5 Small Kitchen Ideas: To Make a Country Kitchen Out of Corner Cubbies

Everyone wants a huge kitchen that all your family and friends can hang out in on cozy fall afternoons while you bake, but that means setting up a clear “work triangle”, maintaining a clear countertop, and creatively color-blocking the counters. How about if you have as small kitchen? Well, here are some small kitchen ideas that will help you make a functional country kitchen out of small corner cubbies.

Small Kitchen Ideas: 5 Ideas to Make a Functional Country Kitchens Out of Corner Cubbies

small kitchen ideas


Usably Tiny And The Clear Work Triangle

The space between the sink, stovetop, and refrigerator is typically considered the work triangle. It’s the triangle in your kitchen that if you’re doing anything in the kitchen, you’re most likely to be in that magic triangle. Depending on the layout of your kitchen that work-triangle’s shape changes where you can let people stand, how much work space you have, and where to put appliances.

For example, if you have a kitchen with a small work triangle, you can introduce an island as a place for your friends and family to lean on and chat with the cook. If you have a small kitchen with an L-shaped layout, then you’re in-luck, it has a built in open space that people can walk in and out of the kitchen, there is plenty of space to hang, and unlike the straight layout, you don’t always have your back turned on people entering. Other set ups for small kitchens are great, if they are sizable, but can force creative flows to keep people out of the way. Like setting the drinks and snacks in a corner outside of the work triangle.

Maintaining A Functional CounterTop

Small spaces are even smaller when filled with shelves and clutter. While cabinets are necessary and depending on your living situation, inadvisable to remove, clearing out counter clutter will make your kitchen appear more open. If you don’t use it every day, it doesn’t need to be on the counter. The food processor, coffee maker, toaster, and panini press don’t need to clog the corner every day, and while it might seem prudent to keep a large spice rack next to the oven, if you don’t end up using it, that food is just clutter.

A clear counter will expand your kitchen visually and as make it more usable. Even though it might seem like a pain to take out the blender every month when you decide to definitely do morning smoothies, it’s worth the convenience of a large kitchen.

Utility is King

Just like the countertops, keeping the kitchen clear of non-functional pieces, like furniture that doesn’t fold up, will affect the way you look at your kitchen and the way you work in your kitchen. Utility is king (or queen) of your kitchen decision making. Setting the toaster under the counter might be hard, but so will nixing the chair next to the stove, or that weird half table in the middle of the room. If it’s not used, or you don’t love it every day, store it.

Creative Color-Blocking

If you really want to make your kitchen increase in size visually, try some creative color blocking. This could mean doing a creative backsplash design to add light and brightness, or using mirrors to extend walls or add additional light to a darker space. Color blocking is a great way to extend a room, or make your favorite parts of it pop, whether you want to add visual space, you can accomplish quite a bit with it. Even small fixes in your kitchen colors , like a bright ceiling really make a room pop.

Accept Your Limitations and Work with What You’ve Got

Maybe your kitchen is just the smallest thing, and you’ve maxed out its visual depth as far as it can go. If that’s the case, understanding that you can only have so many people in the kitchen at a time means that you might only be able to hold in intimate dinner parties, or outdoor festivities. Working with a smaller kitchen isn’t always bad thing, everything’s in reach, and it makes cleaning easier.


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Photo credits: Robert Young   Via Flickr under Creative commons License

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