16 Nail Polish Colors and How They Reveal Your Personality Traits

Having your nails done in specific, vivid, and different nail polish colors and artistic patterns tells a lot about your personality traits. This is by no means any science. Therefore, take these descriptions lightly and in a humorous way. If you are one of those individuals that mix and match and swap the nail polish colors all the time between your manicures, then you may very well have a well-rounded personality which is very rare. If you have ever felt stuck at choosing between various colors and shades, you already know how important it is to feel right about your manicure. Therefore, whatever color you end up picking for your nail art can tell a lot about you.

Nail Polish Colors and Your Personality Traits:


red nail colors

A very bold and classic color indicating your live-wire and action-oriented personality. People are simply drawn in towards your attitude, confidence and your passion and fire. You are daring and out-going and never to shy away from a spotlight.


Pink nail polish colors

A generally kind and sympathetic soul for the pink color wearer. A bit shy and quitter personality but not afraid to show and own your feminism. Comfortable amongst friends when in spotlight, however, bit shy when alone. Overall a generous, sweet and caring personality.


A fun and humor loving personality wanting to have a good time with friends and family. Outgoing and very social. Flamboyancy is a part of your nature. You are curious in to jumping whatever is next and usually are the center of all plan making, although sometimes it’s hard for you to finish what you started.


blue nail polish colors

A passion for blue means that you are a classic. You have a trust worthy and loyal personality of ten due to the fact that you are very calm, steady and faithful. You are a deep thinker and often not afraid to think out of the box. Sometimes mysterious and surprising in nature while being peaceful all the time.



Nature is a part of your personality. People like you like to socialize and have a sense of belonging. Often, you do not think about other’s perception about yourself. A very humble and down to earth personality. You also love adventurism due to the influence of nature on your personality.


You value youthfulness. It’s a vital part of your personality.  Fearlessness and fun are also amongst your personality traits. You are a bit impulsive at times. You are natural at creativity and also have strong communication and analytical skills. You have knack of bouncing back from troublesome situations.


Creativity is a part of your personality. Your imagination and dreaming is your strength. You have a perfect sense of balance when it comes to calmness and being energetic. You always go for peacefulness and luxury in your life. You have an approachable and gentle personality with these good nails


black nail wear
A defiant and anxious personality of the wearer. Unafraid of the dark and also the dark side within you. You rather embrace it but also have light moments and laughter. You follow your own rules. You’d rather be a trendsetter than to follow someone else. Others admire your assurance, wisdom and natural elegance.


A classic and stylish personality. A serious attitude towards your life and profession also wanting seriousness in others when it comes to you. Quality of life matters over quantity. You strive for perfectionism and hard work. Others often see you as dependable and supportive.


You show and strive for luxury, sophistication and strength in your life and it shows from the choice of metallic and shinier shades that you opt for in your manicure. You are a drama and romance loving person. A classic and vintage personality captivating others in your charisma.


An edgy personality that appreciates a good challenge in your life. The color is deep and dark which shows that you are trendy and chic.


A party and fun loving personality. Socializing is your top priority. You are good when it comes to communication with strangers. Being fashionable is a part of your personality while having a “life is too short” attitude.


A color that indicates authority, boldness and persuasiveness within your personality. Earth is your element and you are very close to mother nature. Often energetic and social.
A classic and confident personality. Pretty stubborn at times when it comes to your likings or dislikes. Nearly impossible to change your mind once you know what you really are after.
Different patterns and nail arts shows that you love art in general. You have an artistic nature and a creative and imaginative mind. You are a free spirit that loves to embrace change. Overall a well-rounded personality.
A busy and professional personality. It’s simply too much for you to choose and go for colors. Your nails look the best as they are “au naturel”. You certainly feel good about it as well.

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