, to going out on a date. The best part of this dress? IT HAS POCKETS! Yes, pockets that thing that you rarely find in a women’s dress.

Cons: The body of the dress is a little loose, but not so much that a cute belt couldn’t fix! The material of this dress is a flannel cotton blend, so it is lightweight but also warm – a perfect fall dress. Click here to read all other reviews and Securely buy it on Amazon.


  1. Simple Retro Women’s Cotton Belted Casual Loose Shirt Dresses

What’s to Love: This dress is as classic as you can find for a shirt dress, so if that’s what you’ve been dying to get your hands on, this product is for you! The material that is used to make this dress is very light, cool, and comfortable – all perfect things to find in a dress you can wear in warmer weather!

Pros: It is very versatile: you can dress it up or keep it as it is and wear it to work or to a party. Another great thing about this dress is, it too has pockets and sleeve cuffs. This dress doesn’t have a definite shape to it, which is perfect if you are looking for something that could potentially cover up a new mom tummy or something else, and if that’s not what you want, all you have to do is accessorize!

Cons: The fabric, because it is so lightweight, can be somewhat sheer so it would be best to wear this dress with some precautionary garments underneath.

Click here to read all other reviews and buy it on Amazon.


  1. Neo-wow Women’s Straight Office Shirt Dress

What’s to Love: Some people found it so incredibly comfortable they would sometimes wear it as a nightdress! You can dress it up or down, depending on the event, and you can even add some quite leggings to go with it.

Pros: This shirt dress is nice and long, the material is very soft and thin – but not thin enough to be see through. Because this dress is so plain, you have an enormous amount of options regarding how to accessorize this dress – the world is your limit!

Cons: The fabric does not stretch; it’s made more in the vision of a man’s button up shirt so there isn’t much stretch which is annoying if you have a bigger chest. Click here to read all other reviews and Securely buy it on Amazon.


  1. HaoDuoYi Womens Casual Long Sleeve Boyfriend Shirt Dress Tunic Top

What’s to Love: This shirt dress is made of quality material and most everyone found that the colors were vibrant and everything they hoped. The top of this dress works even for the bigger bust women, which is amazing to find for a button up dress!

Pros: The dress is long in the front and back and has little slits on the sides. This dress could potentially be too short for some women though! This shirt dress is just a solid color, which gives you a blank canvas to work with while getting ready. So, feel free to get creative when wearing this dress and accessorize!

Cons: There honestly isn’t much about this dress that you wouldn’t love!

Click here to read all other reviews and securely buy it on Amazon.


  1. Lark & Ro Women’s Shirt Dress

What’s to Love: This dress is gorgeous, you have the option of two different beautiful patterns or a solid blue, and they’re all super vibrant and soft. It also hangs very nicely, it’s not clingy at all!

Pros: This dress hides curves because it is a sheath dress, but it also has a plunging neckline that could be deemed inappropriate to wear in a professional setting. Overall this dress is fun, pretty, and can make you feel like a whole new woman!

Cons: Some issues with the dress is that the material wrinkles rather quickly and also the sizing/fit of the dress can be not what you expect, so I just recommend reading over the sizing chart and work from there when ordering. Click here to see the sizing charts and Securely buy it on Amazon.


  1. ANGVNS Women Turn Down Collar Long Sleeve Pleated Swing Shirts Dress With Belt

What’s to Love: The dress has long sleeves, a turn down collar, button closure, and a belt for a very fashionable style. The dress is perfect for all body types, even if you have a curvier body.

Pros: This dress is very versatile: feel free to wear this dress to work, church, a party, etc. The dress itself is very comfortable to wear and fits perfectly. The material is incredibly soft. As a matter of fact, someone said that it was as soft as cashmere, if that gives you any idea.

Cons: The dress has buttons the entire length of the dress, and all of them are functional. So, that could be a downfall for some women. My advice is to wear a slip or something similar underneath in case a wardrobe malfunction does occur.

Click here to read more incredible customer reviews and Securely buy it on Amazon.

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