Kitchen Island Ideas on a Budget [TOP 10 UNIQUE ISLAND IDEAS]

The kitchen island ideas offered here are going to be a money saver. You may have a lot of storage space in order to store your groceries, appliances, dishes and utensils. But there is another thing that matters a lot and that is your working place. For that purpose, a special counter is designed by the designers which are called Kitchen Island. It is a countertop located in the center that can serve as a place for your cooking requirements and food preparation.

kitchen island ideas
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The kitchens that have more family members can even double the island and make some more room for quick meals. In addition to the increase in efficiency and functionality, the Kitchen Islands also serve as an attractive sight in the space. Thus, adding a kitchen Island is a sound investment. Here are some kitchen Island ideas that you can use for inspiration. You can read our review of the 5 best portable kitchen islands with seating

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Kitchen Island ideas

You have to decide about the design after taking into consideration some basic requirements about your Kitchen Island. You have to first decide the purpose for which you will be using the Kitchen Island. Then, you have to know about some features that will be helpful in enhancing the existing kitchen design. Does your kitchen lack storage space?

If yes, then it means you need storage. If you are not having a dining room table, then you will also need some extra seating arrangement. You have to know about all these considerations because a Kitchen Island occupies a lot of floor space. Here are some Kitchen Island ideas that will help you in getting the most out of your kitchen space. You can choose any one or even multiple ideas or elements of the design so that you may design your room in the best possible way.

Creating more seating arrangement

If you don’t have any space for a dining table and you want to add some or if you want to create a casual bar type seating arrangement, then in that case you may add a low profile seating to your island. In this way, you can increase the functionality of your kitchen and the cook and guests will thus be able to socialize more. You may create a dining table or a breakfast bar and leave a counter extension so that there is enough places to tuck the chairs back in when not in use and thus, minimum space is utilized.

Adding more counter space to your kitchen

You can keep your Kitchen Island simple such that your overall design looks simple but classy. You can use the island in order to increase the counter space in your kitchen and in this way you will add visual décor as well as functionality.

Thus, you will have a visual appeal for your kitchen and along with that, you can also have some more room in order to prepare the meal, handle multiple chefs and can also serve as an eating area. You can add a different color for your island counter and select a different material for it than the rest of the room and thus, create a contrast. Choose the color of island that suits the countertop color. For example, for white quartz countertops, you can use dark stained wood or black color for the island.

Adding appliances

You can spread the workflow throughout your kitchen by incorporating stovetops and sinks into the surface of the island. You have to pay special focus towards the details such as plumbing and ventilation because the installation of appliances can be real tricky. This will need overhead or running downward venting and allowing some extra space to the in-cabinet pipes.

Making it multi-level

You can create some variations in the height of your island and can use the island for some multiple purposes. You can use it for preparing the food or for eating. Thus you can maximize the usage of space and make it feel like a totally different place. For example, you can add one appliance such as a stovetop or a sink to the lower level and on a higher level, you may create a breakfast bar.

Usage of space that is above the island

You can also use the space that is above the island. You can do this by simply adding some more suspended storage. Your best stemware and a matching pan collection can be displayed there. If you want to test any lighting elements, then you can also use them or if you have made your mind to get a stovetop along with an overhead venting then it can also be used for the range hood.

Adding more storage place

An island, besides creating more counter place for you, can also add more storage space and can help you to avoid the kitchen mess by the usage of shelves, cupboards and drawers. If the appliances are taking much of the space of cabinet, then this can be really beneficial. You can also use open shelving and showcase any specific items in a unique way.

Store the things that you need in easily reachable places and keep the appliances not to be used frequently out of the way. Cookbooks or other such items can be exhibited on the open shelves.

Light and dark Kitchen Island designs

Offset the gleaming white appliances. Use a Kitchen Island that is having dark backsplashes and dark soapstone counters.

Make use of the corner space

You can also make use of the corner space and smartly use it for different purposes. You can make shelves on the corners in the form of different multiple levels and thus increase your storage place and you can even install open shelves in order to display something.

Bold bar stools

You can make use of the space around your island smartly by using it to create an iconic seating arrangement using different bold bar stools.

Your choice finally

There are different kitchen island designs that are endless and many are magnificent too. You can take inspiration and choose your own design or if you feel good, you can choose any of the above mentioned Kitchen Island ideas and designs too.

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kitchen island table with hanging rack. Photo © Chalon Handmade via flickr under creative commons License

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