Best 9 Electric Nail File Machines – Good Brands for Nail art (A Review)

best electric nail file drill machine

Are you a nail technician or a “do it yourself” nail artist looking for an electric nail file that will make cleaning, filing and buffing nails easier? Well, you are in for a treat. We  have written this ultimate electric nail file buying guide for you. Let us help you narrow down your choices to … Read more

e-file Uses : 7 Less Known Ways an e-file Makes Your Nail Art Easier

e-file uses

An electronic nail file or popularly known as e-file allows you to do many remarkable things, from making your nails the ideal length to eliminate callus and getting rid of lift. E-file also makes the job of nail technicians easier and faster. On this page, we look at  7 uses of a nail e-file and … Read more