10 Stylish Sporty Outfits to Take Your Workout to the Next Level

sporty outfitsAthlesiure wear is not just for the gym, anymore. Today, the hottest celebs and models in the world are wearing amazing athletic looks that make them ready to go from a coffee date, to a meeting, to the gym, all without having to change a thing. In today’s busy, fast-paced world, you don’t always have time to change clothing when you need to change roles, but athleisure is solving that dilemma, with cool, sporty outfits made for just about every type of body out there.

Of course, there are dozens of looks to choose from, so how do you narrow it down? We have listed out the top 10 sporty outfits on the market, offering various styles, prices, and comfort levels for just about any woman. If you want to build a wardrobe full of sporty outfits that pull double duty, then check out these looks that you can add to your closet today.

What Stylish Workout Attire Is Available?

Before we start putting pieces together to create whole, sporty outfits, let’s get familiar with some of the stylish workout attire that is available. You have companies like Fabletics, Wear It To Heart, Karma Athletics, Michi, Varley, and Gym Shark, just to name a few, and the companies keep growing as more people see the value in attractive, durable, and comfortable gym attire. Gym clothes are no longer ratty t-shirts and over-sized gym shorts, and they are no longer reserved for the court, track, or weight room. Today, workout clothes come in all styles and can be seen in stores, in boardrooms, and even gracing the cover of magazines. But what are the pieces that make up great athletic wear? For women–a lot.


leggings for workout

Athletic leggings are ending the debate on whether or not leggings are pants: they are, and they go beyond basic black. You can find workout leggings in every color and print imaginable, and now they even come with pockets! One of the hottest looks to hit athletic leggings is cutout designs. These designs add a level of sexiness to basic workout leggings, and they give extra ventilation to allow your legs to cool off after a hard workout. Leggings are not the only bottoms for sporty outfits, though. You can choose harem pants, capri pants, joggers, shorts, athletic skirts, and yoga pants in as many colors as leggings, making your possibilities for workout bottoms endless.


We don’t have torn, old t-shirts for gym clothes, anymore, but t-shirts are still a staple for gym wear. Today, though, you can pair those hot leggings with a graphic tee that has your favorite saying, a monogram, or even just a cute print. T-shirts also come in fabric blends, pure cotton, and moisture wicking fabrics to give you a light-weight option that won’t make you feel overheated while you enjoy a workout, or a quick grocery store trip.

Tank tops

Racer backs, spaghetti strap, cropped, long length, and the list goes on. Not only are tank tops diverse, but they are also a must-have item for any woman looking to be stylish while she works out. Any color, fabric, and design you can imagine can be found in an athletic tank, and you can wear them alone, layered with one another, under a t-shirt, under a jacket, or with an open vest to mix up your look.


hoodies for workout

Jackets, hoodies, vests, and scarves can all be worn with your workout clothing to create sporty outfits for the gym, or athleisure looks that will turn heads on the street. Your outerwear doesn’t have to be athletic pieces, either. For example, a leather jacket looks amazing with some black cut out tights and a cropped tank.

Sorts Bra

A sports bra is more than just a sensible piece: it’s a stylish one! You can find sports bras in many cuts, designs, and colors to match all of your sporty outfits. These can be worn under your clothing or as your top. Either way, they look amazing!


While most people envision trainers or sneakers for athletic wear, today’s sporty outfits offer more. Have you seen wedge sneakers? Not only do they add an element of style to an athleisure outfit, but they also help increase the difficulty of your leg workout. To go from gym to work, toss on a pair of heels or flats with your athleisure outfit and you are all set!  

Is There a Need for Stylish Workout Attire?

Today, many people make a living from being fitness spokes models, personal trainers, and athletic wear models. If you are none of those, though, do you need stylish workout attire? The answer is yes! Here are reasons stylish, sporty outfits are needed:

  • Boosts confidence
  • Improves mood
  • Takes you from gym to work, a lunch date, or other life event without a need to change
  • More options for your comfort
  • More options for moisture control in athletic fabrics

10 Stylish Outfit Ideas to Help You Optimize Your Workout

Now that you understand the basics of sporty outfits, let’s put some looks together! Check out these 10 stylish outfit ideas to have you rocking the athleisure look in no time.

Monochrome with a Pop of Color

black workout clothing

Black leggings, black tank, black athletic jacket, and bright colored trainers: it’s a look that screams style, and the neutral black pieces can be worn with other outfits, separately, so you get more sporty outfits from them.

Eye-Catching T-Shirt And Wedge Sneakers

Toss on an eye-catching t-shirt for a look that can inspire you to hit the gym and that will keep your mood up all day long as you turn heads. Partner it with a pair of printed tights and wedge sneakers for a look that is sure to get you noticed.

Denim and Tights

Layer a white cropped tank over a printed sports bra, toss on a denim jacket, and round out the look with cut-out tights and slide-on trainers for a look that is more than sporty, but also stylish, too!  

Heels and Joggers

Beyond athleisure is a look that steps up the fashion factor. That look is “sports luxe” and is an outfit that says you are athletic, but you love high-fashion, too. One way to pull this off is to wear a nice pair of mesh heels with some gray joggers and a loose, solid color t-shirt for a sophisticated look that is comfortable and easy
to wear. Joggers do not have to be in sweatpants, so look for one in a fabric that has more style that basic sweats.

A Cape and Athletic Harem Pants

athletic harem pants and fitted t-shirt

A pair of harem pants, trainers, fitted t-shirt, and a large cape make for a sporty outfit that is comfortable and allows you to wipe sweat away easily. But it’s also a look that easily goes from gym to your kid’s football game, making you the most fashionable mom on the sidelines.

Pretty in Pink

Pastels, neons, or basics, pink is a feminine color that stands out in a gym when many there wear darker colors. It’s also one of those colors that looks great on most skin tones and can easily be dressed up with a few simple attire changes. A pair of light pink tights, black cropped jacket, and a black tank, for example, can look nice at the gym with black sneakers, but also looks posh in the grocery store with black flats.

Booties and Printed Leggings

Yes, you can wear leggings as pants, and you can make your printed gym leggings with a nice pair of booties and a leather jacket. It is effortlessly chic and comfortable for girls’ night out and will set you apart from everyone else. To go to the gym, change shoes and remove your jacket for sporty attire that is as pretty as it is practical.

Oversized Mesh and Sports Bra

oversized mesh and sports bra

Find a sports bra you love and wear it under an oversized mesh shirt for a peek-a-boo look that keeps you cool while looking cool. Wear it with leggings, capris, or shorts. Whatever suits your mood!

Joggers And Off-The-Shoulder Sweater

You may be sweating at the gym, but when you step out, the chill in the air can send a shock through you. Keep the cold away with an over-sized, off-the-shoulder sweater worn with traditional jogger pants. This look is warm, comfy, and cute without being fussy.

A Vest and Capris

When you need a change, wear a vest with a sports bra and capri pants. The cropped items look great for warmer weather and if you choose complimentary colors and prints, your workout attire becomes a simple summer look that perfectly fits any outing with friends and family.

Conclusion on Sporty Outfits

Sporty outfits aren’t just for the gym, anymore, and the possibilities to make this new fashion trend your own are endless. You can go from the office to the gym in the same outfit, now, making hitting the gym and getting in a good workout easier than ever. Athletic wear is not only comfortable, but it’s durable and lasts longer than most other fabrics, which makes the pieces a great investment. When you are ready to add more style to your closet, choose some of these hot athleisure looks to get you ready for the gym or whatever else you have in mind!

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