REVEALED: Best Nail Polish Rack – A Sneak Peak Review of 5 Best Nail Polish Organizers

Are you a nails art addict and have a wide collection of nail polishes? Use a good nail polish rack to show off your nail polish bottles collection and make everyone jealous. Make it even better by choosing from the top 5 best nail polish racks which I review on this page. I’ve created this review of the top 5 nail polish racks to help you find a prettier solution. A better solution for storing your nail polish collection and finally bring order to chaos at your home.

If I asked you how you currently store your growing collection of nail polish, the response may be shameful. For example, stuffing them into “caboodle” cases, a Tupperware container. Perhaps shamelessly tossing them into a wire mesh container under your sink. And/or many of the creative ways you are currently using. Anyway, you are not alone here. I too used not to treat these children better. I could just throw them in the drawer and leave them to recklessly roll in there. However, it was always a pain to dig through the many bottles to find the one I needed. Some were stored on a deep shelf in my bathroom closet, consuming a lot of space and disorganizing things.

On April of 2014, I was watching a youtube video on how to make a certain design of nails. I was impressed by the nail polish storage of the presenter. Actually, I was not only impressed, but I was also jealousy. I set out to have one as good as the one in the video. Instead, I ended up getting even a better nail polish rack. Continue reading…….

Types of nail polish racks

The world of nail polish racks has changed in a space of few months. There are now many nail polish racks and organizers. They can vary in sizes, color material, placement, reliability, and price. Hence it can become a headache to decide which one to buy. Commonly used at home are either nail polish wall hanging racks or counter racks (Table display racks). But nail polish fanatics are also increasingly adopting the standing racks.

These three types of nail polish racks can be metal or acrylic. The metal racks are studied, made out of iron carvings, with some eye-catching designs and last very long. The acrylic nail polish organizers are professional, look clear and have a minimalist design.  This design emphasizes the colors of your polish collection. Acrylic polish racks are quite heavy compared to metal and wooden racks, which probably makes them easy to hang.

However, there are some cheap brands of acrylic racks which start cracking easily and don’t last long. I tried three racks (two acrylic and one metal) before I got the one that I really wanted. This rack is PERFECTION! So much that I have written it in caps. The other three have been sitting around the store until recently when I auctioned them off. That is the reason why I have written this post. Continue reading to see why I love this nail polish rack at # 1.

Can You Make Your Own Nail Polish Rack?

Before I go ahead, let me tell you that you can actually make your own nail polish rack. Before opting to buy, I spent many hours searching for how to make one myself. However, all the solutions I found were not appealing. I found that it was cheaper to just buy one. Especially if you get the best deal and a perfect rack.

So, for those who love their cutie polishes and want to treat them like princes and princesses. Bring order to chaos at home. Look into these top 5 nail polish racks below to find a storage solution for your bottles.


Here is why you need a nail polish rack (The Benefits)

  1. It will organize your collection so that you can quickly find the polishes, thus saving you precious time.
  2. In relation to benefit number one, you will be able to find buried colors you forgot that you even had and get inspired for a new nail art.
  3. With a rack, you will be able to keep your polishes in line. Thus Freeing up much-needed drawer space.
  4. A nicely selected and fitted or placed rack will help you to create an elegant and calming spa feeling in your bathroom.


Top 5 Best Nail Polish Racks (Review Updated 2016)

These are the top 5 best racks updated for 2015! Check them out today and pick one that fits into your budget and storage preferences.

#5 – Home-it Nail Polish Rack Nail Polish Organizer

Home-it Nail Polish Rack Nail Polish Organizer Holds up to 102 Bottles Great nail polish holder nail polish storage
  • nail polish holder
  • nail polish wall rack and You can use it also as any organizer
  • nail polish holder nail polish storage
  • 6 Rows -17 Bottle per Row 20 x 2 x 24 inches (l x w x h)
  • Quality Acrylic Very Clear

The home-it-nail polish organizer is silently capturing the hearts of customers. This is evidenced by the lots of reviews (mostly positive) and higher ratings online. The reason for this is because this rack, despite being able to hold up to 102 nail polish bottles, it still maintains its minimalist design which emphasizes the colors of your polish collection.

It is made of clear acrylic and is sufficiently sturdy to last you a good time without having to buy another replacement. It has 6 rows, and you can be able to fit up to 17 bottles per row. Even if you have a mix of I have a mix of brands such as OPI, Essie, China Glaze, Orly, etc, you will find that everything fits easily on this rack without any problem. You can also use it as an organizer. It is meant to be mounted and so it comes with two holes and mounting screws so that you can easily hand it on the wall.

The price is very affordable. At the time of writing this review, it is selling for cheap on Amazon. However, Amazon is known for its great deals and the prices keep on changing to offer their customers the best deals.

#4 – Professional Nail Polish Table Display Rack

Makartt Nail Polish Organizer Pink Universal Nail Polish Holder for 48 Bottles Portable Nail Case, Double Side Locking Lids Acrylic Organizer Space Saver with 8 Adjustable Dividers for Nail Supplies
  • 【SPACE SAVER】The compact nail organizers and storage can store 48 pcs nail polish visibly accessible and orderly (NOTE: The nail polish are NOT included in this nail storage organizer). Fingernail polish holder, It can be placed on your counter top or dresser horizontally or uprightly, making your counter neater with more space.
  • 【NAIL POLISH BOX】Makartt pink bottle organizer provides you with a good glance what color/brand you need in the nail polish boxes This nail organizers and storage is suitable for most nail polish brand. Besides a good bottle storage which is a perfect nail polish container for essential oils, small drug bottle ect. Perfect for girl gift!
  • 【MOBILE MANICURE】 This portable dip powder organizers and storage comes with a secure snap latch in both side, keeping each bottle in the certain place with sturdy material. Besides, it can open on both front and back of nail case for easy access. Nail box organizer case suitable for DIY nail art at home, nail salon, nail art school / college, etc. If you receive damaged one during the transporting, simply let us know and we will spare no effort to address your concern.
  • 【CLEAN DESIGN AND DURABLE 】The nail polish organizer case is made from a sturdy clear pink plastic. The latches close tightly. Transparent color makes you clearly see what bottles you have on both sides of the nail case organizer box.It is dust free container for nail polish, comparing to the nail polish rack.
  • 【ADJUSTABLE DIVIDER】The flexible-design nail supply organizer displayer equips adjustable dividers on each side (Total 8 dividers) of acrylic organizers and storage, so you have more room for other nail tools(like nail brushes, nail files ,clipper, nail poliver remover wraps etc.) and longer or shorter nail polish bottles.

Despite my lenience toward the metal type of racks, for table display racks, nothing shows off your nail polish collection better than an acrylic rack. And of all the table display acrylic racks, this one (Professional Nail Polish Table Display Rack) should be your favorite. The Professional nail polish table display rack perfectly holds my excess bottles (which are left after I have filled all the row of my # 1 rack below). The rack is made of clear acrylic material and can hold all types of bottle brands. It holds up to 50 nail polish bottles and will look nice on the table in your bedroom or any where and it will help you get rid of the chaos in your house, especially if you have a small collection or a bigger collection and you want more storage space but don’t want a bigger wall hanging rack.

Read the glowing reviews for this rack and Buy it on Amazon

#3 – Professional Black Metal Nail Polish Mountable 6 Tier Organizer Display Rack

proffession nail polish rack

If you want a stylish nail polish rack, the Professional Black Metal Nail Polish Mountable 6 Tier Organizer Display Rack is an ideal choice. This reliable and professional metal rack has begin given high reviews from salon owners and do-it-at-home nail art fanatics because of its intricate and decorative design that brings elegance to your home or business. If you have a huge nail polish bottle collection, you will be amazed by the spacious size of this rack, which will enable you to fit numerous nail polish bottles. It is very sturdy and well built and features 6 shelves (tiers) and you can actually fit between 100-110 nail polish bottles. Plus it came with all the hardware which I needed to have it mounted on the wall. In addition, its price is affordable given its durability, elegant design and holding capacity.

The only reason I have not made it number 2 or 1 is because some customers online claim that it was hard to mount, however, I did not have such a problem with it. So I rank it 2 places behind the number 1 best nail polish rack below.

MyGift Metal Nail Polish Mountable 6 Tier Organizer Display Rack, Black
  • Mounting hardware is included and made easy to hang instantly
  • Official MyGift product.** Nail polish bottles not included
  • Features 6 shelves to attractively display a variety of brand name nail polish bottles
  • Approximate Dimensions: 24.5 L X 2 W X 29 H (in inches)
  • A beautiful nail polish display that conveniently mounts to the wall, freeing up drawer and counter space


#2 – 96 Bottle Nail Polish Wall Rack Display

iDesign Hanging Nail Polish & Cosmetics Organizer, The Clarity Collection – 8.78" x 2.02" x 11.07", Clear
  • COMPACT SIZE: The nail polish organizer measures 8.78" x 2.02" x 11.07" to create instant storage in unused space.
  • VERSATILE: Use the hanging nail polish organizer in the bathroom, bedroom, office, kitchen, or in any room around the home where you need additional organization. Mount using the pre-drilled holes, or use adhesive strips for a renter friendly option.
  • FUNCTIONAL DESIGN: Featuring an open top and transparent design, the clear cosmetic organizer ensures items are always visible and accessible, while the raised front on each shelf keeps them securely in place until ready for use.
  • WALL MOUNT COSMETIC ORGANIZER: The iDesign Hanging Nail Polish Rack is designed with three shelves to store and display a variety of bathroom necessities such as nail polish, makeup, cosmetics, jewelry, accessories, and more.
  • DURABLE: Made of durable BPA-free clear plastic, the organizer stands up to everyday use and is easy to clean with mild soap and water.

Some people would think I am unfair by giving this rack the 2nd position. Well they may be, right? Why shouldn’t it be number one? The 96 Bottle Nail Polish Wall Rack has more customer reviews online than the rack below which I have ranked as # 1.  Almost 77% of the reviews are 5 stars.  I am biased towards the metal racks, yet this rack is made of Clear Acrylic Lucite Material. So my pride clouds my judgment.  But If you are into acrylic materials, or if you want a rack that will emphasize the colors of your polish collection, then this should be your number one.

And you won’t be alone. The rack has received glowing reviews from salon owners and home users who are loving it. Compared to the other acrylics which tend to be too heavy, this rack is not heavy or of heavy duty acrylic, which is good because you can hang it. For its relatively cheap price, it looks professional, is sufficiently sturdy, with 6 rows where you will be able to store up to 96 bottles of all brands even if it is julep bottles of nail polish.

How many Bottle can you fit per row in this rack?

Here is how many bottles you can fit per row (as provided by one customer):

  • Essie – 17 per row
  • OPI – 15 per row w/ an extra 1″ to spare (1 bottle of Essie fits in this gap perfectly)
  • Nicole by OPI – 14 per row.  Nicole bottles tend to have a weird shape. For the 14 to fit per row, you should place them sideways. Otherwise, if placed face-forward, they do not quite fit perfectly.
  • Orly – 15 per row
  • China Glaze – 14 per row
  • Deborah Lippmann – 16 per row
  • Butter London – 13 per row, if face-forward
  • Butter London – 16 per row, if placed diagonally
  • Chanel – 17 per row
  • Marc Jacobs – 9 per row, if face-forward
  • Marc Jacobs – 13 per row, if placed diagonally
  • Red Carpet – 17 per row
  • Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear – 19 per row
  • Sally Hansen Complete Manicure – 14 per row
  • InstaDry from Sally Hansen – 14 per row
  • Revlon – 15 per row
  • Revlon Colorstay – 17 per row
  • L’Oreal – 18 per row
  • Pure Ice – 16 per row
  • Sensational GEL polish – 20 per row

Well, as I said you can fit any bottle in the rows.  (Read in the reviews section)

Acrylic 6 Rows Transparent Clear Nail Polish Wall Display Rack - Holds up to 90 to 120 Bottles
  • Does NOT Contain additonal pieces which say "Polish Station"
  • 24" x 21" x 2" (assembled size) Approximately
  • 6 Rows
  • Clear Acrylic Lucite Material
  • Professional Beauty Salon Polish Rack High Quality


#1 – Pana Brand Unbreakable nail Polish rack (Black)

The Pana Brand Unbreakable Nail Polish Rack Review

DAZONE Nail Polish Wall Rack 5-Layer Organizer Holds 100 Bottles Nail Polish Shelves Black
  • Bring elegance to your business with its spacious size, you can fit numerous nail polish bottles.
  • Free Shipping for CA.
  • Professional quality salon polish rack ,keep your nail polish bottles organized, secure, and ready for use.
  • Each item has been inspect before shipment.
  • High Quality with 5 Layers,26*2.2*27.6(IN)L*W*H.

I hate to use words like “epitome”, however, the Pana Brand Unbreakable nail polish rack is the epitome of beauty and durability in nail polish racks. This is the rack that I referred to as PERFECTION in the introduction above; So much that I wrote it in caps. And you can’t blame me. Actually, with so many positive customer reviews and a perfect rating, I would say I am not the only one in love with this nail polish rack. This beautiful rack is welded nicely, has a beautiful glossy finish and decorations that make it pretty and truly elegant.

Mine is in black, however, you have a wide selection of colors (White, Black, Silver, Blue, Red, Gold, Pink, Purple, & Green) to choose from.  Pana Brand Unbreakable nail polish is made of metal, thus capable of lasting for a long time. The dimensions are 21″ Length X 25″ Height X 1.8″ Width, which gives you enough room to fit up to 100 bottles of all types of nail polishes from all brands such as OPI, Essie, China Glaze, and etc. It can actually hold big nail polish bottles such as Orly with no problem, fitting nice & lose making them easy to remove from the rack.

Your rack will come with two screws for you to hang on the wall, but you can also just stand it up against the wall though it would be less sturdy. The price for the Pana Brand Unbreakable Nail Polish Rack is a bit higher than for the acrylic counterparts, but it is still a bargain for this kind of rack with its capacity. Click buy button below to buy this rack at the current bargain price and read all the glowing customer reviews on Amazon.

A Wrap-Up

Well, there you have it. My top 5 best nail polish racks reviewed with the links to Amazon. Check them out to make an informed buying decision. There are many other racks and when you reach on Amazon by clicking on any link above, you will see many other available options. make sure to read the customer reviews. I usually read the 1 and 2-star reviews to see the bad points about the product I am buying. You should too.


How To Install Wall Hanging Nail Polish Racks

I would like to finish this post by showing you how to install your newly acquired wall hanging nail polish rack. Remember the video that inspired me to buy a polish organizer, it is the same video that shows how to install these types of nail polish racks. So I will let Andrea do the explaining.

How to organise nail polish

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