Web Design Trends to Apply to Your Work

Web design trends keep evolving. New design trends emerge, some of them stay for years while others come and go in a flash. Web design is a dynamic field, trends change very rapidly.

New design trends appear because of the evolving needs of the users. As a web designer, you have to be aware of the latest trends in web design. It will help you meet the expectations of your clients.

Here is a list of some standout Web Design Trends to Watch out for in 2016:

Material design:


Material Design is design language. It was developed by Google in 2014. Although it was not so popular at the time of its inception, now in 2016 it is one of the most important design trends to watch out for. Material design is based on 3D and focuses on dynamism. It uses the concept of shadow effects and brings a charm of some graphical elements to the design. It is also loaded with built-in animations. It helps you to create a beautiful and more user-friendly interface. Goole’s Android applications like Gmail, Youtube, Google Docs etc are already powered by Material design.

Flat Design:


Flat design keeps improving more and more to meet the expectations of modern users. It is a minimalistic design approach which minimizes distractions and increases usability. The most recent version of Flat design even acknowledges the utilization of long shadows which imparts more utility to it. Most designers call it Flat Design 2.0 as it is an upgraded version of the previous one. Flat design is easy to read on mobile devices. A number of websites are being launched with a flat design these days which makes it a popular trend in 2016.

Card Layouts:

Card Layouts

Card style Layout is a design trend which may gain more and more popularity in 2016. It provides you a way to organize products in a precise and easy to use manner. It is replacing tile-based designs. It enhances the design by adding functionality and providing a more user-friendly interface. It enables you to divide the content to the cards and improve the navigation and helps the user to get the relevant information at a glance. It helps you to differentiate the topics easily. One more factor associated with its increasing popularity is that it is a component of the Google’s Material design.

Bold Typography:

Bold Typography

Typography is about more than just designing letters. It plays an important role in attracting the user’s attention. It may help to improve the overall design of a website. There are a number of fonts which can be downloaded from the web easily. Things like Bold statements, playful sans-serif typefaces, and letter stacking makes an effective Typography. Serifs and hand written typography trends may play a vital role in designing in 2016. Serifs help to improve the legibility while handwritten fonts fell to be more personal.

Responsive Design:

Responsive Design

The number of mobile internet users in continuously increasing. It may be that the number of users browsing your website on mobile exceeds those browsing it on a desktop. This fact has given rise to the need of a Responsive design which can fit every screen size. A user may use any of the devices like a PC, Tablet or a mobile and your website has to fit all of them simultaneously. So a responsive design is must have for your website so that it can be easily browsed on any device. Moreover, a responsive design of your website will add positively to its search engine rankings. This is one trend which will be getting more and more popular in 2016 and in the coming years.

Use of Cinemagraphs:

Use of Cinemagraphs

Cinemagraphs are nothing but moving images. These are still photographs with some minor and repeated movements. This is something you will see more frequently than anything on newly built websites. A moving image explains much more than a still image and it consumes lesser bandwidth than a video. This is another popular trend to watch out for in 2016.

Simple and Minimalist Design:

Simple and Minimalist Design

To ensure a fast loading speed of your website you have to keep it simple. If your site is overloaded with graphics then it may take longer to load. You have to minimize all that showy stuff so that it uses a comparatively less bandwidth and load faster. It also helps to enhance the user experience of your visitors.



Use of animation is one of the most sought after design trend in 2016. Properly used animations can really enhance the user experience. Parallax scrolling effect or pop-up notifications can be used as an interaction tool to have more impact on the users. Loading Animations create a more lively and engaging experience.

Long Scrolls:

Long Scrolls

Websites with long or infinite scrolling are getting more popular than websites that have more pages of fixed length. Long scrolls are more beneficial because of their ease of use on mobile devices. A user prefers to scrolling down to clicking again and again to the next page in order to receive the desired information.

Hover Effects:

Hover Effects:

Hover effects are one of the newest trends in web design. It helps to visually define an active element of the website. It highlights active elements by shadow effect or animation and makes it clear for a user where to click.

Dynamic Storytelling:

Dynamic Storytelling

Dynamic Storytelling uses graphics and text to tell a story. It helps to explain the benefits of a product in an impressive way. It leads the visitors through a thought process while explaining a product or your company. However, it needs to be done carefully as it is important to place graphics and text in the right places to give it the perfect look. There must be a balance between the graphics and text, improper use may give the design a messy and unfocused look.

These are some web design trends which will be prominent throughout the last half of 2016. Getting more comfortable with these trends may help you stay ahead of your competitors.

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