5 Ways to Wear the T-Shirt Dress & Look Cute, Dressy and IN STYLE

I’m sure you’ve already heard so much about t-shirt dresses and how amazing they are. In fact before writing this article on Ways to wear the t-shirt dress, I wrote a big article  titled “Best T-Shirt Dress : 29 T-Shirt Dresses That Nail the Looks For Women and Teens [WITHOUT DRAINING THE WALLET]“. T-shirt dresses are amazing, they are the perfect way to look cute and dressy while still being perfectly comfortable. They are incredibly versatile and the perfect type of dress to wear from day to night, all you might have to do is add or delete a few accessories – that’s how amazing t-shirt dresses are.
I’m sure that you didn’t click on this article to learn more about t-shirt dresses and how amazing they are. So, let me tell you a couple ways that you can easily wear a t-shirt dress!

Ways to wear the t-shirt dress :  5 Suggestions for Wearing a T-Shirt Dress

ways to wear the t-shirt dress
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  •             In the office:

T-shirt dresses, as mentioned before, are incredibly versatile. All that you would really need to do to make one appropriate for the office would be to add a cute cardigan, or blazer, if the sleeves are on the shorter, or invisible, side. You don’t have to go crazy with the sweater, it could honestly be that plain black cardigan you have hanging in your wardrobe.
Feel free to add some accessories as well, just try not to go too crazy! I would recommend wearing a cute, simple necklace and/or some cute earrings – like I said, nothing too extreme. Or you could do a cute belt to cinch in your waist and give you a little bit more of a shape! If you have  briefcase for work, or even just a classy leather purse, it would go perfectly with your work outfit and give you that extra push towards pure professionalism.
For shoes, I would recommend something that is a little on the lower side. You could do some really cute ballet flats, some shorter heels, or even some classy slip-on sneakers! It all depends on the type of work vibe your office has. See my article on What Shoes to Wear with a T-Shirt Dress? [9 Great Recommendations WITH PICTURES]

  • Date night:

Feel free to find the most fabulous, sexy t-shirt dress you have in your closet! If the dress already shows off your curves leave it as it is, but if it’s a little more flowy and doesn’t have much of a frame feel free to give yourself more of a figure by adding in a belt to show off your waist.
For your accessories, try to have fun with them! Wear some cute earrings and the matching necklace if you feel like it, or add in a cute, fun headband to wear. It’s all up to you and your comfort zone and where the date will be taking place, but just have fun! Add a cute little clutch, or even a small purse that matches your outfit as well.
For shoes, I would recommend wearing something with a little more height to them, of course you can always wear those cute ballet flats too if you’re much more comfortable with those. Some cute ankle boots would look amazing with a t-shirt dress, or even a pair of fancier heels would work well too. Like I said earlier: just have fun with dressing up your t-shirt dress and really show off your personality.

  •             Around the house:

When you’re just lounging around the house, just wear your t-shirt dress as is. No need to go crazy with trying to make it more conservative or stylish. If you’re comfortable, that’s all that matters and t-shirt dresses are already incredibly comfortable.
If you decide to go out for an errand or just to grab a cup of coffee with someone just throw on a pair of sneakers and grab some sunglasses. No need to go crazy! Comfort is the key when you’re just lounging around having a nice relaxing day.

  •             Girls night out:

Go ahead and wear that sleeveless, plunging neckline t-shirt dress you might have! You can wear a cute little sweater or jacket with your dress if it’s going to be chilly out or if you would prefer to have a little coverup to go with your dress.
Your accessories should be something that you’re comfortable with but add enough of a dressy look to your outfit. For example, if you’re wearing a plain, sexy, black t-shirt dress try adding a fashionable gold necklace and some cute gold bangles. You can also add a cute clutch to match your jewelry to store your essential items.
Your shoes should be comfortable but also make a statement. Let’s go back to my example of the black t-shirt dress. For this dress, I would recommend wearing some heels that are tall, but a height you’re still really comfortable with.

  •             On the beach:           

            T-shirt dress is a perfect swimsuit coverup because they are light and easy to put on and take off. If you’re going to the beach I recommend wearing a t-shirt dress just because you can look very fashionable and yet still look radiant! I personally think that a t-shirt dress that is striped, especially if it’s navy and gives off a beachy vibe, would be perfect for this occasion!
All you really would need to wear with your t-shirt dress is some sunglasses and a wide brimmed beach hat to help you avoid all of the sun that will be coming out. Bring along your fun beach tote, chairs, towels, etc. and just have fun and be comfortable.
Of course, there are many more occasions that you might run into in your busy life that you can wear a t-shirt dress, but I feel like these are the most popular ways to wear the t-shirt dress. You can always change up your style when wearing a t-shirt dress, feel free to try out different articles of clothing with your dress and see which you really love to wear! The key to anything is being comfortable because that’s the whole point of the best t-shirt dress, isn’t it?

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