How to Make Strawberry Nails Art- (Tutorial with PICTURES & VIDEO)

Learn the secrets of how to make strawberry nails art!

Polish and nail color is one of the popular ways people use to play with their fashion profile. Nail art can completely change your overall look and create a statement about who you are. Choosing the proper color can greatly bode a person, and similarly, choosing the improper color can quickly sink your ‘class level’. With so many nail arts available these days, opting for the one suitable to your personal preference can be quite confusing. Enter strawberry nails art.

Strawberry Nail Art – A Must-Have in Your Nail Art Decoration

Strawberry nails art is indeed the newest craze that is making rounds among youngsters and women today. They add zing, elegance and style to the nails and are designed for those who love trying out. It’s no secret that accessories and clothes play an integral part in improving the personality of a person, but this new concept of nail art takes the rise further and boosts your personality and overall look as a lady.

There are lots of designs you can apply on your finger nails using strawberry arts. It is a source of pure enjoyment especially if you love to accessorize your nails and stand out in parties, company celebrations or other social events.

You don’t need to travel far miles only to have those attractive strawberry-designed nail arts. Actually, you can create these by yourself at the comfort of your home! How?

Initially, you have to prepare the materials needed to create this gorgeous nail art.

Materials that will be required to make strawberry nails art. (Plus where to buy them)

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Steps To Do Strawberry Nails Art

Getting pretty nail designs finished from salons and nail art studios can be costly. Fortunately, if you chose to do these strawberry nail designs by yourself at home it doesn’t need expensive nail design tools and nail art paints. No matter what type of design you want for a good-looking little strawberries, you can be able to paint them all yourself without spending too much money or no money at all. Here are the steps to successfully do this art on your nails. When these steps seem hard, please refer to the added video for clear instructions.

1. Clean your nails

First things first, you need to remove oiliness and dirt or old nail polish from your nails with a nail polish remover. Cut them in a right shape. Wash your nails and hands and dry them before you can begin designing your nails.

2. Apply a base coat

Base coat strengthens and protects the nails. Also, this will help the nail polish to stay longer. Wait for a few minutes to make it completely dry before going to the next step.

3. Paint the base color polish on your nail

Great looking strawberry nails art require careful planning on how you want the final nails to look. Do you want all your nails to have the same base color e.g. red and then strawberry art on all of them? Then you need to paint all your nails red.

However, if you have different ideas in mind on how to make strawberry nails art, for example in this 1st picture above, where the strawberry is only on one nail, then you use a strawberry with red color, just as you would on a regular basis. Similar to the step above, wait for your nails to dry completely before going.

4. Build the leaves

draw a strawberry leaves

At the base of your nail, paint the shape of a row of around four or five triangles in white polish. Afterward, fill in triangles using the white polish. You need to paint the leaves in white in order to make the green totally pop.

5. Paint the leaves of strawberry with green polish

draw green leaves of strawberry
Trace over the white leaves using green nail polish. Complete the design as in the prior step.

6. Paint the seeds

draw strawberry seeds

Strawberries have yellow seed, so, with a yellow nail polish, dip a toothpick or use a dotting tool in the nail polish. Draw small dots of seeds on top of your nail, which spaces them out fairly consistently. As possible, keep it clean.

7. Wrap up with a top coat

In order to avoid blotting of design, wait for some minutes to absolutely dry your nails. Then, paint over the entire design using a top coat to cover it and to make it glossy and lovely.

8. Job well done!

strawberry nails tutorial
Match your attire in similar colors and you are all set to boast your eye-catching, glossy strawberry nail art.

Video Tutorial : How to make strawberry nails art

Why designing your nails with strawberry should be considered?

Clearly, nails coated with unique, glossy nail art designs are the newest style trends today, as well as highly popular among women.  Just like nail stamping, which we covered in our nail stamping tutorial, strawberry nail arts, is  increasingly capturing  the interests of ladies of all ages.

But, what really makes it sought-after?

  • Regardless of your personality, lifestyle and mood, strawberry designs can be worn, creating a unique, attractive identity at a social gathering or party.
  • You can show your visual sense and creativity through many different strawberry art designs. This is true, especially given the fact that most women like wearing custom-made nail art designs. Often, you can display your creativity while choosing caller tunes or ringtones and while making selfies for social media. You can similarly exhibit your creativity through this unique, personalized nail art.
  • When wearing this cute nail designs onto your nails, it can give you a sense of satisfaction. Surely, your friends will appreciate the cute designs of strawberry nail arts. An extensive variety of patterns, colors and nail art are attractive to every eye and elevates your mood.

strawberry nails picture

  • Above all, this nail art can be included in one of your favorite hobbies. This easy nail design or unique nail art is not expensive; therefore, you don’t have to spend quite huge amount of money only to give your nails the perfect design they deserve. Also, it doesn’t matter whether you have an excellent artistic talent to create easy strawberry designs on your nails, because with its simple steps you can professionally design on your own. Expensive nail arts equipment or paints are not needed as well.

Here is a bonus video on how to draw a strawberry.

Special tips to consider when making strawberry nail art
  • When using tape and scissor to put leaves on the nail…

Grab a regular sized piece of tape. An old, plain scotch tape will do. Now, place it on a flat surface. Grab your pen or pencil and draw a random zigzag pattern onto the tape. This will become your strawberry top. Pull on now the scissors and cut it out. Put the tape on your nail. However, make sure to even out the tape to avoid bubble under, otherwise polish might go down. Apply green polish onto your nail. Remove the tape and voila! You now have a naked strawberry.

When creating seeds, a piece of paper and a mechanical pencil can be used to complete the design. You will initially place some amount of polish on a scrap piece of paper. Then, grab a mechanical pencil to make lines. Dip it in the polish and draw some thin lines on top of naked strawberry to put seeds.

  • When positioned in a diagonal way, this inspired nail art often look eye-catching to viewers.
  • In case you get a blotch, do not start over again. The best alternative is to apply an additional cost on your nail.
  • If your polish is very thin, apply 10 to 12 coats which include the top coat.
  • As an optional, place small caviar balls for the seeds.

Everyone is given an opportunity to make cool nail designs onto nails. By following these simple, yet effective nail design tips to get those delicate strawberry designs you ever wanted, you could create this cool nail art yourself at home. Both beginners and experts can benefit from the steps given above.

Final thoughts

Styling nails with unique art nail and cool nail designs has become popular among ladies in recent times. Well-deigned, maintained nails shows how well-presented a girl is. Rather than monochromatic, traditional nail polish shades, why not try designing your nails with lovely art designs such as strawberry designs? This can be your prevailing style statement during parties, romantic and social meetings, festive events and more. In addition to giving shiny, unique fashion style, you can also create your own design and share it with your group of friends.

What’s the best part of the nail arts? It’s the fact that you can put in the best of fancy on your nails with artistic ideas. In terms of creative designs, feminine exquisiteness always desires to have unique and funky type of nail designs.

No doubt, strawberry nail art is one perfect way to add the appealing sweetness of strawberry to your fashion appearance. It is best suited for women who love the charming redness of strawberry. Surely, people will have looking twice. Since it is an easy design and only requires the basic nail tools and a little patience, anyone can be able to create their own strawberry-inspired nail art to boost their personality.

With red, green, yellow and white polish and dotting tool/toothpick, you can now be able to convert your fingers into charming little strawberries. Grab this one-of-a-kind opportunity of being fashionable and gorgeous! Also see more tutorials in our nails designs category
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