15 Pretty Nail Designs That Will Inspire You – [INCLUDES Designs VIDEO]

Pretty nail designs can be inspiring indeed, especially when it comes to choosing what design to do for your next manicure. Zeroing in on the right design can be a daunting task. That is why we some times need inspiration for our next nail design. Usually, when I want to decide what style to wear, should it be solar nail designs, should it be shellac nail designs or should it be gel? should I make a black and white nail design or water marble designs? May be I should go for acrylic or stiletto. To come up with one choice, I find my self looking at nail design videos for Other beautiful nail designs so that I get inspiration. But I also shoot for easy designs which will not take up much of my nail supplies (think of strawberry nails art and French manicure ) or time. I am also a do it your self lady, so I prefer designs that I can easily do at my home so that I save time and money that I would have given to nail saloon – for example, nail stamping. It is true that some designs may take a lot of time (think of Water marble nail designs, stiletto nail), but they can be cute and adorable, making you look gorgeous and sophisticated. While others take less time and money, yet achieve the same end result in looks. So, we all have our likes and dislikes.

This video here is a collection of nail designs that I have found to be pretty, and in my opinion, they are easy to do, even at home, especially if you follow our Nail art DIY tutorials on this website. Enjoy the video.

Pretty Nail Designs Video

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