Sweet Home 3D Review: A Free Interior Design Tool That’s Easy to Use

If you’re here, there’s a chance you’re looking for a Sweet Home 3D review. Redecorating your interior is a good project for when you are stuck at home for a lot more time than you’d hoped. It can also help save your sanity or simply to make the limited space work. Or, maybe you had a great idea and all the things you needed for the perfect living room…

but when you finally assembled the pieces, none of it looked the way you envisioned: The couch was too big, the flooring clashed with the wall color, and the flow didn’t work.

You know you skipped a step: planning and pre-visualization. For that, you needed a digital interior design tool to create your room virtually, preferably in 3D. After all, it’s easier to move a virtual sofa than a real one. And you searched and found Sweet Home 3D.

So what is it exactly, and should you use it?

What Is Sweet Home 3D?

Sweet Home 3D - Interior Design Planner with an additional 1100 3D models and a printed manual, ideal for architects and planners - for Windows 11-10-8-7-Vista-XP & MAC

Sweet Home 3D is one of the better digital interior design tools. It’s a free, open-source software application. It allows you to easily create a two-dimensional plan for your house or office, like a virtual blueprint of its walls, windows, doors, and structural elements.

You can then place furnishings and appliances from the application’s library of items into the room. And you can add design elements such as flooring, paint colors, window treatments and the like.

As you create your design in Sweet Home 3D, you can view it as a 3D model that approximates how the finished room will look. The application allows you to view it from different angles and even create a virtual walkthrough.

Best of all, the base application is free and downloadable for a Windows PC. There’s also a premium version for the Mac OS available on Amazon that costs less than you think.

Sweet Home 3D - Interior Design Planner with an additional 1100 3D models and a printed manual, ideal for architects and planners - for Windows 11-10-8-7-Vista-XP & MAC
  • Extensive catalogue with furniture and accessories: over 1100 additional 3D models - plus you can import your own 3D models, pictures and textures
  • Realistic 3D view - changes instantly visible with no delays - printed manual included
  • Individual interiors and room designs for house planners, architects and designing an apartment, rooms or house
  • For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP (suitable for 32 and 64 bits), MAC OS X ✓ Quick and easy to install ✓ User-friendly software
  • Adapt the size, colour and texture of all items (furniture, windows, doors, ceilings etc.) just as you wish

How Sweet Home 3D Works

sweet home 3d screencapture showing the interface

Sweet Home 3D’s simple interface features windows and menus to facilitate design tasks.

It’s intuitive, allowing you to create walls and rooms of varying dimensions on a grid with drag-and-drop icons.

Sweet Home 3D lets you design multi-level interiors, with each level getting its own edit tab.

There are catalogs of room features (e.g., doors and windows); accessories specific to room function (e.g., bathroom, bedroom, kitchen); furniture; appliances; lighting; wall treatments; flooring; colors; and other features. There are also inventories of structural elements such as cabinets, stairs, and the like.

You can customize the size, texture, and color of any elements. That’s including doors, walls, floors, ceilings, furniture, or appliances. You can also modify walls, split walls, import background images, reverse a wall’s direction, add text, and perform other customization tasks.

There are various tools to navigate and adjust the 3D view of your design. You can also use aerial view, create a virtual visit, and even adjust the lighting of your model.

Once you’re finished, you can export your 3D floor plan as a .png image, create a .mov video of your 3D floor plan, and save it as either an .svg or .pdf file.

There is a paid version on Amazon. The paid premium version of Home Sweet 3D includes larger catalogs of furniture and accessories — including 1,100 3D models) — an interior design planner, and a printed manual. It’s aimed at architects and planners.

Product specifications

  • Platform: Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP (suitable for 32 and 64 bits)
  • MAC OS X
  • Download or online versions available

What We Found: Home Sweet 3D

Many users praise it for the simple-to-use user interface, and its utility. 

Depending on your needs, Sweet Home 3D may be exellent for you. The software is easy to learn and use, though it lacks the features of a professional computer-aided design program.

Its a good starter program for people wanting to do some interior designing, and save some money.

It’s not a fully functional computer-aided design program; it is, however, a good solid option for light users.

Sweet Home 3D review: the premium version

The premium version of Home Sweet 3D generally offers a fast, problem-free installation process and ease of use.

There is a learning curve, but it is a solid software for creating a visualization of a room.

What do professional reviewers say about Sweet Home 3D?

We looked at a sampling of professional Sweet Home 3D reviews to get an idea of what they thought of the software. Their reviews mirrored the sentiments of the consumers we checked.

Linux Pro Magazine

Linux Pro Magazine’s Sweet Home 3D review said it offered users a classy way to do interior design on a variety of operating systems.

They added that the software’s best feature was its 3D representation of your designs and the way it allows you to view your design from the point of view of your own selection.


Lifewire rated Sweet Home 3D as best among design applications that are easy to use.

Top Ten Reviews

Top Ten Reviews’ Sweet Home 3D review said it was easy to use, but the site had some reservations. Sweet Home 3D lacked sophisticated tools that limited its utility.

The software is best suited to simple design tasks. Top Ten also noted that Sweet Home 3D lacks tools that would allow you to place wiring, pipes, or roofing, for example.


Brighthub gave Sweet Home 3D high marks, including 4.0 out of 5.0 stars for download and installation, 5.0 out of 5.0 for features, 4.0 out of 5.0 for usefulness, and 4.0 out of 5.0 overall.

How Sweet Home 3D Compares to Other Similar Software????

Interior design software and applications comparable to Sweet Home 3D exist but can cost considerably more.

Space Designer 3D

interior decorating sample image showing modern white and wood looks

Like Sweet Home 3D, Space Designer 3D is an online tool. But unlike Sweet Home 3D, it requires nominal fees for onetime use or as a monthly subscription.

Lifewire says that Space Designer 3D suggests that it’s more robust than Sweet Home 3D. It’s easy to get started and offers you the ability to customize your interior designs with a wide range of furniture and materials.

It also lets you simulate realistic natural lighting based on your GPS coordinates and the time of day. And its rendering tool lets you generate photo-real images of your design.

Home Design 3D

another sweet home 3d modeling image from a different app

Looking for a comparable free tool? Consider Home Design 3D.

Like Sweet Home 3D, Home Design 3D doesn’t cost you anything. Unlike Sweet Home 3D, it’s an app for the Android OS.

It has features comparable to Sweet Home 3D, including the ability to construct a multi-story residence, an intuitive and easy-to-navigate UX, drag-and-drop elements, and a catalog of furnishings and room elements you can customize.

Unlike Sweet Home 3D, it also allows you to add a mezzanine to your interiors.

Also, unlike Sweet Home 3D, the free version doesn’t allow you to save your creation; you have to pay through an in-app purchase.

You can export your design and continue to work on it across devices by sharing it through email, Dropbox, and other file hosting services.

Total 3D Home

picture of a sweet home 3d model

Total 3D Home, Landscape and Deck Suite 12 is another low-cost Windows-based design tool rated the best budget option by Lifewire.

It doesn’t have as good of a reputation as Sweet Home 3D, though. It’s also a tad more expensive than Sweet Home 3D’s premium version.

Total 3D Home features drag-and-drop elements and the ability to create fully furnished and decorated rooms, like Sweet Home 3D.

But it also allows you to design decks, pools, gardens, and other outdoor spaces.

Total 3D Home also features a large catalog of home plans, pre-designed rooms designed by interior designers and architects, and a plant catalog with more than 600 trees, shrubs, flowers, and exotic plants.

How We Reviewed Sweet Home 3D

Sweet Home 3D is an easy-to-use tool that is neither sophisticated nor fancy. It offers a great deal of utility, flexibility, and clarity for the majority of users interested in designing and pre-visualizing rooms, offices, residences, and other design projects.

We think it fits the bill for the user who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money (or ANY money) on an interior design tool, yet offers up considerable value.

The premium version offers even more value at a relatively low cost.

The tool isn’t for everyone — particularly if you’re a professional designer or architect, or if you are doing something more sophisticated than creating a basic room or house — but for most of us, it’s all we need and nothing we don’t.

What do you use to design your home? Tell us about it in the comments!

Featured Image: CC BY-SA 2.0 by d.neuman, via Flickr

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