How To Make Splatter Party Nails Art for Girls

Every painting definitely tells its own unique story. Get ready to show off your own artistic skills with splatter party nails art for girls.

Nail art designs have become very popular these days. This is why every girl always wants to carry such designs so that she can too look trendy. On the other hand, not all girls have enough time and even zeal to go to nail art salons and get their nails done. The good news is that, girls do not need to worry anymore because you can also make nail art designs right at the comfort of your home on your best manicure table. One of the nail art designs that you can try is the splatter party nails art.

Splatter party nails designs for girls

Have you ever wondered how splatter nails are done? Well, this is now your chance to know how to make splatter party nails art. Through these easy to follow steps, you will totally have a stunning and one of a kind nails art design, which is something you can be very proud of.

What You Will Need To Make Splatter Party Nails Art

How to Splatter the Nail Paint

Step 1

Paint your nails with nail polish and let it dry. Starting with white base coat definitely allows the other colors to show.

Step 2

Take a strip of tape and then wrap around your fingers just under the cuticles. Take another piece of tape and then carefully wrap from one side of your nail all the way around to the other side. Keep in mind that taping would make cleanup much easier on your part.

Step 3

Now comes the splatter. All you need to do is to place few drops of nail polish right into your paper plate. Dip one end of the straw right into the polish. Hold for a few seconds in order to make sure that the polish covers the straw’s entire hole. With your nails on the paper plate, simply place the straw about two to three inches from your nails. Use quick breath in order to blow out the nail polish. This part is very important: pretend that you are enunciating the word ‘two’ instead of blowing it with ‘hoo’. Repeat the process for all your nails.

Step 4
Repeat Step 3 with your chosen second nail polish color.
Step 5

Right after you have done splattering the nail polish, it is now the time to remove the tape. Dip Q-tip into the nail polish remover and then utilize it for cleaning up the excess nail polish. Finish with great top coat of your choice.

Other Ways of Making Splatter Party Nails Designs

If you find those steps hard on your part, you can also try another version and here is how.

Step 1

Clear the old paint on your nail (if you have) and then color the background with white polish (white base coat). Put the tape around the area of your nail in order to prevent the skin around your nail from paint. Get the tape as close to your nail without putting it on the nail polish.

Step 2

Begin with your first nail paint and then add four to five drops of thinner into it and mix. Keep in mind that the thinner will make the paint less opaque on your nail. Dip the brush right in the thinned paint and then tap it over your nails. Repeat the same procedure with all your bright colored nail polish. Let it dry. Carefully peel the tape off. Apply top coat over your nails and let it to completely dry. After that, splatter party nail is ready.

Final Thoughts

Followed by hair, shoes, and clothes, the next trendy item for girls is the nails art. It is getting more and more popular each day, as it allows girls to enjoy great attention their nails bring in. The best thing about nail art such as splatter party nails art is that it requires creative designs, making use of different forms of art.

Splatter party nail art design is beautiful with its unique feel and innovative design idea. The texture simply means feel of surface and nails can be designed artistically. With this kind of design, you will definitely have the best nail art ever.

There are different cool and easy nail designs girls can choose from. But whichever they choose, they can be certain that it will add impact in their unique style. Girls out there will be given the chance to show off what they got. Indeed, beautiful nail art designs like splatter party nails design is what every girl needs if they want to spice up their one of a kind fashion.

So, what are you waiting for? Have this stylish nail art design now and be the one to speak for yourself.

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