Mini Fridge Recycling and Disposal – [8 WAYS]

I once had this mini fridge which I adored and cared for like a baby. I thought I would live with it forever. But guess what, changing circumstances necessitated that I get a bigger and better refrigerator. Due to lack of space, I could not keep it in my apartment. The once cherished refrigerator was now UNWANTED and I had to find ways of effective mini fridge recycling and disposal. Because you are reading this, I bet you are also about to experience the same problem I faced before learned the information I am about to share with you here. Your once cherished refrigerator is no longer needed and you dread the laborious tasks involved in disposing it off. Have you tried lifting a refrigerator before? If not yet, you should remember that

refrigerator disposal
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they are really hard to move because they are heavy. Apart from it, they are impossible to be transported from one place to another.

Guess what, you are not alone. Mini fridge recycling and disposal has become more common these days among homeowners. Because of this popularity in refrigerator disposal, many solutions for refrigerator recycling and disposal are now available. Here, I am going to share with you the most appropriate and effective solutions to dispose of your unwanted refrigerator.

Best Solutions For Mini fridge recycling and Disposal

Call the Power Company

There are simply a lot of reasons for you to replace an old and worn out refrigerator, from space concerns to aesthetic reasons. But, one particular reason why people usually trade their older model of refrigerator is that new models are becoming more energy efficient than the old ones.

With an old refrigerator, it may cost you more in keeping it running than the newer more energy efficient designs. A lot of power companies mainly support the idea of less energy consumed by the appliances. This is the reason why they provide refrigerator recycling and trade in programs.

If you really are determined in mini fridge recycling and disposal, let the power company pick up your old appliance. They may exactly give you a rebate in a form of credit or a check prior to your energy bill.

Ask for help from a reputable refrigerator removal company.

Asking help from a reputable company is essential for refrigerator removal. There is not a too bulky, too awkward or too big a job for them. As long as you schedule the refrigerator for an appointment online, it definitely would be for them to easy to remove it. The good thing about taking this route is that they can also donate and recycle your refrigerator at the soonest possible time. This means instead of your loved refrigerator ending up in a disposal yard, it may end up with a new owner who even needs it more and will take good care of it.

Schedule a Pick Up for Mini Fridge Recycling

Due to the reason that a refrigerator can really be an unwieldy and heavy appliance, one way for you to dispose it, as mentioned, is to ask for help. Through the professional service, you can expect of it to be collected anytime soon. There are a lot of services that you can consider when disposing an old refrigerator.

Check Some of the Appliance Stores Out There

There is a need to check some of the appliance stores out there that provide recycling programs. If you will buy a brand new refrigerator at an appliance store, the same and usual truck that delivers it will also pick up one. Thus, there is a need to ensure that this program is available when you buy a brand new refrigerator. Through the ease and convenience the program provides, it necessarily helps you dispose an old refrigerator.

Donate it to a Charity Organization

Other refrigerators need to be recycled or dumped. If your refrigerator is still in its good working condition but is already old, it may now be a candidate for donation. This is a one way to give back to the community. And, for sure, you would love to receive a tax deduction.

Better to call a charity organization that determines if the refrigerator is still eligible for donation. It will also arrange a pick up. Thus, you no longer have to worry about the transport of your refrigerator to a donation center. Your refrigerator that no longer meets your needs can be an affordable and useful addition to another home.

Waste Management

Remember that not all of the municipalities will offer an energy rebate program. But for you to dispose it properly, outright disposal can really be your best choice. Through an effective waste management system, it can really dump and dispose it properly. This will usually require a scheduled pick up. But, this is a lot better than leaving it out with other trash items. The good thing about this waste management system is that the dangerous components are dealt with before the refrigerator is taken to the dump. In some cities, the service will be offered for free. It is a lot better to check the local trash service of your city and find out the type of program that they offer.

Online Classifieds

Through online classified ads, you can sell your refrigerator the best way possible. You only have to provide for an accurate description that comes along with pictures. Also, be more direct in arranging the transportation of a refrigerator. If you are more than willing and determined enough to sell your old refrigerator, you can just personally deliver it.

Garage Sales

Garage sales are simply an essential way of unloading an old refrigerator. It will not anymore be a stressful experience transporting a refrigerator. And, it will also be possible for you to get cash right away. With a garage sale, it will simply foster a strong and good community in the neighborhood.

Now, you have learned some of the suggestions on mini fridge recycling and disposal. Tell your family members and friends about the best way to dispose of an old refrigerator!

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