Painting Kitchen Cabinets – BluePrint With Videos and Pictures

If you want to update your kitchen in an affordable way, then the best way is by painting kitchen cabinets. The remodeling can be messy and it may cost you a lot of money. So, save your money and make your life easier by giving your kitchen a brand new look with just painting it. Now, how to paint the kitchen cabinets? Well, here is a blueprint that will guide you step by step about how to paint kitchen cabinets in the right manner. Also watch the Videos below on painting kitchen cabinets and check out our tutorial on baby proofing your kitchen cabinets

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A professional’s recommendation

You have to prepare a proper plan before starting to paint your kitchen cabinets. For this purpose, the advice or recommendation of a pro will ease your job. If it is possible for you, then go to a local paint retailer and show him any of your cabinet doors. He will check out the material that you are working on and will give you his recommendation owing to which you can achieve the best possible results.

The right primer

Your kitchen cabinet surface type determines the right primer. According to what your kitchen cabinet surface is whether it is metal, laminate or wood, you will select your primer and tint it to the color of top coat. You also have to take care of the contrast of your surface. If the surface is stained or dark, the original finish can bleed, or become transparent to the top coat. Therefore, you have to consult with a pro again to decide whether a waterborne or a solvent-borne primer will be useful for your project.

Now comes the paint choice

For painting kitchen cabinets, the right paint choice is significant in bringing positive results. Choose whether you would like the alkyd paint or the acrylic enamel paint. Alkyd paints are the oil base paints that contain solvents that can make you sick and irritate your lungs. Therefore, they require a good ventilation. Acrylic paints are the water base paints that can be cleaned up easily with water and are low-fume. To clean the alkyd paints, you need mineral spirits. The finish is good with the alkyd paints as they provide you with a durable and hard paint finish. Well, the bottom line is to choose whatever you like and is affordable for you, but do assure that the paint is of a high quality and is durable.

Choosing kitchen cabinet colors

Now, you have to choose the kitchen cabinet colors. Well, this is surely one of the most difficult decisions that you come towards in your kitchen cabinet painting. You can consider different colors depending upon your own choice or an inspiration from someone else. Here are some kitchen cabinet color suggestions for you:

  • Buttery yellow – An instant warmth feeling is instilled in your kitchen with this color. It is a very nice shade that matches up with the stained countertops. This color gives a really fresh appearance to your kitchen cabinets.
  • The Black Elegance – An ever styled color can also be a very good choice just like black. Its elegance blends with sophistication and sand-color countertops with the leaded glass inserts simply add to the beauty and style. You can increase the elegance of your cabinets further by using bronze pulls and knobs.
  • The red romance – It always looks very good to see red beauty. Same goes for the kitchen cabinets. Your plain and flat kitchen cabinets will look really beautiful when they are dressed up in red. Along with the red color of your cabinets, you can use silver pulls, appliances of stainless steel material and countertops of white color so that you can have a very beautiful feeling while you look at them and the shimmer will surely be attractive for any sort of viewer.
  • Mother Nature’s greenery – This is the color that can suit any sort of appliance or cabinet. So, go green and use this soft shade along with the Depression glass and get a vast accent of warm wood. Balance it by using black or other dark accent countertops. The kitchen space will become really welcoming and giving you a nice and soothing feeling.

These are some of the best suggestions for kitchen cabinet colors. However, you can use your own creativity and come up with your own choice of colors too like gray or white and other bold and light colors.

Prepare the surface

Now before starting painting the cabinet doors, you must use dirt and grease removing product in order to clean the surface of the cabinet boxes and drawers and also the both sides of doors and shelves. You may use trisodium phosphate (TSP) for this purpose. Do take care of the safety measures and wear rubber gloves and goggles and do as the packaging instructions say. Now clean the cabinets and dry them. Use a wood filler to fill any dents and sand the surface with suitable sandpaper. This is done in order to smooth any imperfections and to dull the surface. Then remove the leftover dust after sanding.

A test check

In order to check your choice of kitchen cabinet colors, you can do a test run by coloring one of the cabinets first and see how it looks like and ensure that it is according to your requirement.

Finally painting Kitchen Cabinets

painting kitchen cabinets
Photo © Lucia Sanchez via Flickr under Creative Commons License.

Stir your paint well and pour in a paint tray. Start with the doors and paint them using a roller or a brush. Let them dry after that. Paint the cabinets with light coats so that you can paint with fewer drips and allow a high quality paint to be done and then apply at least 2 coats on each of the sides. And then paint the drawers and cabinet box too.

A professional finish

If you want the finish to be flawless, then it is recommended that you take it to a cabinetmaker or a paint shop. Spray-painting the cabinets will give them a new and elegant look. You can paint the boxes yourself. Well, that is it. Go and start painting kitchen cabinets.

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