Refrigerator Maintenance – [Important Steps]

Everyone knows that appliances are not cheap and a refrigerator is not an exception. Either the oldest model or the newest one, the best refrigerator usually costs several hundreds of dollars and the leading brands and models of best mini fridges / small refrigerators are always of the highest price. But, regardless of how much you bought the one in your kitchen, chances are you would want your refrigerator to last longer. It is time for you to save yourself from a refrigerator breakdown through following these 4 simple and easy steps to effective refrigerator maintenance:

4 simple and easy steps to effective refrigerator maintenance

Keep the Condenser Coils Clean and Neat

You can find the condenser coils of your refrigerator at the rear side of your refrigerator. They are a major component to the operation of your refrigerator. No matter how attentive you are when it comes to cleaning your home, the coils will still accumulate dust, hair and dirt after a long period of time. Spending some minutes to clean them each 6 months would go a long way to extending the life of your refrigerator in the long run. When cleaning them, all you have to do is to slide the fridge away from the wall then vacuum the condenser coils with the brush attachment of your cleaner.

Keep the Refrigerator Full

refrigerator maintenance
Full refrigerator. Photo © Lars Plougmann via flickr under creative commons License.

Keeping it full would help a lot in maintaining the temperature of it if you open the door. The advantage of this is that, apart from the consistent temperature for the food, the compressor of the appliance will never need to work hard. The compressor is the most important part of the refrigerator and preventing it from experiencing consistent wear and tear will add up over the lifespan of your appliance. Although, you need to be careful that leaving your fridge overstocked can inhibit correct air circulation, resulting to warm spots.

Make Sure that Your Refrigerator Have Sufficient Space

Ensure that there’s at least 6 inches space between the wall and rear side of the refrigerator. The back side of your refrigerator contains those components that are continuously working and generating warmth. Leaving adequate amount of space guarantees sufficient ventilation and that would help prevent overheating of the refrigerator.

Check the Seals

Your refrigerator’s door is lined with the rubberized seal that is called gasket. It keeps air tight so as to keep the interior of your refrigerator cold. A faulty and damaged seal would prevent the cold air from escaping and going outside that can make the compressor work harder to keep the temperature. A simple way of testing the seal’s strength is to close the door of your fridge on a dollar bill. If the bill can be easily removed or you can slide it up and down then it means you have to change the seal right away. When the refrigerator gives you some issues, there’s a possibility that you can repair it for a half of the cost of replacement.

These are the most important keys to refrigerator maintenance that you always have to keep in mind.  Follow these tips starting today and see your refrigerator working efficiently for an extended period of time.

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