8 Tips For Getting the Most out of a Small Bedroom Space

small bedroom space ideasSo you’ve got a small bedroom space. Maybe you’re a student and can’t afford to spend much on rent, or maybe you live in a huge city where floor space is priced at a premium. Whatever the reason you’ll want to get the most out of the place you lay your head. Below are some of the best tips and tricks to make your small space appear larger, as well as ways to increase functionality and storage. Because when you live in a small space you want something that is as functional as it can be and give you the most out of your bedroom space. Follow the tips below and you will be on your way to having a great bedroom space that’s full of function. 

8 Tips To Turn Small Bedroom Space Into Great  Functional Bedroom Space

1. Underbed Drawers and Storage

 underbed drawers
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One of the best ways to conserve space and maximize storage is to either get a bed with underbed drawers or or purchase drawers for your bed. This gives you a lot of space still to use in your already tiny space, but allows you to maximize on storage. This is also a relatively inexpensive way to maximize storage space as well.

2. Floating Shelves

 floating shelves for small bedroom space
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There are several ways to utilize floating shelves in your small space. One of the best ways is to floating shelves as a nightstand, which not only saves you space, but also gives the illusion that you have more space than you actually do. If you bedroom is only big enough for a bed, just use long floating shelves on the wall  a bit higher up than your bed that run the length of the room, you will gain storage space and converse coveted floor space.

3. Desks and Tables Can Float Too

 floating bedroom tables
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Another great idea is to use your desk the most practical way possible, as this is an extra piece of furniture that usually takes up a lot of room. A corner desk can act as a nightstand, as well. Another idea is to use a console table for  your bed and that can double as a  shelf and a desk. Use a large floating shelf for your desk, this saves space and gives the illusion that your space is a lot larger than what it is.

4. Simple Bedroom Colors

 simple bedroom colors
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 Colours have the ability to either open up your space or to make your space appear even smaller and that is something that you don’t want, especially if you are already working within tighter quarters. Use darker colours sparingly and try to use the same color scheme throughout this space as this opens up the space and makes it appear much larger than it is. Make sure to continue these colours into your curtains, bedsheets, etc.

5. Practical Headboards

 bedroom headboads
Image credit: Decoist
A great way to save space and also add storage is to add a bookshelf behind your bed which can act as a headboard and also gives you plenty of storage space. If you hang your headboard on the wall this also saves space. A great practical idea for a headboard is to use curtains and have space behind the curtains for storage, this way the curtains hide the storage area and it looks like you have a headboard.

 6. Mount Your Bedroom Lighting

 bedroom lighting
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The best way to save space and light up your small space is to mount your lighting. One of the ways to do this is to hang your light above your nightstand, this leaves the top of your nightstand free for other things to keep on it. Also hanging light fixtures above your bed or in your living room also works to save lots of space and by adding light you

 7. Make Your Bedroom Design Functional

When you have a small space you want to make your furniture choices functional. So be sure to really think about the pieces you are buying and how they can be beneficial to your small space. For instance choose a bed that has drawers underneath or a couch that has the capability of having storage underneath.  Use walls and spaces that usually have no practical use to something that frees up space on your floor and gives you more storage and functionality.

8. Double Up at Your Desk

 small bedroom space desk
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One great way to save space, but make the space you are using the most functional it can be is to use your desk in multiple ways. For instance hanging a floating shelf on a wall to use not just as a shelf for storage, but to also utilize the space as a desk. Another great way to maximize functionality is to use a nightstand as a desk as well, this helps to save space in cramped spaces without losing too much coveted bedroom space.

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