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The most difficult and important part in the kitchen design is perhaps deciding the kitchen layouts. The kitchen layout plays a very important role in your kitchen design because by looking at the layout, one can imagine how much easy it will be to cook in this kitchen.
The layout of the kitchen determines the space allocated for the appliances, the sink, range, cabinets, counters, doors, furniture, windows and chairs and tables of the kitchen. If your new home is under construction, then you have the option of choosing your preferred layout that best suits your and your family’s requirements. But if you are remodeling your current home, then there is not enough room for you to select a new layout.

Different kitchen layout options

There are many layout options present to you that are very popular among the people. These options include galley kitchen, U- shaped, one- wall kitchen and L- shaped kitchen. The details of all these options are mentioned below and here is a picture showing all the different kitchen layouts covered in this guide.
Popular kitchen layouts

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L- Shaped Kitchen Layouts

In the modern age, L- shaped kitchens and the open floor plans have become very popular. This trend has increased owing to the decrease in the formal dining room and increase in the interest of large rooms and loft- style living. As the name suggests, the layout basically comprises of two perpendicular and adjacent walls. The layout may be small or large, depending upon the length of the legs but if there is not any dividing wall between the living area and the kitchen, you can keep the legs longer.
This layout has the characteristic ability to incorporate multiple cooks. You can easily invite the guests inside the cooking area and have a nice time while having conservation and talks together while a family dinner or a cocktail party is going on.

One- wall kitchen Layouts

Another very common layout style of the kitchen is the one-wall kitchen. It is typically found in the small homes. In this type of layout, you will have all the ingredients, appliances, cooking tools and the utensils within easy reach. You may hide it behind a sliding door or pocket door so that you can minimize the visual disorder in an open small space like that of a studio apartment. In this layout, the sink is located in between the refrigerator and range. This is a suitable place for the cleanup. In this layout design, on both sides of the range, you have some counter space. This is an important aspect from safety point of view.
These were the pros of this layout design. Now, there is also a disadvantage of this layout design because it is pretty much challenging to make some room for the cooking place. This happens because a fair amount of the counter space is occupied by the refrigerator, range and sinks.
It is more preferable to have a 24-inch refrigerator or only a 24-inch range so that there is some room left for the work space and also some for the cabinet storage. Besides, to get additional work space, a dining table may be used. In the modern days, the one-wall kitchen is a very popular layout especially with the built-in cabinetry island. Not only in the small homes, but also in the big ones that have open floor plans.

U- Shaped kitchen Layouts

U- Shaped kitchen is another very efficient layout for the kitchen design. It is designed primarily for a single cook. It features a very wide galley kitchen whose one end is closed off. The spectators cannot come inside the main work area but it is open for the other rooms and thus the traffic can pass through easily.
The biggest disadvantage of this layout is its small size. You cannot keep a kitchen table in this particular layout, neither nay chairs. Another con of this layout is in fixing the dishwasher. When you locate your sink anywhere, then it won’t be possible for you to fit the dishwasher right next to it.
In order to counter this issue, one solution is there. On one of the legs of the U, you may try to allocate a passage towards the dining room so that the seating issue is solved. You can also eliminate the upper cabinets and wall by turning that leg of U into a peninsula. Thus, you can use the peninsula counter for paying bills, eating or doing your homework. For getting more storage space near the ovens and range top, you can move the refrigerator out of the main U shape.

Galley Kitchen

This kitchen layout is the most efficient of all. The primary and basic purpose of kitchen is cooking and the more you concentrate on cooking feasibility while designing your kitchen layout, the more effective and efficient your layout will be and in this aspect, galley kitchen layout will provide you with the best feasibility regarding cooking and thus, is the most efficient layout of all.
These kitchens have the ability to feed a lot of people even if they are hundreds in amount by utilizing the cramped small spaces. A lot of commercial kitchens, restaurants and the hotel kitchens are designed in this layout. There is a long and narrow space in between the counter space and appliances. Thus, multiple cooks can stand and do their job easily.
Because of these advantages, most of the kitchens in the restaurants are always galley kitchens. It is the best layout for a chef where everybody is closer and can work together. You can allocate different places to different utensils and maintain an order.
This may have some drawbacks if used in home. This is because in the galley design, room for dining area will not be spared. Also, your interaction with family members and guests is inhibited. Thus, this layout design may not be desirable in the homes. However, it is easy to baby proof

Choose what you like!

Now, you have the detail of each common layout in front of you. You can study the pros and cons of each layout and then make your mind to choose one of them according to the required use!

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