Top 10 Kitchen Must Haves

“Kitchens are made for bringing the families together and some kitchen must haves make that happen ”

kitchen must haves

When it comes to various places in the house, there is no place happier than the kitchen. It is the heart of the home and it brings family members together on meal times. In essence, it is not only the designated place designed for the creation of food and the consumption of the same, but it is also the central hub for merry-making, where hearty laughs are shared, stomachs are filled and where families would take a break from a long day, unwind, share a meal, relax and communicate with one another.

The kitchen is the home’s soul and even self-professed foodies and food connoisseurs confess to living in their own kitchens. So, as the house’s solitary place for joy and merry-making which forges the fondest home memories, the kitchen certainly deserves to look its very best and one way of achieving this is by equipping it with the standard and basic kitchen appliances.

Sure, equipping your kitchen with a refrigerator and a stove seems to be the customary thing to do, but all that will be for naught if you do not complement it with other appropriate kitchen appliances that will not only complete your kitchen but would also expedite the logistics involved in epicurean creations. Dispense with the useless clutter of your kitchen and get rid of the plethora of utensils where an appliance would not only get the job done faster, but would look right at home in your kitchen as well. So, to give your kitchen that much needed revamp, besides santoku knives, here is a list of the top ten kitchen must haves. Kitchen appliances your home should have because whether you are living in a condo unit or an apartment, your kitchen should have the necessary arsenal of appliances needed to prepare delectable food.

The Top 10 Kitchen Must Haves


Every kitchen needs a good, sturdy and reliable soup maker where pumpkin soups would be easily made and pureed potages and gumbos would be accessible at the click of a finger. Additionally, investing in a good soup maker would effectively lessen the utensils you would have to wash as it requires only a single appliance to make a hearty soup as opposed to preparing soups traditionally. This is one of those kitchen must haves that does not cost much.


Every kitchen needs a microwave, not only do you get to cook microwave recipes but preparing leftover surprises would be a lot easier with the aid of a trusty and reliable microwave. Install a microwave in your kitchen and you will never have to worry about preparing warm leftovers ever again.


Who does not love bread? And more importantly, who does not relish the loud crunch of a well-made buttered toast?  Well, if there is anyone they would be a small fraction of people anyhow. A toaster oven is essential as this is the penultimate breakfast appliance second only to the coffee maker. Breakfast is hardly complete without bread, and breakfast is perfection when that same bread is toasted.


Complement your breakfast appliance set by adding a coffee maker into the mix. A good coffee maker is the perfect accompaniment to your toaster oven, just like your coffee is the best match for your buttered toast. If you have a particular and discriminating taste for caffeine where simple instant packs would not just do for you, get yourself a good coffee maker and make your breakfast meals complete with this hot beverage accompaniment.


Among the kitchen appliances that have their own designated recipes that would yield unique eats, slow cookers have an abundant supply of them from slow cooked stews, one pot meals and potluck dinners.  This kitchen appliance is incredibly useful for families on the go and who have barely enough time to cook meals by the time they get home. This trusty crockpot is still a valuable addition to your kitchens and would actually solve a lot of your problems. For more flexibility and versatility, choose models that come with removable stoneware insert which can go from the appliance to the backyard barbecue as well as to the dishwasher.


Blenders are not only for health-buffs and for foodies who are into smoothies (although, if you are either this is a top priority appliance that should be in your kitchen). These appliances are amazing additions to any kitchen as it effectively lessens the time needed for crushing fruits and vegetables into pulps. As a welcome alternative to a soup maker, a blender can reduce whole veggies into soup just as well as your soup maker can. Blenders are also great for shakes and frozen margaritas as it yields delicious smoothies made from fruits.


Many of us will host fancy dinners at least once in our lives, and the best way to serve great wine is to have it come from a wine cooler. Additionally, if you are a wine-connoisseur then this kitchen appliance is certainly a must have for your kitchen. This allows you to maintain proper temperatures for separate bottles as well as dispense and preserve wine. Wine enthusiasts can rejoice as this kitchen appliance allows an open bottle to stay fresh for well over a week.


If you are the type of person who is trying a detoxification process but are seemingly addicted to sugary fizzy drinks then the soda maker is for you. It is perfect for anyone who is trying to eat clean and green or basically anyone trying to reduce their sodium and sugar intake. Various units would yield fresh-made flavored sodas but with far less additives than the ones you can buy from your local grocery store.


Probably the most indispensable kitchen gadget as it reduces all kitchen tasks such as blending, chopping, slicing, kneading and pureeing into a single press of a button and a switch of a blade. It expedites most cooking processes and for that alone, it should be present in every kitchen.


Every kitchen needs a stand mixer. Initially, you may be doubtful as to whether you should get one or not but there will come a time wherein you are going to wish you had this especially with the teeming recipes you can find online (which are easily achievable with the aid of a stand mixer). Need cupcakes for a party? Preparing homemade bread? These are all made easier by a stand mixer. Additionally, this appliance allows you to multitask where the hand mixer cannot.

Well, as you can see, these kitchen must haves don’t cost and arm and a leg.

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