Kitchen Hood Installation In 7 Easy Steps – [WITH Video Instructions]

Kitchen hood installation must be done properly in order for the utility to perform well. Based on researches and studies, the absence of poor ventilation while cooking is one of the major causes of poor quality indoor air leading to negative effects on your health. As it is essential to keep a healthy body, it will also be necessary to keep a kitchen hood for the best result of the endeavor.

Today, you will notice that every kitchen owner wants to install the best dependable kitchen range hood. Although they do not really completely eliminate the odors in your kitchen, they help in such a way that they offer proper circulation of air in the entire household.

The very reason that you are installing a kitchen hood is to allow exhaustion of dirty air and prevent potential health problem associated with unfiltered air. Good ventilation is necessary in your household as grease and moisture have to be consistently absent in the circulation of everything inside the house.

As stated above, kitchen hood installation must be done properly in order for the utility to perform well. When you are guided with the things to do for installing of range hoods, you will never be wrong of your move. You can find variety of colors, style and shapes that you may opt for once you decide to have the hood installed in your kitchen.

Majority of range hoods in the market are equipped with fans allowing the air to flow directly through the filter. As it refines the air and removes all excess moisture in the kitchen, the range hood can hold the wall for a long time. So, here is our kitchen hood installation guide to help you properly install your vent hood so that it can perform efficiently. We also have a great range hood buying guide where we share with you careful selection procedure for you to arrive at the best choice of kitchen range hood that will make cooking a pleasure at your household.

A Comprehensive Guide for Kitchen Hood Installation. (With Video Instructions)

Kitchen hood installation
Here is a step by step procedure for kitchen hood installation. Following all the steps religiously will help you come up with great results.

Materials You Will Need With Links to Buy Them on Amazon

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  1. Power screw driver with an extension that can reach small areas ==> Click Here To Buy It On Amazon
  2. Level ==> Click Here To Buy It On Amazon
  3. A tape measure
  4. Pencil or marker
  5. Wall/Keyhole saw ==> Click Here to Buy it on Amazon
  6. Aluminum tape
  7. Mounting screw

Let Us Start With The video. However,  I also recommend that you read the text instructions below.

  1. How To Install A Wall Mount Rangehood – DIY

2.Under cabinet Range Hood Installation Instructions


Text Instructions For Kitchen Range Hood Installation – Under Cabinet Range Hood
  1. Before anything else, you should make sure that the circuit breaker is off directly on the breaker panel where the power supply comes from. This is to make sure that the wiring in the cabinet range hood is not active once you start the installation process. See to it that the wiring has no contact with the circuit tester for precautionary purposes.
  1. Remove any grease, debris or even those slightly detached plaster surrounding the vent hole – only if there is a vent that existed from the previously installed range hood. Meanwhile, if you will be using a vent for your new range of cabinet hood, mainly for venting the air. And not necessarily for recirculating the filtered air directly through the hood, then you must configure the orientation of the event for a specific purpose. The flange should fit exactly with the hood to ensure that the positioning of the flange and vent is in lined.
  1. Exactly above the stove, you have to put the mounting template delivered to the range hood set in opposite direction of the underside of the kitchen cabinet. You may use a pencil form marking the mounting holes. If ever a mounting template is not given, then it means that you will have to hold still the range hood while marking the location of the holes. After doing so, set aside the template as well as the range hood.
  1. Get the correct size of the drill bit where you will mount the screws. It is advised to take the exact measurement of the screws to closely drill the hole in the right locations. Now, you can drill the pilot holes right next to the cabinet’s underside for mounting all the screws correctly.
Other Instructions
  1. When doing kitchen hood installation, some would insert a tip of the screw right into the power drill for best fit. Afterwards, you will have to feed the wiring completely through the hole either on the back or top of the hood. Then, you will have to place the hood exactly below the cabinet. Using the power drills, you can start fixing the cabinet hood together with the screws used for mounting.
  1. You will use ½ strip of the white and black wire that you can get only by sheathing off the wire tips. This is done only with those wires that come from the circuit board as well as those that come within the hood itself. Consequently, you will have to twist both ends of the wires (black and white). After doing this, the unsheathed copper wire should come next and be attached to the wiring in the circuit panel going using a screwdriver.
  1. Finally, you can install a light fixture on the range hood such as bulb. You may turn on the breaker to see if the lights are working.

Kitchen hood installation should be properly managed to get the most out of the endeavor. You can have the best outcome of your kitchen project once you are able to perform the step-by-step procedures correctly.

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