What Shoes to Wear with a T-Shirt Dress? [9 Great Recommendations WITH PICTURES]

So, now you’ve purchased the most perfect t-shirt dress ever, but what shoes should you pair with that t-shirt dress? Have no fear, because I’m here to help you figure out what shoes to wear with a t-shirt dress. Yes, what type of shoe will work best for you and that beautiful dress. It’s already impossible finding the perfect pair of shoes to match anything, so why not try to find something that will work well with your best t-shirt dress and anything else you may wear on a daily basis? All of these recommendations are perfect to wear every day and as comfy dress up shoes. So, let’s get started on what shoes to wear with a t-shirt dress!

Our first option is dress pumps. Dress pumps are just as they sound: they’re heels that are super comfortable and don’t have much of a heel to them. Because of this they’re perfect to pair with your t-shirt dress because not only will they make you look like you put in a lot of effort to look amazing, you’ll feel completely comfortable all day. Another great thing about dress pumps is that you can find some, like the ones in the example below, that fit into a certain era so if you’re looking for something that’s a little more vintage these are the best option for you!

What Shoes to Wear with a T-Shirt Dress

Lace-up pumps, now I know what you’re thinking here: why would I want something that sounds super complicated? Well, let me start off by saying that if you really want shoes that will really dress up the t-shirt dress you’re wearing these are your best option. Trust me, you don’t have to get the most uncomfortable option of pumps out there: there are quite a few that look sexy and are rather comfortable! If you don’t believe me look at the example below and you’ll see that I would never lie to you.

Knee-high boots, who doesn’t love them? Knee-high boots would be perfect when you’re wearing a t-shirt dress, why? Because these boots can make anything you wear look super dressy and keep you incredibly comfortable. They’re incredibly versatile and you can wear them to any function that you may have to attend. There are also so many options when looking at these boots because you can find so many styles and colors, and honestly, they can just really show your fashion personality.

Ankle boots are another option if you’re looking for something that will give you an incredible cute look to go with your dress. Ankle boots are just overall incredible: they’re comfortable, you can dress them up easily, they can give you a bit of height, and there are so many options out there. Trust me, you can’t go wrong with ankle boots. Even if you buy this type of boot to wear with you t-shirt dress you will won’t ever find an outfit that they will also go with!

What Shoes to Wear with a T-Shirt Dress

A more conservative option, and something that we all have stowed away in our closets is sneakers. What’s amazing about is that you have so many options, I personally recommend slip-on sneakers and plain old lace up sneakers. Now, we all know how incredibly amazing and comfortable sneakers, but did you know that they would be perfect to wear with your t-shirt dress? Yes! Why? Because they are a classic type of shoe, and you can wear them all day long and not be uncomfortable. Trust me! I wear them all the time when I’m dressing up because they are so simple to make look incredibly dressy.

Wedges are another way to add some height and classiness to your outfit. They can be incredibly comfortable and give your outfit a cozy, classy vibe. With a t-shirt dress, they would look incredible because they would show that a t-shirt dress can be dressed up by just a pair of shoes. I personally thing wedges would look amazing with an asymmetrical hem t-shirt dress, with a few accessories, on a beautiful, sunny warm day. Think about how fashionably comfortable you would feel all day.

Okay, so now that I’ve sort of broken down the categories of the types of shoes you can wear with your t-shirt dress, how about we look at some examples and where to buy them securely, so you can better picture how they would look with your dress. Here is our 9 options of shoes that you can wear with your t-shirt dress and still look incredible! Just click on the image  or button to secur1.ely buy that shoes on Amazon

           9 Example Recommendations for what shoes to wear with a T-shirt dress

1. Dress Pumps

Nine West Women's Tatiana Dress Pump, Black Leather, 8.5

What’s to Love: The heels of dress pumps are not too short or too tall! They’re perfect for those of you who want to look a bit more dressed up while wearing a t-shirt dress and still be comfortable.

Pros: These example pumps are designed to look like vintage 1920’s dress pumps, while still giving you that sophisticated look that you might be looking for. Most people who purchases these shoes found them extremely comfortable and fell in love completely.

Cons: These particular shoes run a little big, and the company doesn’t offer half sizes. So you kind of have to guess which size would work best for you. Another thing is that some people found that the strap that goes down the middle of the shoe is too loose and made the shoe uncomfortable to them.

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2. Knee-High Boots

Women Boots Winter Over Knee Long Boots Fashion Boots Heels Autumn Quality Suede Comfort Square Heels US Size (Brown 3'heel, numeric_9)

What’s to Love: There is a wide variety of colors you can choose from when buying/searching for knee-high boots, which is perfect when trying to match any type of t-shirt dress you might have.

Pros: These boots fit perfectly over the calf and knee for those of you who might be a little bigger and struggles finding high boots that work for you. These boots work well with wide or regular feet and everyone found them incredibly comfortable.

Cons: The leather boots are the better buy because the suede boots quickly lost their shape and got very loose and slouchy. There is no zipper on these boots, all of them are just pull on, which can make it difficult when pulling them on and off.

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3. Lace-Up Pumps

Huiyuzhi Women's Chunky Ankle Strappy Pumps Lace Up High Heels Slippers, 1-orange/Red, 9

What’s to Love: These lace-up pumps are a perfect blend of classy and sexy! Perfect for turning that t-shirt dress into a sexy going out dress.

Pros: Even though these shoes are little more extravagant, they’re not uncomfortable like you may think: in fact, most people found them incredibly comfortable.

Cons: A pain to put on because of all the laces.

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4. Slip-On Sneakers

Soda IF14 Women's Perforated Slip On Elastic Panel Fashion Sneaker Black PU 9

What’s to Love: Very versatile: a slip-on shoe that you can wear everyday but also dress up. Easy to pull on and off, and makes that t-shirt dress even more comfortable to wear!

 Pros: Incredibly comfortable, and you can wear them without socks and your feet won’t become too sweaty.

Cons: The back of the shoe is really low, so most people found that their foot would randomly slip out of them.

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5. Ankle Boots

Lucky Brand womens Basel Ankle Bootie, Toffee, 7 US

What’s to Love: These boots are made with quality vegan suede, which is hard to come across – this being said, the fabric looks and feels beautiful.

Pros: Wears incredibly well, meaning that it lasts for a very long time! They are incredibly comfortable, this could be in part due to the fact that the heel is short. There is a side zipper that helps you pull them on and off and adds a stylish factor to the boots as well.

Cons: Some people who ordered these boots found them to fit a little tighter (smaller fit and narrower) than they thought they would. The zipper can rub up against your ankle bone and create a rash or just be really uncomfortable to deal with while wearing them.

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6. Ankle Wedges

Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Harlow Ankle Boot, Taupe, 9 M US

What’s to Love: The wedge to platform ratio is perfect, so they look incredible, are comfortable, and easy to wear.

Pros: You feel like you’re walking on air because of the material they are made of. Perfect for rainy days because they are waterproof, so now you won’t have to compromise your amazing outfit because of the rain.

Cons: People with wider feet found that the strap is not made for them, because the strap has no give to them. These wedges are also hard to fit in between sizes, and can cause awful blisters and cuts on the back of your heels.

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7. Loafers

Clarks womens Juliet Palm Loafer, Black Leather, 6 US

What’s to Love: So many options and colors to match whatever dress you decide to wear for the day!

Pros: The shoes are exactly what you order: the color, the size everything. They may look a little weird with the knobs on the bottom, but you’ll find that they are incredibly comfortable to wear.

Cons: Because these loafers are made with leather, your feet can actually stretch out the leather and make it so that the sides will actually fold over with wear. They do not breathe well at all: they can get really stinky and sweaty surprisingly quick. The sides and the knobs on the bottom of the shoe are really round, so please be careful when wearing these shoes because you can really injure yourself.

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8. Dress Sandals

Naturalizer Women's Taimi Dress Sandal, Black, 8 M US

What’s to Love: These dress sandals are a classic look that will dress up any t-shirt dress you may wear that day! They are timeless and can be incredibly comfortable. They also have a wide variety of colors for you to choose from to help match whatever color you may need.

Pros: The heel height is perfect, they fit true to size, and the straps don’t bite or pinch. You don’t have to worry about having to break them in, some people said that they wore them for six hours without any issues whatsoever!

Cons: Not the most comfortable shoes, in fact some people said that there is virtually no padding to these shoes at all. It’s almost as though you’re just walking on your tiptoes on the floor, which can become really unpleasant after a while.

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9. Sneakers

adidas women's Grand Court Sneaker, White/Black/White, 9.5 US

What’s to Love: You can wear these sneakers all day without any issues whatsoever. What’s also perfect about them is that you can dress them up or keep them as is depending on how you’re feeling that day!

Pros: Incredibly comfortable, can wear them an entire day and your feet won’t be killing you whatsoever. They don’t slide up or slip off of your foot as your walking, which is perfect because I’m sure we all hate having to stop to fix that uncomfortable shoe folding that occurs occasionally.

Cons: The sizing of these sneakers is the biggest problem, the shoes can be either too small, too big, or too narrow. The recommendation I’m going to give is to just really look at the sizing chart and go with what size your gut tells you is the best for you.

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I hope I have given you great ideas on what shoes to wear with a t-shirt dress. Feel free to get creative with the type of shoes you wear with your t-shirt dress, there’s no harm in trying out different styles of shoes until you find the pair that really works for you! Get as comfortable, professional, sexy as you want and still rock that outfit of yours!.

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