Microwave Repair and Troubleshooting {STEP by STEP}

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Microwave is one of the important kitchen appliances you have in your home. Similar to other appliances, even if you buy the best microwave oven and get for it the best microwave cart stand, it can also break and fail due to long term of its use. If you find some problems in your microwave, ensure that you will do the necessary action towards it to make it functionally again. microwave repair

In this kind of situation, microwave repair will be the answer to your problem regarding your favorite kitchen appliances. However, if you think that it has very serious problems, it is best for you to hire professional who knows exactly what to do with your microwave.

Here are the common problems you can experience with your own microwave and possible solution. Read the text to the end and watch the video.

Common Problems That May require Microwave Repair

  • Microwave is not heating

One of the common problems your microwave appliance may encounter. One of the main reasons why it does not heat is its failure in magnetron. Its’ magnetron uses a high voltage in order for your microwave to produce the right frequency to cook your food. Once your microwave has turn on and it is empty, it will cause your microwave to burn out. Once your magnetron burned, it is need of replacement if it cannot be repaired. Another possible cause why your microwave is not heating is that it has faulty diodes, defective switch in door, burn capacitor and failure to its transformer. Microwave repair is urgently needed to ensure it will function effectively again.

  • Your microwave runs then stops

In this kind of problem, its possible cause is faulty switch in its door, defective touch pad, failed transformer or it has faulty in its fan motor. In order for you to have right understanding about this issue, hire a professional to do the microwave repair will beneficial for you.

  • Your microwave is sparking inside

Another common problem you may encounter is the sparking of your microwave inside. This kind of condition of your kitchen appliance only indicates that something is wrong. Immediately switch off your microwave and conduct some inspection when this happens. The possible reason why your microwave has this current problem is that it has damage wave-guide cover, the diode is burn, and its support rack is damage or it worn out its paint from inside walls.

  • The buttons of microwave are not working

An indication that your microwave is not working is that its button is not functional. It may because of its touch pad or control panel that are defective or has been damage or it may have defective in its main control board. This might require minimum microwave repair.

  • The light bulb is not turning on

There is a is a small bulb inside your microwave. It is  located behind the grill. It light on when in use. However, if you find out that this bulb is not working, it may have problem in its fuse. On the other hand, bad wiring or faulty bulb socket is another reason why it is happening in your microwave. However, if you find out that the socket and wirings are in good condition; better check its control board. Most of the control board may fails to send the right amount of voltage it needs towards the bulb socket.

  • The plate of your microwave is not spinning

Microwaves have a rotating motor that is located below its plate wherein it is responsible to the rotation of plate spinning. Some of the major cause why it is not working is that, it is worn out or has burn motor. Since motor can easily replace it is still best to conduct microwave repair. However, if technicians see some defectiveness to its motor, then better to replace it with new one. Alternatively, if the control board is fine then you just check its touch pad or its control panel to see the real problem behind it.

  • Turning table is not working

Turning table of your microwave will help you to cook your food faster. However, if something happens wrong in your turning table, you can no longer cook your food anymore. Therefore, for you to perform microwave repair, it is best to reprogram it. Turn off your microwave and call professional to do the job for you and at the same time ensure your safety. Some reason why this part is not functioning well is that maybe it has too much weight on it due to your food. Therefore, you should ensure that your food would not exceed to its maximum capacity. Nevertheless, if it is still not working after you lift the food, conduct further investigation or call for assistance.

These are the common problems you may encounter once your microwave does not work well. If you think you can do it by yourself, ensure that you can handle it. On the other hand, it is best to hire some on who has the right knowledge with your problem for security purposes.

Microwave Oven Troubleshooting in MINUTES ~ STEP BY STEP VIDEO

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