10 Items That Will Spice Up Your Office Interior Design

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For those who use a home office, often, having an inspiring space is crucial to helping you focus on work. You want a space that reflects your style, but also one that isn’t too cluttered or dim. Having a clean space with the right lighting is important, and style is too. Sometimes though, you don’t have much room for a lot of decor with the office furniture and accessories you need to make your office functional. What do you do then?

First, clear and map out your space so you know just what you need in the office. Then, when you decorate, be sure to choose pieces that will fit your space as they perform the functions you need. These accessories will spice up your office interior design, and some are even functional in ways that go beyond just decoration. Check them out to find what will make your home office the space that you have always dreamed of.  

Office Interior Design Decorating Ideas

Massive Mood Board

If you are a visual learner, you are probably someone who relies on visual cues to make you happy. If so, then a mood board can make your office a space that inspires you. A mood board is an arrangement of images, words, materials, and other objects that are supposed to put you in the mood or mindset that you need to finish a project.

It can be made to match your office style or to make you happy or focused. If you do a mood board on a large cork board, you can easily change out the pieces to help you with other projects or ideas. For the best effect, choose a large space that is easy to see, and build a massive mood board to add some drama to your office interior design that will also serve as inspiration.


chandelier for office designs

A chandelier is another way to bring some style to your office interior design. You can choose one that matches your office’s size, your personal style, and the lighting needs you have in order to get the chandelier that is perfect for you.

For example, if you have a small office with a modern style, you can choose a simple, modern chandelier that matches. If you don’t have the ability to hard-wire a chandelier, don’t worry. You can still add the classic style your office interior design with a battery-powered chandelier, or one that uses an electric outlet (like a regular lamp) to work.  

Bold Chairs

Bold chairs are a great way to add some comfort and style to your office interior design. You can choose one in a bold fabric, print, color, or shape that will wow not only people who may stop in to visit, but also your body as it sits in comfort. A chair is an important part of an office, so you want one that is perfect. You will sit here for a large portion of your work day, so you need one that is durable and comfortable. It will be a focal point because it is at the desk, so it needs to reflect your style and be something that you are happy with seeing.

Statement Artwork

Statement artwork is something that makes you feel happy, energized, or inspired when you see it. It makes a statement about you, and makes people take note. It can be a large scale, bright color, or unusual subject. This is different from the mood board, and doesn’t need to serve any other function other than making your office more stylish and more your own.

When you choose the statement artwork you want to include in your office interior design, make sure that the scale is right for the size of your space. You don’t want something that won’t fit or makes your office feel small and cluttered.

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Eye-Catching Rug

eye-catching rugs for office designs

Another important aspect to consider for your office interior design is an eye-catching rug. Of course, you want something that is comfortable because your feet will be touching it, but you also need something that makes a statement. Bold color, funky prints, or even just an edgy design or cut can really make your rug stand out. You want something that flows with your furniture and space, but also something that is easy to keep clean. Adding some comfort and luxury to your office interior design with the perfect rug is one of the simplest parts of styling an office.


When you think of wallpaper, do you imagine outdated colors and patterns peeling from the wall? Then you haven’t seen the newest in wallpaper! Today, wallpaper comes in many designs that are chic and fun, and that means you will not have a hard time finding something that matches your style. If you want to add some color, but don’t want to paint (or can’t because of rental agreements), wallpaper is a temporary solution. You can install it yourself and choose where you want to put it (one wall or all the walls in your office) to make your office interior design perfect.  

Long Desk

long desks for office designs

Do you need a lot of desk room to work? Then a long desk is a piece of your office interior design that you need to focus on. A long desk leaves room for your computer, research materials, space for a second chair and gives ample room for decorations or office supplies. You can get a desk in many materials, shapes, colors, and designs, and a long desk is no exception. If you do decide to go long, though, be sure to leave some space to walk around the desk, or else it will be pointless to have.

Interesting Floors

Interesting floors are one of the easiest ways to add drama to a room in your office interior design, especially if you have a small office. No matter what office size you have, you need a floor. If you don’t have much room for decor, or even if you just want to keep things minimal, you can kick up your style a few notches by bringing in dramatic or interesting floors.

Fun patterns, cool colors, sleek finishes, and exquisite materials will all bring some style to your office in a way that doesn’t distract from the rest of the room. However, floors can set the tone for
the whole room, so be sure you choose the ones you are happiest with and that you are willing to have for a while, because they are not as easy to change out as the rest of the decor in your office.

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Fireplaces are not always things you see in offices, but you will almost always find one in the most elegant of offices. You don’t have to want upscale and chic office interiors to have a fireplace though. You can make them fun and quirky with paint or a unique mantle. You can add some charm with decorations on the mantle, or fill the inside with flowers instead of firewood to bring nature inside.

Either way, a fireplace adds comfort to any room, and an office is no exception. If you are looking for a way to make your office feel more relaxing, a fireplace is the way to go. You can have one added by a contractor, or buy an electric one that you plug in to an outlet.

Chic Wall Storage

innovative office wall storage

Every office needs storage, but if you are running out of floor space, you can look at wall storage. Chic wall storage is a way to bring some style and function to your office interior design. You can add in open shelving with storage bins that are easy to change out for seasons, holidays, or if you change your mind on style. There is also the possibility of standing shelves, cabinets, hutches, and other large furniture that allows you to store items while also still reflecting your style.

You can choose pieces that allow you to decorate around your books or files, with picture frames or other items that are sentimental, so that you can bring a little bit of your home into your office. Alternatively, you can choose things that only allow you to store work, so that you can stay minimalist and work-focused. Whatever you want, chic storage is a way to have form and function in one.

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When choosing how to change your office interior design, you need to consider your office space, your personal needs, your style, and your budget. Design doesn’t just mean curtains and picture frames, but you can add in some style with things you need, like lights in the form of chandeliers, or desks that you need to conduct your work. You can also change the way your office looks with wallpaper and flooring, or even by bringing in a fireplace.

For simpler and cheaper ways to incorporate your personal style, rugs and chairs are things you need, but also things that come in a variety of styles and prices that you can choose from to find one perfect for your office space and budget. Whatever you choose, no matter your style, a well-chosen piece of furniture or decor can really make your office shine and give you the perfect space you need to be productive. 

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