10 Tattoo Styles for Women

Originally associated with sailors and criminals, tattoos have grown from being a sign of rebellion to a fashion staple comprising many tattoo styles. Many tattoo styles are displayed on the bodies of celebrities, young people, people of culture and those who like to stay on the cutting edge of what’s hot. Tattoos are a form of expression that exhibits cultural diversity and different art forms.

Tattoos have become such a part of the mainstream that they are popping up on the red carpet. Many celebrities are sporting tattoos that enhance even the most expensive designer dresses. Female celebrities with many tattoo styles include Katy Perry, Amber Rose, Megan Fox, Kendall Jenner, Miley Cyrus, Angelina Jolie, Pink and Rihanna. All of these women use tattoos to express different parts of themselves, their passions and the people and times in their lives.  

Many women have embraced this sensation by using tattoos as a form of creative expression. As they have become more acceptable over the last two decades, women make up about half of the people receiving tattoos. Women are getting tattoo styles more than ever. From the young college student to the working mom, they fit into any age group, culture or occupation.  

There are a few things that tattoo novices need to consider before getting a tattoo. It is best to choose your tattoo with care because they are permanent.  There are also many tattoo styles to choose from, so take your time deciding. Here we can help you find out what type of tattoo is best for expressing the different parts of your feminine self.  

What Are Feminine Tattoos?

Anyone can get any kind of tattoo they like, but feminine tattoos differ from the ones that men get. Tattoo styles can reflect feminity through delicate patterns that express love and beauty. They enhance a woman’s softness and can be placed to attract attention without being too loud. Tattoos can be symbolic. For example, a free-spirited woman may get a colorful butterfly to express that side of herself.

There are so many feminine tattoo designs out there that a woman can find just about anything to show her fun and fashionable side. Whatever tattoo style a woman chooses, this fashion staple will express her feminity in a way that will go nicely with any designer bag. Since we are all unique, there are many tattoo styles and spots that are timeless, feminine and can be appreciated for the work of art that they are. 

Popular Places on a Woman’s Body for Tattoos

tattoo woman

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There are many places on the body that a woman can get tattooed, or inked as artists often call it. A woman must carefully choose where she wants to get her tattoo by considering what she is most comfortable with. If she is shy, she may want to put it in a more discreet place, and if she is bolder, she may want it to be somewhere where she can reveal it to the world easily. She may also want to consider if she needs to keep it in a discreet place due to rules at her workplace.  

The good news is that there are many places a woman can put a tattoo, and many tattoo styles in different sizes to choose from. Our skin is our biggest organ and is a blank canvas ready to be inked. Here are some great places for a feminine tattoo:


woman ankle

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A woman can get a feminine anklet or design on her ankle. It is easy to cover and a great way to show-off in the summer.


foot tattoo

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Much like an ankle tattoo, the foot is a great location for a discreet tattoo but will nicely compliment some strappy sandals.


finger tattoo

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Finger tattoos are great for women who are a little bolder, yet only want a small, simple design.

Lower Back

This is a popular spot for many women as they can get more elaborate designs that can be hidden or shown off with a crop top for a night out on the town.

Behind the Ear

Like the finger, this is a great place for a small, simple design that radiates with cuteness.  


Although a more painful spot on the body to get tattooed, the ribcage is a great place to get a more intricate design that will let your inner Goddess shine.


The perfect place for miniskirt lovers.


arm tattoo

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The arm is ideal for someone who wants to show her tattoo off often.


wrist tattoo

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The wrist is the perfect place for a tattoo that equally blends dainty and bold.


Many women get tattoos that represent something near and dear to their heart.


Neck tattoos can either be visible at all times, or only when rocking a ponytail, if placed on the back of the neck.

Tattoo Styles for Women

1. Zodiac

zodiac signs

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Hooked on horoscopes?  Then get a tattoo that represents your sign.  A bold Leo may get a cat on her arm while a shy Virgo may get an angelic woman on her ankle. There are many ways that Zodiac signs can be expressed and many artists can help create one just for you.

2. Cultural

cultural tattoo

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Cultural tattoos are used to express one’s ancestry and are diverse as can be. From Irish Celtic symbols to Japanese art, there are so many forms and ways to express one’s heritage. It is best to find a tattoo artist who specializes in the particular tattoo you are looking for.

3. Religious

religious tattoo

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From getting a cross to an Ohm symbol, religious tattoos can be expressed in many tattoo styles. They can be large or small and encompass all religions. Some people get religious script that provides inspiration during difficult times. Some get religious symbols, like a cross, that reinforces their faith. Others get religious figure tattoos that help in giving them strength. The religious can express faith and femininity at the same time.  

4. Floral

floral tattoo

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Floral tattoos are soft and feminine. They can be brightly colored or soft with pastels. There are many designs that can range from one single flower to a bustling bouquet. Floral designs can also be incorporated into other tattoos, like skulls or anchors. They can make any design feminine and work with many tattoo styles.  

5. Tribal

tribal icon

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Tribal tattoos are steeped in legend and history. They are solid black designs that can be simple or intricate. Some incorporate depictions of ancient beliefs, like dream catchers, used to bring about nice dreams. Tribal tattoos are great anklets or arm bands.  

6. Heart


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Whether you want to reveal a broken one, or express love, heart tattoos can be made into many soft and lovely tattoo designs. They can honor a loved one or be created in remembrance of a lost loved one. The universal symbol of romance, a heart is soft, passionate and feminine.  

7. Stars


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Stars are a great way to express hope and can be large or small. A small star can look nice on an ankle, finger, or the inside of the wrist. More elaborate celestial designs make a nice back tattoo.

8. Butterfly


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Not only beautiful, the butterfly also represents metamorphosis. These colorful creatures’ aesthetic is sweet and feminine and can represent growth, getting through a hard time or a free-spirited nature. They are so pretty that one does not need a reason to get a butterfly.  

9. Bird


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Like their friend the butterfly, birds are beautiful and colorful. There are so many types of bird tattoos styles that there’s something here for almost anyone. Standing for freedom and flight, birds are a great way to express these ideas. Popular among women today, a bird is a great way to show independence.  

10. Mythical Creatures

mythical creatures

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There are so many mythical creatures from so many times. Popular mythical creatures include fairies, unicorns, Greek and Roman goddesses and gods, dragons and leprechauns.



Like any other arts form, tattoos can be used to express so many things and are a great way to show the world our unique style and flare.  Because there are so many designs and styles out there, it is a great idea to take the time and consideration to figure out what tattoo is best for you. Look for a tattoo artist you like and meet with them before getting a tattoo.  They can help guide you through the process and create a tattoo that is right for you by making sure it is flattering and in the right place.

Get your tattoo at a recognized tattoo parlor that properly sterilizes their equipment. The best tattoo artists have a waiting list, so it is best to wait to get the tattoo you want. If you rush into getting inked, you may regret it and have to go back to another artist to fix a botched tattoo.  

Just remember, tattoos are permanent and a big commitment. It is best to take time to decide what tattoo style you want, what you want tattooed and where you want to place it before you even look for an artist. There are plenty of talented artists out there who can help you express your femininity and fashion sense.  

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