Kitchen Cabinets 101 & Ultimate Buying Guide

kitchen cabinets 101

Looking to buy new kitchen cabinets? Let’s just be honest, folks… Replacing your kitchen cabinets can be expensive. Really expensive, as a matter of fact. Overall, in the whole remodeling scheme of things, cabinets can account for almost half of your entire budget. What kind to buy? White Oak? Red Oak? Is solid wood the … Read more

Buying Microwave Oven – Best Buying Guide

buying a microwave oven

Are you planning to buy a new microwave oven to try your cooking skills, or just need a replacement to that timeworn over? Whether it is literally your first time to buy an oven or it has been a long time since you buy one and you are looking for a guide, you landed at … Read more

Mini Fridge Buying Guide- Buy the Best

mini fridge buying guidde

Are you looking to buy a mini fridge, save your self from the embarrassment of buying a low quality, high maintenance mini fridge with this mini fridge buying guide. Either for your apartment, dorm or a room in your house, a mini fridge is an essential and a handy appliance for you to have around. … Read more