e-file Uses : 7 Less Known Ways an e-file Makes Your Nail Art Easier

An electronic nail file or popularly known as e-file allows you to do many remarkable things, from making your nails the ideal length to eliminate callus and getting rid of lift. E-file also makes the job of nail technicians easier and faster. On this page, we look at  7 uses of a nail e-file and the ways on how e-file makes your life easier.

7 Ways an E-file Make a Nail Art Lovers Life Easy

e-file uses
Image By: Jenn Durfey Via CC license

Use an e-file for faster cleaning amid toes

E-file makes cleaning amid toes faster and stress free. Utilize a cone bit to dirt-free amid the toes at a 10,000 ranges per minute. Utilize equal pressure and stay the hand piece moving in order to keep away the buildup of heat. First, utilize the coarse bit to get rid of the size or volume and next find bit to smooth the skin once done.

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Cleaning Cuticles from Toenails

E-file is utilized to clean the cuticle from your toenails after pushing it back using a cuticle pusher. Use small pressure if doing this in order to stay away from heat, allow the bit performs the job. Bear in mind to move your hand piece and not keep on one location.

Natural Prepping of nails

 Utilize an arbor band for fast and natural prepping of nail. But, sure to bevel arbor band’s edge. This will eliminate any sharp corners. Just run it opposed a hand file while it’s in a low setting for just a second to make sure you don’t nick your customer. Utilize the electric file with an arbor band on the lowest setting of speed. A lot of electronic files out there will stop or skip when utilized at the lowest setting. So, as much as possible, never utilize an electric file for prepping nails once it stops or skips, and never utilize it at a fast speed setting to keep away this because this will cause too much filling of the natural nail.

When there’s any lifting in the cuticle part, utilize diamond bit or medium carbide to cut a line simply behind the lifted part. Sure to be tender, because these bits could do harm to the nail and shouldn’t come in contact with it.

Nail Shaping

 E-file makes nail shaping fast. Utilizing an over grip, adjust the customer’s hand a bit so you have an ideal view of the upper curve from the side profile and then file the upper curve through staying the base of the barrel in contact with free corner or edge, the body in contact with apex as well as the tip with the cuticle part.

Thinning and finishing

 E-file also makes the thinning and finishing of edge simpler and faster. When finishing nail enhancements, utilize a sanding bands below the nail to lessen the thickness at the same time shorten the nail. Grasp the sanding band flush below the free edge of the nail and utilize a slow speed to lessen the thickness as well as clear up the underside of the nail. Utilizing a two-week carbide cutting bit, trim a new smile lime through grasping the bit at a forty five degree angles, trimming the old product out at the line however leaving the width at the tip. Put in a second glitter mix to the preceding fill, providing a fade effect through utilizing a darker or lighter color combination.

When utilizing a carbide bit to clear up under the nails, utilize a little faster speed and then grasp the bit flush to clear up the nail and get rid of burrs.

Ideal for hard to reach corners

E-file is ideal for use in hard to reach parts or corners; utilize a flame point silicone stone to remove gently the obstinate pterygium from the nail plate within the cuticle part. At an extremely low speed, approximately 3,000 ranges per minute, slowly begin from the right part at the groove wall and gently work in the cuticle and tip of the nail towards the left cuticle part.

An e-file for callus removal

If you succeed to get a good one, an e-file is very effective in filling callus. Click here to read my review of the best electric nail file . Pedicure bits are superb to utilize for dry pedicures or to simply put in additional smoothness. The employment of a barrel or cone pedicure diamond bit is remarkable to smooth dry as well as hardened skin the ball, heel as well as sides of the feet and as to minimize the look or appearance of cracked heels. Electric file is best to utilize an average to high range per minute and ensure you don’t leave the machine on one place too long because it could get extremely hot and sore for the customer.
Those are some of the 7 ways an e-file or electronic file can help both a novice and skilled nail technician/nail artist.

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