Web Design Trends That Need to Die

Do you remember the clothes you wore twenty years ago? Or your haircut from the early 1990s? At the time, you were probably convinced that you were the epitome of style. But what happens when you look back at your high school yearbook? Yikes.

Trends constantly come and go. Something that is stylish today will be obsolete in fifteen years. The same goes for web design. Try to find a website that hasn’t been updated in ten years. It probably looks pretty bland, has a boring background design, and maybe a flashing text bar scrolling across the top.

Web design trends are constantly changing. There’s an exponential amount of competition on the Internet, which means you need to make sure your website is both aesthetically pleasing and easy to use if you want to remain in the game. With that being said, let’s look at what not to do.

Here Are Some Web Design Trends That Need To Die in the Market Today.


The era of the slideshow has died. It had a good run, but they should never be used again.

Websites like Buzzfeed have kickstarted the list revolution. Not only do we love lists, but we also love to quickly read one or two sentences for each thing on the list and scroll to quickly finish the article. Lists are quick, efficient and insanely addicting.

Slideshows are not as efficient. They often take forever to load the next slide. Even if it’s only a second or two, I start to get annoyed with it. Most people use slides on their website because it earns more page views, so they make more ad money. As soon as I see a slideshow with ads all over it, I leave the page immediately. Slideshows have to go in the Market Today.

Infinite Scrolling

I know, I know, this is going to be an unpopular suggestion.

This happens mostly on websites with a lot of content, like news or gossip sites. You arrive on the homepage and you start to scroll down. The scroll bar starts to shrink as you move down the page. You never reach the bottom.

People want to give up and leave your site when that scroll bar becomes smaller. Everyone on the Internet has a short attention span, so they want to quickly digest the information and move on. If they foresee spending too much time to find what they need, they’ll leave.

Infinite scrolling also slows down your website because it is constantly loading more content. If your visitors aren’t already overwhelmed with the amount of content on your website, they’ll soon become frustrated with how slowly your site is moving.

Using Flash

If you’re still using Flash for your website, please know that you aren’t doing anyone any favors.

Flash is an absolute nightmare for mobile devices. In fact, Apple and Android devices don’t support Flash at all. This makes Flash outdated and unusable because most people use their mobile devices to visit websites. If you’re using flash, you’re eliminating any visitor coming from their phone, which is most likely the majority of your visitors.

Flash also makes it impossible for search engines to crawl your website, so even if you have a killer site, Google won’t prioritize it on mobile devices. You’ll have to spend more money for advertisements when you can get the same traffic for free by not using Flash.

A Lot of JavaScript

JavaScript is important for your website. It lets you create features that you can’t make with any other language, but too much JavaScript can turn your website into a mess.

JavaScript is commonly used to create plugins and features for WordPress. It’s easy to get plugin-happy and saturate your website with them. Try to avoid this because plugins and an immense amount of JavaScript can slow your website down and make it frustrating for visitors. It also doesn’t always transition well onto mobile devices, so you have to be careful of that as well.

Stuffy Stock Photos

You click on an article and right away a picture of professional-looking employees sitting around a conference table welcomes you. Then you click on another article and the same picture is there.

Stock photos need to go. Yes, they are cheap and easy to obtain, and they look professional, but they also degrade the authenticity of your article or website. Plus, it’s always a bad sign when another website is using the same stodgy photo.

Instead, you should use authentic pictures. The only thing that separates you from the competition is you. Make your website personal and let your visitors get to know you. The personal touch to your website will create a special connection between you and our visitors, and that goes a long way.

It’s easy to look at Buzzfeed or TMZ and want the same exact website. Make sure your website creates a unique experience and stands out in the Market Today by finally putting these trends to rest.

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Lexie Lu is a designer and writer. She loves learning about the trends in to web and graphic design industry. She writes weekly on Design Roast and can be followed on Twitter @lexieludesigner.

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