Top 10 Adorable stiletto Nails, acrylic and gel Nail designs Ideas and Tutorials (The Best Guide For Salon-Perfect Nails At Home)

1.0 Introduction to stiletto nails

I am not only going to talk about stiletto nails design, but other designs as the heading shows. Now days, ladies are acquainted about their personality and looks. There is no debate that Beautiful and absorbing nail art designs are the admiration of every women as it enhances your adorableness to some added level. Beautiful finger nails impress men, that is according to several studies. But for most people,coming up with a fascinating nail art designs is not easy.Should it be stiletto nails, acrylic, solar or gel?  In fact, you might find yourself ripping your hair out. Trying to think of what nail art to wear will make you lose sleep, lose hair, and lose patience, thus resorting to a nail technician, who in most cases does not come cheap.
So on this page, I want to present to you the Top 10 nail design ideas and Tutorials for Solar nails, stiletto nails, acrylic nails  and gel nails. These are easy nail art for beginners.
1.0 Introduction
2.0 What are Stiletto Nails”
3.0 Stiletto Nails design Tutorial/ Even for beginners (Text)
4.0 Top 4 adorable Stiletto Nail designs Ideas
5.0 Top 3 stiletto nail design tutorials Videos
6.0 10 Important Things You Should Consider Before Getting Stiletto Nails
7.0 Acrylic Nails Design Tutorial
7.1 Steps for the acrylic manicure
8.0 Top 10 Adorable And Easy Acrylic Nail Designs.
9.0 Top 3 DIY acrylic video tutorials on How to do acrylic nails at home
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2.0 What are Stiletto Nails

You have probably seen the celebrities like Rihanna and Cassie adorning those attractive long pointed nails. Nails designed to look like a stiletto heel. These are what we call the stiletto nails, though other people, especially men refer to them as “scary monster nails”. Nail technician make Stiletto nails almost always by form-sculpting with acrylics.But you too can do this. The form is rolled tight and narrow at the tip to create the very pointed tip just like that of a stiletto heel (shoes).

3.0 Stiletto Nails design Tutorial/ Even for beginners (Text).

This manicure process for stiletto nails is for ladies who have time because this whole process can take over an hour. In addition every two weeks, they may require for a fill.

Steps for the manicure: You can also see the stiletto nails design tutorial below

1. Rough up slightly your nails with an emery board.
2. Using super glue, adhere to your nails long, unshaped plastic tips (acrylic stilettos). This step can take up to 10 minutes.
3.Once all ten tips are glued on, chop them off with a nail clipper to a more reasonable length.
4. This is followed by shaping.
5.Buff the nails to smooth out the hard line between the plastic and natural nail. File and buff, file and buff, for another ten minutes or so.
6.Paint the nails with a clear acrylic primer, dip in acrylic powder and painted again.
7. Allow the powder and primer to dry and then buff and file the nails again.
8. Apply your final polish in the color you desire. You can even apply other designs at this stage if you so wish. After the final polish application, leave it to dry.

4.0 Top 4 adorable Stiletto Nails designs Ideas

1. Wow, what can go wrong with this designs? it is simply adorable by all standards. See how they match with the ring?
big stiletto nails
2. These stiletto nail designs by Violeta Nails not only stunning but also adorable. designs for stiletto nails
3.  Well, well, well. The colors chosen for this design can not fail to catch the attention of the eye. You will concur with me that they deserve to be on this list.nail design stiletto
Source: nancyhendersonwurst
4.  Great stiletto nail design. Nicki Minajstiletto nail designs
Source :

5.0 Here are the Top 3 stiletto nail design tutorials.
1. DIY Quick Stiletto Nails

2. How To Do Stiletto Nails: Step By Step Tutorial!


6.0: 10 Important Things You Should Consider Before Getting Stiletto Nails
I remember that stunning look on Rihanna when she Instagrammed her fierce pink Mani. Those stiletto nails were definitely adorable- there was something terribly appealing of the clacking of her plastic tips.
1. Overall Productivity in life: This will decrease Your by half (50 percent).
2. Typing: If you are a person used to 90 WPM typing rate. You may get fired from your job as with every word you type, you’ll probably feel like you’re developing early onset carpal tunnel.
3. Makeup. Applying makeup with your fingernails will be an uphill battle.
4. Dressing: You may be limited to easy to put on clothing. With these bad ass nails, navigating buttons and zips is tough. You will also begin to appreciate the simple things in life, like being able to press a touch screen button on your first try.
5. Holding things.This will become terribly difficult. We are talking ten times more difficult to grip things. Good luck with pop tabs, plastic packaging, or opening a bag of chips.
6. SMS Texting: This will take forever because of the large amount of typos that will be made regardless of the device.
7. Passwords: You will get these wrong 9 times out of 10 because of the typos
8. Nose Habits: To be honest, picking your nose is almost impossible.Like wise, blowing it will look weird.
9. Expense: If you want to keep them for longer, this upkeep will be expensive. You will need to refill them every one to two weeks.
10. Blood:  Hate blood? Forget about scratching because if you you scratch an itch, you might draw blood.

7.0 Acrylic Nails Design Tutorial
Acrylic nail designs were covered extensively in our previous post: Despite their cons such as intense drilling during the manicure process, acrylic nails are the most popular because they are affordable, durable, study, easy to remove and fix and easily available.
The stiletto nails we have just seen above can be with acrylic or stiletto nails without acrylic. So they are a subcategory of acrylic nails.
The term acrylic nails refer to nails which have been built by mixing an acrylic primer (liquid) and a powder. The FDA approved acrylic used by salons is ETHYL Methacrylate. The powder and liquid are mixed together  to form a tough coat upon drying.
You do not need to go to a professional manicurist/ nail technician to for adorable acrylic nail designs. You can do these at home. Just follow the easy step by step tutorial below  ( both in text and video) to stunning acrylic nail designs at home.

7.1 Steps for the acrylic manicure:
1. Get all the tools you need for this manicure. You can get all the tools in a single Acrylic Nails Starter Kit here.
These will include:
Acrylic nails tips
Nail glue
Acrylic nail clipper
Nail file
Nail buffer
Electric file buffer kit ( recommended but not necessary)
Acrylic liquid ( buy bigger volumes to get value for money)
Acrylic powder
Acrylic dish
acrylic brush
Acetone Nail polish remover
Nail primer
Cuticle stick
Nail dust remover
Lint free cotton pads
2. When you have all the above requirements, the next step is to prepare your nails.
– Remove old nail paint: after washing your nails thoroughly with soap and water and drying them,now use nail polish remover to remove any old paint. This is where the acetone nail polish remover comes in handy as it will give you a clean nail bed.
– Do the trimming and filing of the nails: The trimming can be achieved using nail clipper or nail scissors. Make sure you trim the nails not too short so that you can leave enough area to work your designs.
After trimming, use a soft file to file the nails so that the surface becomes more rough and stick. The roughness of the surface help the acrylics to stick stronger and much longer onto the nails.
– Use the dusting brush to get rid of any excess dust due to filing so that it doesn’t get trapped.
– Remove the cuticles off your nails by using a cuticle stick or pusher. Using the stick, push all the 10 cuticles one by one backwards, ensuring to remove any dead tissue you see. If this dead tissue is not removed, it may act as blockage while applying acrylics.
– With the help of cotton bud, apply nail primer on your nail and rub it. This step helps dry the nails and remove any oil so that the acrylics stick better to the nails. Otherwise oil won’t let it get in contact with the nail bed the way we want it to.Ensure that you Only apply the primer to your natural nails.You can ignore this step if your acrylic liquid already has a primer in it.
3. Now apply the tips:
If you are to use the fake tips, this is the time to apply them. select tips that are suitable to your nails -always go with the tip which is bigger than your nail width and then file it to the correct size using a nail filer and buffer.
Attach the tips to the bed of the nail by using nail glue.Always apply the glue on the tips and not on the bed of the nail.Gently slip the tip down your nail till halfway and  hold it for about 30 to 45 seconds to allow it to adhere.
4. Now prepare the acrylics.
– Pour the acrylic liquid (Monomer) into dish. We could just dip the acrylic brush into the liquid bottle, but this is strongly discouraged because continuous dipping can contaminate the rest of the liquid. Hence you need the acrylic dish into which to pour the liquid.
– Open the tubs of acrylic powder (polymer) (A clear one and a pink one) and have them ready in front of you. If your are doing white tips, you should as well have the white acrylic powder.
5- Apply the Acrylics.
-To to this, first,dab your brush into the liquid monomer, wiping the back of the brush on the side of the acrrylic dish on your way out. Immediately follow this by dipping the brush in the relevant powder (A clear one, a pink one or a white one) 3 times in a sort of scraping motion to allow the powder gather on the side the liquid is on until you get the mixture to just the right consistency – not too liquid or too powdery.
-After each bead has been created, dab the back of your brush (the side free from acrylic) on to your paper towel to remove more moisture.
-Then spread the bead out on to your nail, divided into three zones.
zone 1 starts from down the smile line till the halfway. To apply to this zone, take the bead and apply the acrylic along the smile line and then move the brush in straight motion upwards.
Zone 2  starts from halfway till the end of natural nail. Gently apply the acrylic bead into this zone
The last zone of the nail is zone 3, which is the tip beyond the length of natural nail. So finally spread the acrylic bead onto this zone. It is recommended to apply more acrylic on the edge of the tip where it is glued on the nail so that edge transforms into a gentle slope.
6. Drying of the Acrylic: Leave your hand still for next 8-10 minutes so acrylic  sets and harden, until you hear a knocking sound when you tap the brush end on the nail.
7. Shaping the Formed acrylic nails.
-Trim down the acrylic nails using a fine nail clipper.
– Use a coarse (not soft this time) nail file to file your new acrylic nails to a desired shape.
-Use a good nail buffer to buff the nail surface and make it shiny and butter smooth.
8. Paint your nails and apply any adorable nail art design of your choosing.
Read how to remove acrylic nails safely at home and how to remove acrylic nails without acetone

8.0 Here Are Our Top 10 Adorable and Easy Acrylic Nail Designs
acrylic nail flower designs
Source: Turneor
blue hologram nail art Source: Courtney Rhodes   Is it because I love blue?, This nail art is definitely adorable. You can also use our  Nail stamping technique for this or stickers.
easy flower nail design
Source : diynailartdesigns on Flickr.
Source : Turneor: Like the first design by turneor above, this nail design is simple but also adorable. The choice of color and the glitter makes it stunning and eye catching. The dream design for any manicurist.
striped nail designs
Source:  Lisa Bentley
lightening nail art
Source : Neil Milne  : The nails are short, the art and design is creative.
flower nail art
Candy stripped nail art
Source: Pumpkincat210  Not acrylic nails but this design also can be applied on acrylic nails and it would look adorable.
Red tips
Source: Just red tips no other art, but they look adorable because the two colors ( for nail tips and nail bed) are well chosen to complement each other.Red Tips Nail Art
Source: As the one above, the tips are painted red here, with a simple flower on one nail, but they look adorable because the two colors ( for nail tips and nail bed) are well chosen to complement each other.

9.0 Top 3 DIY acrylic video tutorials on How to do acrylic nails at home.


3. How To: Apply Acrylic Nails At Home (Updated!)

4. DIY: How To do Acrylic Nails (At Home) | Beauty By Cassandra


10.0 External Links
1. YouTube
2. Wikipedia

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