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Are you looking for kitchen ideas for your kitchen designs or kitchen remodel? These slides shows and pictures of beautiful kitchen designs in this article will provide the inspiration you need.

These days, the kitchen is the focus of the home as great kitchen designs give essential clues on the way the other sections of the home can be organized and developed. It should not surprise you that some of today’s home designers/planners plan the whole home’s look around the kitchen. The kitchen designs, kitchen ideas and kitchen pictures that are illustrated, shown or covered in this article will be of use to you whether you are a newly married couple settling into your first home, recent graduate moving into your own apartment or someone already established and wants to change the layout of your kitchen. This article (and the others to follow it) , is going to equip you with ideas on how to design beautiful kitchens as it is going to be filled with kitchen design ideas, pictures, kitchen layouts, kitchen color ideas and so on to give you inspiration for your next kitchen design or remodel.

Top Kitchen Ideas and Kitchen Designs with Pictures.

Efficient kitchen designs depend on ideas and innovations that may not be possessed by a single person. How do you get these kitchen design ideas? It’s by looking at current design trends and adopting. What was a beautiful design last decade may be out of date now and so you must keep abreast with the times and of the modern kitchen designs.

Kitchen design idea # 1: Open and inviting kitchen designs.

The days are long gone when kitchens were dreary work-spaces, hidden behind closed doors with the sole purpose of preparing and cooking meals. These days, when designing your kitchen, you have to know that the kitchen has become central to everyday living. It is a social hub for family life, special occasions, where guest are invited as well as sometimes serving as offices and media centers.

So if you have ideas to use your kitchen in that way, it is best to have a kitchen design that is open, invitingly beautiful and charming, inspiring and highly functional for preparing food and socializing in the above manner. However, it is possible to get caught up in weird trends that will become fads and out of date quickly. You should steer clear of these. In designing an open and inviting kitchen, intermediate designs that will stand the test of time is best. Below are pictures of such open kitchen designs.

open kitchen designs

Source: Davidthemavin (Own work) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

This is an open and kitchen design which has been designed to be a social environment for family and guest, not just a place to cook food.

open kitchen design idea

Photo ©  Bradford Coy . Though this design is not as spacious as the first one, it is still open and can accommodate simple family occasions and guests. Also notice how it opens up to the dining room, providing for even more space.

open modern kitchen designs

Photo © This is another open and inviting kitchen design with a modern finish. Besides being open and inviting, it is also has a classical modern look.

Kitchen design idea # 2: Contemporary kitchen design

A contemporary kitchen is one designed to belong to or occur in the present, usually following modern ideas in style or design. Some people will refer to it as a modern kitchen design. A contemporary kitchen design successfully blends functionality with personal prerequisites. In other words, this will be the heart of your home, where the majority of eating and entertaining will take place. Therefore, besides kitchen functionality, this design also focuses on how it can cater to the needs of you and your family.

Tips to designing a contemporary kitchen:

  1. You should consider the layout of your kitchen and take into account the storage needs for that particular kitchen. Modern cooking coupled with modern demands on today’s kitchens calls for storage of lots of kitchen equipment. Thus the layout should consider that. This means space should be carefully optimized when designing contemporary kitchens so as to get a look which is a carefully curated mix of materials: new and old, casual and polished.
  2. For small space, you have to think vertical. Hence a galley layout or one wall layout will be your best options. It will call for innovative ways to create storage space vertically, such as stacking shelves, racks and counters high up to the walls and use of innovative storage containers and kitchen cabinets.
  3. If space is no limitation, then you can use an L-shaped or U-shaped layout which creates a big center island or kitchen peninsula, where plenty of cabinet and counter-top space is provided.
  4. In a contemporary kitchen design, you can save time and energy if you include a magic work triangle in your layout/design. The primary tasks in a home kitchen are carried out between the cook top, the sink and the refrigerator. So in the magic kitchen triangle concept, the sink, the stove and the refrigerator are connected by an imaginary triangle line. This concept is old but is still used to determine the efficiency of the kitchen. Below is an illustration of the kitchen triangle concept.

kitchen triangle concept
Photo © whitewall buick via Flickr under Creative Commons License

Decor for contemporary kitchens

Your kitchen decor should also be nicely selected to evoke emotions of joy, happiness and energy. You will be using it every day, so these emotions are important. Contemporary kitchen colors should be used for the wall, kitchen tiles and your kitchen furniture. The usage of colors like yellow and turquoise make for a bright and cheery atmosphere. Gray with a mixture of tan also creates a lively modern kitchen. Other colors you may consider are black and white.

You should also consider contemporary art on the walls as these will liven up the kitchen for your and your guests. Trendy kitchen window treatments/curtains, paint, wallpaper, and even kitchen towels should be used and complement the kitchen colors. You may also add a herb garden to the window sills, or succulent arrangement. Some kitchen designers argue that this will liven up the space and will also balance out contemporary designs that may feel too heavy in one element or another. Here are some contemporary kitchen design pictures and ideas.

contemporary kitchen design

Photo © Kristal Kraft via Flickr under Creative Commons License. Notice how the colors for the cabinets, the walls and the appliances all complement each other to create a warm and cheery atmosphere in this contemporary design.

contemporary kitchen design 2
Photo ©  Bill Wilson via Flickr under Creative Commons. The trendy curtains, floral decorations and carefully blended colors make this contemporary kitchen, with a U-layout to evoke emotions of joy, happiness and energy.
beautiful kitchen picture
Photo © Jeremy Levine via Flickr under Creative Commons License. Beautiful kitchen , nice kitchen layout and great decor.

Kitchen design idea # 3: Modern kitchen designs.

This kitchen is designed with an aim to keep clutter to a very minimum. The highlighting characteristics of modern kitchen designs is the use of reflective surfaces, high-tech materials and exotic woods all of which contribute to create a look of luxury to the kitchen. The whole classical modern look and style can be completed by adding iconic mid-century seating (stools and chairs), or seats made of Lucite and highly polished woods.

Here are some modern kitchen design pictures and ideas for your inspiration.

Photos © via Flickr under Creative Commons License.


Kitchen design idea # 4. Rustic kitchen designs.

Rustic kitchen designs are designed to be more warm, appealing and inviting, especially in a farm house setting, but can also be achieved in contemporary/ modern day house settings. They usually resemble a log cabin or lodge and they tend to have a regional American flair for example Pacific Northwestern, Southwestern or Mountain West. These designs have characteristics that make them different from other kitchen styles and these include cabinets in knotty pine, hickory or alder and a dominance of ceiling beams. They also have warm, rich shades of brown, red, green and yellow colors covering the walls or ceilings.

Here are some rustic kitchen designs for your inspiration.


Kitchen idea # 5. Country, Farmhouse kitchen designs.

Want to have the feeling of a weekend gate away from the comfort of your own home? Then you need a country/farmhouse style kitchen design. This type of kitchen is open and inviting with a handcrafted homespun look. Characteristics include farmhouse country tables, painted and glazed furniture-like cabinets with wire or metal inserts woven baskets, bead board, floral motifs, and decorative shelving and moldings. The walls are conventionally painted a mixture of light and/or bright country colors ranging from primary red, yellow and blue to aged tones of cream and pale yellow to make the kitchen cheery and welcoming. Examples include French Country kitchens, English Country kitchens, and garden, Tuscan Country, cottage and farmhouse kitchens. Below are some pictures of kitchens with country style.

Photo © 1-4 Susan Serra, CKD, Via Flickr under Creative Commons License

Kitchen Idea #6: Traditional Kitchen styles

Traditional kitchens are inspired by English, Mediterranean, French and Old World designs. It consists of fine décor and intricate details that contribute to its classic and charming look. We have created a detailed guide on traditional kitchen styles with example pictures from around the world. You can read the post here

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