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If you decide to redo your kitchen but don’t have any idea how to remodel your kitchen, then I bring some excellent kitchen remodel ideas for you. For a while, I have been trying to come up with a write up for some efficient, cost effective information to turn your old/small or inefficient kitchen into new/efficient one. In this write up, you will know about the planning, design and magic kitchen triangle, budget, labor, furniture, floor, color, appliances and many more things that you will need to organize for your kitchen renovation. They may come off as a little bit complex but surely, they are not too hard to understand. So pull your socks and let us start working to turn your already existing kitchen into a brand new and livable kitchen.

Kitchen remodel ideas
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Ideas for A Perfect Kitchen Remodel

1.    Identify The Main Reason(s) Why You Want a kitchen remodel

It Could be that you had a kitchen where you used to do all the cooking stuff and many other things. It was not enough so that’s why maybe you want to remodel it. Although some home owners just want to remodel their kitchen just because of that fact that it has come of age or it can no longer live up to expectation. After all historical values do not matter for when a time comes when you can no longer fine your butter knife from the stack of spoons and knives!

So, just think about what you need for your kitchen. What it should look in your eyes. Think of how you use your kitchen and what style, layout, design and size fits for your household.

Is it About Size?

It is likely to have many interesting ideas and exclusive features for your upcoming kitchen but first of all you have to consider the size of kitchen area when you remodel it. It’s been tough to reorganize a small kitchen with large tools and furniture. If you are not extending any area of your kitchen in next, should be aware of the size when you design it.

Think about your needs and desire. You may need to change your small refrigerator for your family and wish to buy an extra large double-door fridge. How can it possible for a small kitchen to hold this type of fridge or use it freely? It’s not going to happen that all your wishes come to reality. Have a balance with needs, desire and budgets.

You may work with additional kitchen remodeling ideas but try to get inspiration from all around you. Internet, design books, or your neighbor kitchen all could be your inspiration. You can make scrap books where you will put all your favorite selections for your kitchen remodeling. So when you finish with research, finalize your kitchen design. Sometimes you may need to change many elements of your kitchen redesign. Budgets and expectation may not always flow in a parallel line but if you try,you will adjust thisp>

kitchen remodel
Before and After Picture of a Remodeled Kitchen. Photo © Brad Holt under CC BY-ND 2.0

2.    Find a Professional

For the better looking remodeled kitchen, you ought to take some kind of professional help while you are remodeling your kitchen. Because you are not a specialist in the field, aren’t you? Even if you only intend to build your own kitchen cabinets or just fix the plumbing line; still you need to get professional help.

When you are going to buy a new appliance or cabinet or organize the whole kitchen you will always need some expert help. I do not mean it will have to be an expensive architect or designer. Obviously, it will be best if you had them, but sometimes “professional” may mean that you will go for advice to your friends, relative or colleagues who have gone through the same remodeling process and are thus considered experts in kitchen renovations.

3.    Incorporating Design in your kitchen remodel.

However small your kitchen may be, you will still need to include design or sketch for space planning, floor plans, elevations showing the layout and cabinet’s sizes, appliance and much more. Also, you need to plan in order to figure out what materials will go where and how many square feet your kitchen will need and how much it will set you back in terms of money. If you can afford it, I recommend that you let a professional make this design who will give true and informed suggestions.

4.    Order your cabinets, appliances and others

You need to prepare your cabinets and other furniture as early as possible. After all, these are the biggest investment for your kitchen remodeling plan. You can order the cabinets or just build it yourself. Whatever you will do just stick to plan you have already developed in 3 above.

  • Plan what you need for the appliance. If you are using same old appliance, then it will cut the cost but if not then prepare to buy all the stuff. You can visit the showroom for better stuff and better deals. In many special occasions, they offer many deals or discounts on appliances. It will help to keep the overall budget for appliances low.
  • You will need your light fixtures for your kitchens too. You can live with your old ones or just buy yourself a brand new set. Again follow the design specification and your desired kitchen style as some lighting systems work best in different kitchen styles, layouts and designs.
  • Next, you have to concern yourself about your kitchen floors. Your old flooring any not match with your new designer cabinets. So get a new floor if you don’t have a budget problem. But it is best to get new floors. If your new cabinets match your old layout, then it is perfect. Also, you can adjust your new design with the old flooring by covering it. For the covering, you can use vinyl, linoleum, wood tiles and much more.
  • Plumbing and electrical works: When you re-organize your kitchen you need to redo the electronic and plumbing works. Natural plumbing option may give you some trouble because this may be fixed and make hazard to transfer a kitchen tap here or there. Best idea is not to transfer kitchen tips for avoiding hassle. But if you really need to replace kitchen taps to the east from the west then hire a professional plumber. They will replace the whole thing without the mess.
  • Next thing is electrical line management. Well, you can do this by yourself or have it done by an electrician.

5.    Color your kitchen

You can choose any color for your kitchen. Also, you can be inspired by retro, modern, sophisticated kitchen ideas for color. Choosing color, it not a problem, just follow your instinct and our kitchen color suggestions. But keep on mind just two things. 1. Can the color stay long with its appeal and 2. Will the color match with all the cabinet and appliances.

6.    Finally: Installation

kitchen remodeling
Kitchen remodeling before re-routing of plumbing: Photo © Larry Sturm under CC

After getting all the work done, finish the installation step by step. First, finish the floor work then install the cabinets, kitchen basins. Secondly, install the appliances and the lighting, plugs and all. At last finish the works with adding lights, and other kitchen materials.

You can always add or remove anything to upgrade the design.

Some important things to remember when kitchen remodeling

  • Make a budget and stick with it. It will help to control expenses. Why should you spend extra money illogically?
  • Break down the budget with all the needed sections.

Here are some ideas for a kitchen remodel budget break down.

  • 35 percent: cabinets
  • 20 percent: appliances
  • 10 percent windows
  • 3 percent: fittings
  • 5 percent: fixtures
  • 7 percent: other
  • 20 percent: labor
  • Make a list your renovation properties. It will help to avoid the unexpected cost.
  • Try to keep some extra amount for the costing of remodeling the kitchen. Yes, you have to stick with budget but if an emergency came out and you have to break the rules then it helps to be prepared.
  • Decide where you are going to do the cooking while the renovation work goes on. Remodeling any part of your house may bring trouble to your livelihood. So decide where you are going to stay or do the activities currently being done in that section of the house you want to remodel before you start the project. For the kitchen, you will definitely need to eat. If you are to rent a new apartment, then you have to add it to the remodeling cost.
  • If You will instead need to buy food from the restaurants or bringing home take-out food while your kitchen is broken. So adjust the food expenses on your budget and prepare some extra temporary space in the house for commonly used kitchen items such as microwave.
  • Avoid labor for all the works you can do by yourself. You can easily do some easy work by yourself. You can take out old cabinets, appliances or floor easily. That will help you to avoid extra labor costs.

These are the major things to remodel your kitchen perfectly. If you need more advice on how to remodel your kitchen, always enlist the help and advice of a designer. They will suggest you more kitchen remodel ideas and tips which you could overlook or which I have not listed here. To your successful kitchen remodel.

kitchen renovation
Featured Beautiful kitchen. Photo ©: Rooky Yootz: via Flickr under Creative Commons Licence

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