Nails for Prom Pictures and Ideas to Look Like a Hollywood Star

Prom is an occasion that is held near and dear to the hearts of many. Going to prom is almost a rite of passage during your high school career. And as with any memorable day, you will want to make sure that the details are absolutely perfect. From scouring through hundreds of dresses for the right one to shopping for the right accessories that match, you will want to make sure that you are glamorous from top to bottom. Today, we are going to help you perfect your prom outfit with the right style of fingernail polish.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Nails Done for Prom?

It is no shock that the perfect nail design on prom night will separate you from all the other beautiful ladies in the room. After all, prom is all about having a style that is all your own. Now while it might seem like a pricey thing to pull off unique prom nail ideas, you might actually be surprised. From a simple polish to acrylic nails ridden with crystals and rhinestones, you can actually have cute nails for prom that won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Typically, you will find that prom acrylic nails will usually run around no more than 35 dollars. However, if you want to shave a little on the cost, then we have got some cute manicures that you can do all on your own. With many of our nail design ideas and prom nail design tutorial videos, you can create cool nail art at home for your big prom night.

What Is the Trendiest Color for Prom Nails? This is How to Find Out

Each prom season is distinct in the sense that the style of that prom season differs from the style of the previous prom season. While the styles of prom nails change year after year, you can always stay in the loop by looking at what fashion and lifestyle icons currently consider trendy.
One of the best ways to find the trends and draw inspiration is by looking at photos. Look at some glamour magazines or celebrity magazines to see how Hollywood celebrities have designed their nails. Often times, prom nail ideas are drawn right from what is hot and trendy on the red carpet or a similarly high-profile celebrity occasion. Some things to keep in mind as you flip through these magazines are what polishes are being paired with what dresses? If you have already narrowed down your dress, then look for dresses similar to yours so that you can focus on what nail style works best with it. If you see a great polish that you love, do not be dismayed if it is littered with crystals or rhinestones. Chances are, you can replicate most any fingernail polishes both at the salon or at home.
Once you have drawn some inspiration, you are ready to start prepping for the perfect nail designs that prom demands. Below are some prom nail designs that are perfect for prom. Many of these are elegant yet so simple that they make for a great choice regardless of the outfit that you will be rocking.

What Are the Best Designs for Prom Nails?

1. Glitter Prom Nails:

Sparkly prom nails are a great choice to go with. They catch the light and blend well with a range of dresses. If you want to dress up your nails a bit more, then there are a couple of ways that you can wear this nail style.
1. Start by adding a clear base2. Then add a polish of your choice.3. Next, pick an accent finger (usually the index finger) and paint it with your sparkle polish.4. If you have long fingernails, then paint the base a solid color and add on the sparkle polish to the tips.
The great thing is that you can do this design right at home. Simply choose the perfect dress to match this nail design and you will steal the show. This prom nails idea is a great way to incorporate sparkle whether you have short nails or long nails. To pull off the design in the picture above, you need OPI DS Classic and OPI Rose of Light nail polish.
1. Prepare your nails by removing any old nail polish2. Trim and file both the cuticle and the tips3. Then shape them appropriately.4. Next, apply two coats of OPI Rose of Light nail polish to all the nails.5. Then apply more coats of OPI Rose of Light polish onto two nails only (preferably the two middle fingers).6.Next, secure the nails with your favorite topcoat. Because this beautiful nail color is bright and airy, it blends well with a range of pastel prom dresses.

2. Cute Prom night nail designs with a 3d bow.

Incorporating bright crystals and rhinestones is a trend that any nails designer can stand behind. The great news is you do not have to be a nails designer to put together a look that incorporates crystals and rhinestones.
You can create this stunning design at home and definitely look like a Hollywood star. Plus, you can use a range of polishes to create this look yet still have it match your dress. While bold colors tend to work best (especially for long nails), a beautiful pastel can look just as stunning. All you need are some 3D bows (which you can purchase from a beauty store), blue color polish (or a color of your choice), and some glitter polish. And of course, you will want to have rhinestones of some sort to attach to your other nails as well. If you have acrylic nails, then this could be a neat style to paint on your nails. If you want to try and pull off this look at home,  follow this video to give it a shot.

3. Little Hawaiian Flowers:

The great thing is that you can do this design right at home. Simply choose the perfect dress to match this nail design and you will steal the show. This prom nails idea is a great way to incorporate sparkle whether you have short nails or long nails. To pull off the design in the picture above, you need OPI DS Classic and OPI Rose of Light nail polish.
1. Start by painting a clear base on your nail from the cuticle to the tips.2. Then, paint the base color that you want.3. Next, drop five small drops on the nails using a brush.4. Connect the drops in the middle with a toothpick.5. Lastly, secure the design with your favorite topcoat.

4. Ombre nails with gold speckles.

These next nails are quick, simple, and easy to do at the last minute of your prom preparation. This is a great choice especially if you have long nails. Not only that, but this look works well with any outfit, and can even work great with acrylic nails.
You will need a sheer nail polish from a quality brand like Sally Hansen. You will also need some paper towels and some gold glitter polish. You will want to match the color of your polish to that of your dress. If you are aiming for pastel prom dresses, then you will want a bright and sparkly pastel color.
1. To start, apply a coat of the colored sheer nail polish to the tips of your nail.2. Then, use a paper towel to carefully dab at the polish right below the tips so that the polish becomes less visible as you get close to the cuticle. This gentle dabbing will allow you to create the ombre effect.3. Let your nails dry, and then paint your nails for a second coat.4. Repeat this process.5. Finish off the look by applying some gold glitter nail polish over the design.6. Then seal off your look with your favorite top coat.

5. Dress up Your Nails According to the Dress:

?Another trick to getting perfect nails for prom is to choose your prom dress first and then do a manicure that perfectly matches your dress. Not all nails will match every dress, so you will want to make sure that you coordinate your outfit appropriately for the occasion.
The heart of this bright nail design is all about adding the flair of sparkly nail stickers. These nail stickers can be bought from your local drug store or beauty shop. They come in three colors: silver, gold, and copper, all of which are colors that blend well with pastel prom dresses. When you are thinking about your base color for these nails, you will need a polish that matches or complements your dress. In addition, you will also want to make sure that these nail polish stickers match your nail size. If not, a simple resizing with scissors will do. Finish off the look by sealing your nails with a long-lasting topcoat. If you prefer to do without the nail stickers, then you can also create this look with glitter polish and a glitter splashier instead. For more on that, check out this neat tutorial by cutepolish. For an added dose of cuteness, you can add rhinestones or crystals to enhance the bright look of your nails.

Final Thoughts on Nails for Prom

There are so many different types of nail designs that will work perfectly for prom. We have listed just some of our favorite looks to go with, but your options are endless. And if you kick it up a notch with acrylic nails, you’ll have fabulous nails that are even more prom-ready.
For all you girls out there stressing over prom night, stress no more! I hope you found inspiration for your nails for prom from this post. For some other neat styles to try, be sure to check out our other tutorials on nail stamping. And of course,  water marble art is a popular style that you can easily incorporate as well. For more inspiration on prom-ready nails, check out some of the photos below. Here’s to unforgettable nails for an unforgettable occasion!

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