Microwave Oven Maintenance Tips [WHICH WORK]

Microwave oven is an important component of almost every home today. It’s often placed on a MICROWAVE STAND and under the authority of the lady of house. However it is also used by every family member, both old and young. While you might have great knowledge of various excellent food recipes, it’s also important to learn about how to take care of your microwave appliance. Of course, the electrical maintenance should be handled by a licensed specialist. Other than that, you are the one responsible for its proper care and maintenance. You should know frequent and a few inspection practices, as well as microwave oven maintenance tips. This will ensure that your appliance is up kept and your investment is secured for a long period of time.

Microwave oven maintenance
5 Things You Shouldn’t Do with Your Microwave:

  1. Never use your microwave oven for canning or deep-frying
  2. Never operate your microwave oven empty
  3. Always stay alert, especially while you’re making popcorn because due to large of amount of generated heat, it often leads to sudden fires.
  4. Never use your microwave oven for heating a baby bottle
  5. Always use a microwavable container or safe bowl for heating and cooking.

General Rules of Microwave oven Maintenance

As one general rule in microwave oven maintenance, never use any kind of container that contains metal.

The cleaning of microwave every after use is very important for your safety and health. The modern microwave are now equipped with a rotating, detachable glass plate or turntable. After each use, the turntable needs to be taken out to be cleaned properly. This is very important to consider as the food particles residual may get heated and could possible catch fire if not immediately cleaned. When the owners don’t properly clean the microwave, the leftover particles of food can cause the microwave to work much harder than its normal, causing a microwave leakage. As one of the microwave oven maintenance tips, if you oven isn’t fitted with a detachable turntable wipe out it base with soap and water mix, and then dry it completely before using. You can also use specific microwave cleaners if you desire.

Also Important when cleaning

It’s also very important to carefully clean the edges of microwave’s door. The edges of door are one very common area where the food particles are trapped that can cause a major damage to the door. It’s of vital importance to take extra care of its door. The microwave door is an integral part of the appliance and one of the highlights in microwave oven maintenance tips as it automatically triggers the appliance to start and the one that protects the users away from health hazards. Sometimes, if the door is already damaged, but still closes, the appliance might still function. However, you need to proactively stop using it and hire a repair professional for an immediate solution. Keep in mind that if the problem is beyond your knowledge, the first thing that you need to do is to contact the specialists.

For a complete list of maintenance and safety practices for your microwave oven, you can refer to your owner’s manual.

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