10 Festive Christmas Nail Designs You Want To Decorate and Try

10 Festive Christmas Nail Designs

Christmas decorations go up earlier and earlier each year, and we couldn’t be happier about it. Decorating isn’t just about how we show off our Christmas spirit within in our homes and workplaces, but also how we show it on our bodies, whether we wear a new ugly sweater each day or have crazy “Who” … Read more

Nail Designs : [TOP 10] Easy & Pretty Designs For Short and Long Nails

nail designs for short and long nails

Nail designs, if good, add flair and sophistication to your looks. Are you that kind of lady who is looking to add flair and sophistication to your looks with good nail designs? Do you want to follow a safe, yet simple step by step process to gorgeous and beautiful nails? Whether you prefer short or … Read more

Valentines Day Nails Art [10 Cute designs Ideas]

Valentine's day nails

Valentine’s day is around the corner and if you are looking for not-so-complicated but cute Valentines day nails art designs to show that the cupid arrow is with you, I got some sweet treats for you. Seriously, I believe in valentine’s day and I always look forward to it. Kudos to those who do so … Read more

15 Pretty Nail Designs That Will Inspire You – [INCLUDES Designs VIDEO]

Pretty nail designs can be inspiring indeed, especially when it comes to choosing what design to do for your next manicure. Zeroing in on the right design can be a daunting task. That is why we some times need inspiration for our next nail design. Usually, when I want to decide what style to wear, … Read more

Water Marble Nails art Tutorial [14 EASY STEPS]

Water Marble Nails Art

If you want a nail design that is simply amazing and will give you lots of compliments, then try Water Marble Nails Art or strawberry nails art and you won’t regret.When the Japanese nail technicians developed the water marble nail art technique, they were onto something big. Water marble nail designs are the latest nail … Read more