How To Paint Your Nails At Home Perfectly – [STEP- BY-STEP]

paint your nails

In the teen years, I used to paint my nails as a way of expressing myself or matching my outfit. These days, applying varnish on my nails is like a habit to pretty nails .However, it is a fact that perfectly painted nails are part of good grooming and shows ones personality. Whatever your reason … Read more

Guide to Best Nail Polishes And Designs

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With your necklace or scarf, you need to closely remember that your nail polishes are also an essential key accessory. Whether you want your nails to get done at a salon or you just want to make use of a drugstore nail polish, the secret is on choosing the best nail polish. There is nothing … Read more

Simple Steps To Perfect French Manicure (BEST GUIDE)

French manicure

So popular and classy is the French manicure that lots of women all over the world search for information on how to do it themselves at home. And guess what? A French manicure is easy to do at home, does not require lots of special tools or supplies. In addition, it is neutral, hence can … Read more

9 BEST Black and White Nail Art Videos And Pictures

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When a nail art video gunners 1,619,027 views within 4 months, that is an indication that the particular trend is big.Black and white nail art is a craze for a reason. They are cool and make your nails look pretty.It is quite easy to do a black and white nail art to get good nails. … Read more