Nails for Prom Pictures and Ideas to Look Like a Hollywood Star

Want cute nails for prom? Prom season is always between April-June depending on where you are and a perfect manicure will enhance the beauty of your hands. Do not spoil your prom night with the wrong nails for Prom. Prom night being a very special night in our growth process and life, we need to perfectly prepare for it and pay attention to even the minute of details. After you have shopped for the perfect prom dress, shoes, and bag and planned for the grand entrance, you may realize at the last minute that you have not paid attention to your nails. Because you were stressing over many things, you have not planned for a manicure. Osh, should you go into a panic? No you shouldn’t. Just like other important functions in life (think of Marriage), it is normal to forget some vital things.

A perfect nail design on prom night will separate you from the average ladies in the room, thus a perfect manicure should be a top priority. You do not have to spend expensively to pull off a perfect look. You can do your prom nails at home and look like a Hollywood star. With many of our nail design ideas and tutorials and prom nail design tutorial videos, you can create cool nail art at home for your big prom night.

Common advice given is that when shopping and preparing for your prom night accessories, get inspiration from pictures. Look at some glamour magazines, celebrity magazines to see how those Hollywood celebrities have made their nails, what color of dress have they worn with it, etc. Then see if you can get the same look for cheaper price (preferably at home by family and friends).

Here are some nails ideas for prom and prom nail designs pictures, so simple yet elegant that you can do at home, save a lot of money, yet look like a Hollywood star without going to the salon. They are for your inspiration. Please share with your friend network (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to show the love.

Nails for prom Design Ideas and Pictures

  1. Glitter Prom Nails: You can do this design at home; chose the perfect dress to match this nail design and you will steal the show, be the talk of the night among your friends.nails for prom

To do this design, you need OPI DS classic and OPI Rose of light nail polish. Prepare your nails by removing any old nail polish, trim and file them and shape them appropriately. Then apply two coats of OPI rose of light nail polish to all the nails. Then apply more coats of OPI rose of light polish onto two nails only (Preferably the two middle fingers). Then secure the nails with your favorite topcoat. There you have these glitter prom nails for all your friends to envy.

  1. Cute Prom night nail designs with 3d bow.

blue prom nailsYou can create this stunning design at home and definitely look like a Hollywood star. You can create blue prom nails, red prom nails and silver prom nails with this. All you need are some 3D bows which you can purchase from a beauty store, blue color polish and some glitter polish. Then follow this video to create this look.


  1. Little Hawaiian Flowers:

blue prom nailsThese are really easy to do and not stressful at all. If you are into blue prom nails, or red prom nails, all you need are two different nail polish colors such as blue and white, red and white etc.and a tooth pick. Paint your nails with a blue color or whatever color you chose. Then, drop five drops on the nails using a brush. Connect the drops with a toothpick. Secure the design with your favorite topcoat.

prom nail designshawaiian flower nail designs

  1. Ombre nails with gold speckles.

ombre nails for promThese are quick, simple and easier to do at the last minute of your prom preparation. You will need a sheer nail polish such as one by sally Hansen, Paper Towel and gold glitter polish.Or try matching the colors with your prom dress. Apply a coat on shear polish on to the tip of the nail, tap the bottom layer of the applied polish with a paper towel so that it creates and Ombre effect. Apply a second layer of the polish and repeat the process. Then apply some gold glitter nail polish by simply tapping it onto the ombre design. Wait for them to dry and then finish off with a topcoat.


  1. You can start with the dress:

perfect prom nails

Another trick to getting perfect nails for prom /prom nails is to choose your prom dress and then do a manicure that perfectly matches your dress. The heart of this is the sparkly nail stickers, which can be bought from your local drug store or beauty shop. They come in three colors silver, gold and copper. You will need a polish color that matches or complements your dress, a fast drying topcoat and stickers that match your nail size. However, you can also achieve this without the stickers. You will need the glitter polish and a glitter splashier as shown in this tutorial by cutepolish.


That is it. For all you girls out there stressing over prom night, I hope you get inspiration for your nails for prom from this post. Check out our other tutorials for nail stamping and water marble art as I believe you could get some pron nails design ideas that could work for prom nights too. And do not forget to share this post with your friend on Facebook, twitter or Pin on Pinterest. Here are more Prom Inspired pictures. Thanks.

More Nail for prom Pictures

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