How To Use a Hair Straightener To Straighten Thick Hair To Look Flowy and Light

After my recent post –[6 best hair straightener irons – review of the best 6], an idea came to me to write a follow up post to show you how to use that hair straightener to straighten thick hair so that it looks flowy and light.

Thick hair is incredibly beautiful and can be incredibly fun to style, but it’s so difficult to use a hair straightener and straightening your hair to the point where it’s flowy and light. Chances are you’ve straightened your hair only to have it look flat and frizzy, or it doesn’t hold for very long.

But that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible to achieve the flowy light look we all crave so desperately. All hair is different, so it takes different techniques and products to help you get the style you want. In this article, we’ll go over some of the best tips out there to help you straighten your hair to the style you want without having to use a bunch of different products or completely changing the way you use your hair straightener iron.

Let’s get started:

How to Straighten Thick Hair

hair straightener to straighten thick hair

Dry Hair is Key!

Before you even pick up your flat iron, make sure that your hair is completely dry. You can ensure that it’s dry by air drying your hair or even blow-drying it for a little bit before straightening it. Don’t worry about blow-drying your hair perfectly! You’re going to be straightening your hair with a hair straightener iron, so if you rough dry it any of those imperfections will be taken care of with the flat iron.

Prepare your Hair

You should prep your hair for straightening by using a heat protectant spray or serum. But, you could also use oils because most of them nowadays have heat protectant properties to them. Plus, oils are easily absorbed by your hair instead of just coating it. This will better protect your hair and prevent any unnecessary damage. The type of product for thick hair would be an oil that is denser.

You can also use the oils to your wet hair before you style it, and also after styling to deal with any frizzy areas and help make a smooth final look.

Use the Right Temperature

Turn the heat up on your straightener before you start using it, this will allow it time to get hot enough to work on your thick hair and make it easier to straighten. Plus, it will limit the amount of heat damage the will happen.

This is one of the best things you can do because when you use a flat iron that isn’t hot enough, you find that you go over the same areas multiple times to get it straight. This causes static to form in your hair and give you flyaway hairs, plus it introduces a lot of unnecessary heat damage to your hair.

Have a Styling Plan

Before you start straightening your hair, you should have a style plan in your mind. This will help you decide the best way to go about accomplishing that look and make it all go quicker. Here are some tips to get you started:

Tips on How to Straighten thick hair with a hair straightener iron

  • For pin-straight hair:
  1. Divide your hair into small sections
  2. Straighten the sections working from the bottom layers to the top
  3. Glide the flat iron over your hair only a few times before moving on to a different section
  4. Keep repeating these steps until all of your hair is straightened.
  • For smoother hair:
  1. Divide your hair into bigger sections
  2. Straighten the sections working from the bottom layers to the top
  3. Run the flat iron over your hair with the plates clamped tightly together over each section slowly. This will allow the heat to penetrate your hair better without a lot of exposure to the plates.
  4. Repeat these steps until all of your hair is straightened.

Two videos on How to straighten thick and Thin hair Hair

To be honest, I love this first video, you may have already noticed that I have over used (embeded) it on many of my posts here. But anyway, that is the point of being a fan (right?). Just watch her straighten thick hair.

Video two – Not exactly to straighten thick hair, but short hair

Use a Brush

When it comes to straighten thick hair, most people will say that you should use a comb when you’re drying or straightening your hair. But that’s not necessarily true for people with thick hair. In fact, you should use a brush when your hair is dry to prevent static or split ends! You should really only use a comb when your hair is wet. Otherwise, you risk static and split ends.

Add Volume

Adding volume to thick hair is hard; thick hair is incredibly heavy and is just a lot to work with overall. So, how do you add volume to your hair?

  1. Try drying your hair upside down to lift up the roots. Just tip your head down when you’re blow drying it and voila! You’ll have some incredible volume.
  2. Consider using a volumizing product before you style your hair to help add more lift to it.
  3. If your hair has fallen flat, you can apply some dry shampoo (follow the dry shampoo application instructions). This helps get rid of the annoying oil that will make your hair look super greasy, but it also helps you give your hair the volume that you’re missing.
  4. You can also blow dry your hair straight and then run the flat iron through the areas of your hair that need a bit more volume added to them.

Remember: all hair is not the same! So, don’t get discouraged if all of these tips don’t help you. Play around with them and find the ones that work best for you and keep with them, no matter which works best for you, chances are you’ll find that you are better able to straighten your thick hair using your hair straightener iron.

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