What Does An Interior Designer Do? Should You Hire One?

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If you’ve just moved into a new home or want to spruce up your old one, you may need some help. Interior designers are perfect for this job. You might wonder, though, what does an interior designer do?

What Does An Interior Designer Do?

When you think of interior designers, you probably think of wallpaper, furniture, and textiles. However, that still leaves the question, what does an interior designer do? How do they achieve the aesthetic touches they’re known for producing?

Job description

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Interior designers mostly make indoor areas functional and safe, in addition to attractive. They do a lot more than just select furniture and other decorative items, although all of these things are important when figuring out what does an interior designer do.

Relationship With The Client

Generally, when they are working on a space, interior designers follow a specific process. The first step, programming, involves determining the needs and wishes of the client. The interior designer will meet with the client to find out what they want for the space.

The designer will also go to the space and take inventory of the current conditions and furniture that is already there. They’ll take note of potential problems within the area that they need to address. With all this information in hand, the designer will formulate a design plan and estimate any costs that are going to be incurred.

Once the designer has put together the plan, they will present it to the client and use the client’s input to make any necessary revisions.

Then, the designer will start to go into the specifics of what needs to be done, such as lighting, flooring, furniture, and artwork that is going to be in the space.

At this point, it might be necessary for the designer to work with other professionals. This depends on whether other concerns need to be addressed, such as building safety issues, plumbing, or electrical distribution.

After making sure everything is in place, the designer will develop a timeline for the project. This includes the coordination of work schedules for any necessary contractors for the project. The interior designer will need to make sure that everyone involved works together to finish the job on time.

However, the interior designer isn’t done here even after the job is done. They will need to pay follow-up visits to the client to ensure the client’s continued satisfaction. If the client expresses dissatisfaction, the interior designer will need to make the necessary corrections.

Relationships With Other Professionals

Interior designers are not just about aesthetics, but also safety and function. They should have a flair for what sorts of furniture, colors, and textures look good, but they also need to address the other needs of the occupants in a building.

These professionals also need to be able to deal with other people in different construction industries, as another part of the answer to the question, what does an interior designer do?

When an interior designer is working on a project, they might need to work with several other professionals. For example, the designer might put together drawings and have a construction inspector approve them to make sure that they are following building codes. Interior designers can also work with engineers and architects for this purpose.

A lot of interior designers will have to hire contractors as well. The contractors do technical work, such as electrical wiring, plumbing, and lighting. It’s often the job of the designer to choose these contractors and coordinate their work schedules.

Skills required

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Now you know more about the answer to the question what does an interior designer do? However, to have a thorough idea of what they do, you should know about the skills they need to have.

A Flair For Design

Many people might think that the terms “interior decorator” and “interior designer” are interchangeable. However, this is not the case.

You might still be asking yourself, what does an interior designer do? The truth is that an interior decorator can do a lot of the same things that an interior designer does.  If someone has a natural flair for colors and designs, they can pass out business cards and call themselves a decorator.

No one’s saying this isn’t a valuable skill set. An interior designer needs to have these talents to be successful. However, they also need to have an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in order to go by that title, in addition to a plethora of other skills. In some states, they may be required to maintain professional registration by participating in continuing education.

People Skills

There’s a lot more than just a natural talent for decoration when you’re asking the question what does an interior designer do? In addition to lighting and furniture coordination, interior designers need to be able to understand the way buildings are structured. They also need to understand the basics of other construction professionals in order to coordinate with them.

To get a project done correctly for a client, many people often need to collaborate. The interior designer is usually the one who oversees projects and gets others involved as necessary. The designer may need to get blueprint approval from an engineer and hire several contractors, for example.

Knowledge Of The Ins-And-Outs Of Buildings

Interior designers determine space requirements and need to be able to deal with blueprints. Part of the job is creating, editing, and interpreting plans. They also need to have up-to-date knowledge when it comes to accessibility standards, inspection regulations, and building codes.

Interior designers need to know about structural Integrity of different types of buildings, ergonomics, and spatial concepts. These days, they also need to know about computer-aided drawing (CAD), as this plays a significant role in modern interior design.

What Education Is Required To Become An Interior Designer?

Of course, if you’re thinking about working with an interior designer, it’s essential to ask the question, what does an interior designer do? But before they can do any of what the job entails, they need to be qualified to do the job. Interior designers need to have the right education, in addition to natural talents in decorating and design.

Typically, they need to go through a professional program in interior design. This usually takes two to three years. It will ultimately get them a certificate, Associates degree, or Bachelor’s degree.

Students need to take a variety of classes that will prepare them for a career in interior design. These include courses in materials and construction, lighting design, visual and design communication, sustainable design, computer-aided design, psychology and color, usability and interior design, and more.

These courses give them the information they need to be able to help clients in the future.

Different Specialties Within Interior Design

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There’s actually more than just a straightforward answer to the question, “what does an interior designer do?” Not all interior designers focus on the same sorts of projects. There are all sorts of specialties within the field of interior design.

An interior designer can choose to specialize in designing one type of environment. Someone who wants help with their home would hire a residential interior designer. However, there is also interior design for restaurants, hotels, healthcare facilities, and corporate buildings.

There are also interior designers that focus on just one room of the house. For example, some designers exclusively work on either kitchens or bathrooms. They have specialized knowledge of these rooms; a kitchen interior designer, for example, will know all about efficient kitchen design and appliances.

Interior designers can also specialize in different styles. One example is green interior design, where the designer specializes in products and methods that are good for the environment. There’s also Japanese and Asian interior design, in which designers know all about these graceful and notoriously uncluttered approaches to designing a space.

Interior designers don’t necessarily have to focus on buildings. Some interior designers use their skills on sets in theater, television, or film. There are also exhibit designers, who either help companies design exhibits for showrooms in trade shows or can even work on presentations for other organizations, such as zoos and art galleries.

Does Your House Need Professional Help?

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If you’re happy with the way your house is, good for you. However, if you’re not, you can always call upon an interior designer for help. Whether you’re looking to purchase a new home or want to rearrange your current one, there are many designers available.

Now you also know that there is a difference between a decorator and a designer. An interior designer needs to have all the same skills that a decorator has, in addition to years of education in construction theory and practice. This is because an interior designer needs to be able to do more than simply decorate a room.

Being a good interior designer takes a lot of work and skill. If you can find a great one, they can really help make your house into a home. Your designer can work with you to capture your personality and showcase it throughout your home.

Got any design tips? Hints on finding a good interior designer? Let us know in the comments section!

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