(AMAZING) Kitchen Backsplash Ideas For Yo Kitchen

When you think about the backsplash ideas for your kitchen, then you come up with endless suggestions and choosing one among them can really be a tough job. There are several kitchen backsplash ideas that look elegant, aspiring and have the WOW factor in them. You come across so many ideas such as the mosaic marvels, the beautiful natural stone tiles and the glass with printed photo. Here are some of the suggested ideas for your kitchen backsplash that are truly marvelous and may gain your attention as your final choice. From the below mentioned kitchen backsplash ideas, you can think of the most appropriate one based on the style, budget and preferred kitchen color scheme of your kitchen design.

The Tiles’ popularity

tiled kitchen backsplash
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The modern styled kitchens find one common thing and that is the choice of tiles as their kitchen backsplash. It tends to be the most popular style that is preferred by most of the people. There are various tiles options too. If you decide to use tiles as the kitchen backsplash, then you have to determine the right tile color and style. Different options are there that include quarried natural stone tiles like marble, slate, limestone and travertine or you can also choose man made ceramic tiles. You may choose a tumbled marble backsplash style where you can wear down the tiles with sand to give a nice, uniform and soft appearance to your kitchen.

The fabulous granite backsplash

A full granite backsplash tends to be a fabulous choice for you especially if you want a very smooth surface that can be washed when cleaning. If you want full granite backsplash, then the pattern will be followed from the counter on up and for that purpose, backsplash is cut down from the same slab as the countertop. There are a lot of more stone slab options for you that can bring a nice and exotic feel like the soapstone, onyx, marble and quartz and Siltstone are also among the other common stone slab backsplashes.

The glass elegance kitchen backsplash ideas

glass kitchen backsplash
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Looking for a cutting edge, elegant and fresh backsplash idea? Well, glass tends to be the most appropriate choice for this purpose. You may choose the glass mosaic or glass tile backsplashes. In the recent years, the popularity of glass backsplashes has skyrocketed. It is used as a full backsplash or sometimes blended with another material to be used as an elegant backsplash. You can get a custom shaped solid glass backsplash that can be cleaned easily and it is in fact, a popular choice and abundantly used in the modern kitchens. You may use the pane as a mirrored one or may get it back painted, depending on your preference.

The metal desire

A combination of slate, metal and granite to create an amazing kitchen backsplash. Photo ©: Malia Lonneville: via Flickr under Creative Commons Licence
A combination of slate, metal and granite to create an amazing kitchen backsplash. Photo ©: Malia Lonneville

A stainless steel backsplash behind the range gives a really bold impression on the viewer and it looks more like a pro chef’s choice. It has a lot of advantages. Being easily cleanable, sanitary and fireproof, it looks elegant and gives a classy touch to the kitchen. The modern backsplashes see a trend of decorative metals and the most common metals in this regard are tin, copper and other metals. The metal backsplashes come in different modes and designs from which you can choose the one you like.

The perfect plastic backsplash

If you have laminate (Formica) or solid surface countertops (Corian), then you can use the matching laminate and Corian backsplashes. You can visit any home store and get the vinyl tiles that exhibit the stony and ceramic appearance. For the DIY installations, the vinyl tiles are often self-adhesive. If you want a faux metal backsplash, that resembles pressed tin and copper, then you can look for the thermoplastic products.

What about a wooden backsplash?

Some people don’t prefer wooden backsplash owing to the fact that it is not fire safe and that it is to be used behind the cooking surface. But, there are many other areas where you can use the wooden backsplash and get the appearance that you desire. Any area that is away from cooktops and sinks can have a painted wooden backsplash as a good option.

Stone kitchen backsplash ideas

stone backsplash
Photo ©: Granite Charlotte

Stones make an amazing backsplash which adds a classic touch to the kitchen. Besides, they are easy to clean and can be long lasting.

Kitchen backsplash Patterns and designs

Once you select the material of your backsplash, the next thing to decide on is the design and pattern of your backsplash. For example, for a tile backsplash, you may choose a continuous pattern of a specific shape or maybe mix them up in some way. Here are some suggestions for the style and design of your backsplash.

Sink Backsplash

You can choose to mix all the tile pattern or you may choose to continue the consistent tile pattern as in the rest of the kitchen. The design principles of the sink backsplash are exactly similar to those of the range. You may change the backsplash here and instead install a stone slab backsplash that can be cleaned easily or by bordering a tile or mural you can add yet another exciting design feature.

Range Backsplash

You can have a very interesting backsplash design and add a focal point to the room by breaking the tile pattern behind the range. You can do this easily by changing the tiles altogether or by bordering the tile to slice off a rectangular area below the hood. You can also highlight this kitchen part and add to its beauty by purchasing mosaic or tile mural design.

Abstract tile designs

In a modern luxury home, an artistic mural may not be the appropriate choice always. Therefore, you may spice up the look and consider such backsplash designs that are more abstract. You can get these designs in a pre-packaged form from various tile stores. You can also use a unique and creative one by hiring an artisan who will design one by scratching from your home.
There are many other kitchen backsplash ideas giving you a wide area of choice. From this amazing variety of ideas and options, you will surely get the one that you like. But choosing can be sometimes difficult. You do have a lot of time to decide on your backslash ideas because they are usually installed at the end of the remodeling process!

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