Kitchen Colors – Best Color Ideas To Paint A Kitchen

Want to renovate your kitchen? Why not repaint it with some inspiring Kitchen Colors ? Painting your kitchen with a whole new color will not only give it a new look, but it will add a new life in it. Designers today agree that earthy and neutral colors make the best Kitchen Color ideas. These colors satisfy a number of purposes which includes coordination with cabinets, reflecting light, provision of cheer and being palatable to potential buyers.

Purple and other similar colors will never promote hunger and can even curb it. These don’t work in a kitchen. So you better avoid it, for the compensation, we are providing you with the following ideas so you can show a bit of yourself with your cooking space.

Yellow Based Greens- Granny Smith and Spanish Olive kitchen colors

Photo ©:  Brandi via Flickr under Creative Commons License.

The thing about Yellow Based Green Kitchen Colors is they are inviting and warm. In addition, these are really refreshing. For a crisp and reviving look, you can pair it with white trip, apple and olive green color. These green are preferred because these evoke nature and environment which helps for positive association.

When it comes to high ceilinged space, the vibrant green shades warms up your stainless steel appliances if they are paired with abundance of white painting surfaces which keeps them from becoming too bright. The high voltage kitchen paint colors add energy to the room as they ramp available natural light.

Soothing – Vintage Blue and Green – Sky Blue and Spring time Green

Photo ©  Joe Wolf via Flickr under Creative Commons License BY-ND 2.0.

These are soft and a bit optimistic shades which will bring the outdoors in while making your kitchen interesting in a subtle approach. With these two Kitchen Color Ideas, you will make your kitchen appealing without any high contrast color scheme.

The idea is adding cheerful bands of green and blue add pep to your compact workspace and make sure it blends well with wood countertops and floors which have warm, amber and cherry undertones.

The casual and comforting colors inherent versatility and proves ideal for seaside setting or vintage cottage. These Kitchen Colors also go well with amid retro furnishing.

Go Bold- Italian Blue, Reed Yellow and Red Rhythm kitchen colors

This is a bit different than the other kitchen color schemes we mention. The trick of these three colors is to balance their intensity while keeping unpainted surfaces uniform. The graduated saturation will help make the color setting work. Energetic red is bright, the blue is mid-tone while the yellow is a soft shade.

This trio can be paired with some stretches of black countertops, honey colored floor and consistent trim of cabinets and windows. All of this combined will give off a well composed orderly feeling in any kitchen design regardless of the kitchen layouts. Try adding a repeating tile pattern because it will backsplash the three colors together.

Warm Harvest Hues- Honey Wheat

If you are looking to get a heart like warmth in your cooking space, you should try the harvest hues. This color is effective to take the chill of stainless steel and brings you rich Kitchen Colors for wood floors and ceiling beams.

You can choose these kitchen wall colors if you have a small kitchen and you don’t want to divide it. You can also use some carrot and corn colors, try to add a slight hint of peas in striped runners which will amplify with more green accents.

Elegant Blue- Chinese Porcelain and Blue Bows

These are rich and well saturated shades of blue which will make great Kitchen Colors. These come with a time honored classic look. While we see more these in living rooms and kitchens as they tend to darken layer and mid-tone indigo for an elegant look. The blue will go on walls and cabinets which will extend an element of formality in your cook space. You can reinforce this effect by adding black countertops, chairs and a table painted in navy blue.

The Almighty- Any Shade of White

Before we say anything else, we will mention that this is the color which will need the most maintenance and touchups. Yes, it’s the most challenging to maintain. The fact is, White is a class of kitchen unto itself, it’s not only a thing, it’s a lifestyle.

Photo ©  Percita:  via Flickr under Creative Commons License

There are many kitchen designers how are famous for promoting all white kitchens. These kitchen designs are described in white cabinets, white walls, white ceiling and even while countertops. If we failed to mention anything else, make it white as well. White Kitchen Color Ideas are lush while they remain in traditional style, just like the manor of some millionaire.

Photo ©  Paragon Properties / Northville Woods:  via Flickr under Creative Commons Licence

Be Exotic- Bold Red

Red Kitchen paint Colors are not for everyone. But if you want to add some spunk and spark to your cooking space, you can just let it go. Besides for something who wants a lot of dark colors, Red cuts through the gloom. Red is ideal for modern kitchens which have multiplicity of stainless steel as this color will provide the necessary counter balance.

For Something Cozy- Dark Brown

Photo © Bret
t and Sue Coulstock
:  via Flickr under Creative Commons License

Brown is often used in Kitchens as it is earthy and evocative. By the way, these are the very places where your food comes from. For people who are neural averse, brown is a neural safe. When you are planning your kitchen with this color, you short expertly coordinate every element. You can try playing with reddish brown and add it in your walls. Compliment it with dark brown cabinets.

Something Delightful- Cream

If you want a break from stark and pure white while warming up your kitchen, try classic cream. Cream is inviting and soothing, it works with any style of kitchen from traditional to contemporary. Moreover, it will never go out of style. It works well any accent color from mint green to deep brown and cornflower blue.

Kitchen wall colors painted in Hazelnut cream kitchen color. Photo © Lee Ruk:  via Flickr under Creative Commons Licence

In case you want to pair cream with some other Kitchen Colorsyou can stick with classic white and add color to the place by painting kitchen door in a bright shade of orange or red. You can also create a bit more intimate feeling if your paint your ceiling dark and warm.

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