Running an effective and efficient pedicure and manicure business could assist boost your clientele as well as assure your salon a spot in the big leagues. Investing in a powerful electric nail file is essential to assist getting you there. Taking the time to research and decide which powerful and electric nail file you think best fits you and your business is an essential part of making this purchase. One of the best electric nail drill kit available today is the KEDSUM Professional Electric Nail Drill Kit.  This KEDSUM professional electric nail drill review is written to provide you with the info you need to make an informed purchase decision.

Who Could Buy/ Benefit from KEDSUM Professional Electric Nail Drill?

The state of the art KEDSUM Professional Electric Nail Drill Kit is a high-quality manicure and pedicure idea to use at home and in salon.  Using at salon, this will surely help you enhance the sales of your business and help you complete the job fast and easy. If you are skilled enough, you can buy this product for personal use as well.

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What Exactly are You Getting When You Buy KEDSUM Professional Electric Nail Drill Kit for Acrylics, Gels, Natural Nails  

The state of the art KEDSUM professional electric powerful nail drill kit is the most sought after and the number one option for salon and personal use. It is efficiently developed, reasonable as well as performs extremely successfully. This state of the art machine could make use of an extremely efficient motor that could make it relatively fast to use. Inside this amazing kit, the brand bundled a huge number of attachment. Each single head or bit is used for many reasons. This model is made hugely of high quality and durable materials as well as features a comfortable grip which guaranteed optimal and utmost precision.

The Pros That May Make You Fall in Love With KEDSUM Professional Electric Nail Drill

The KEDSUM Professional Electric Nail Drill Kit for Acrylics, Gels, Natural Nails, Quality Manicure & Pedicure Kit of Hands & Feet At Home,100-240 V offers many benefits such as:

  • It comes with five attachments to effectively and efficiently get rid of callus, smooth edges as well as complete the task precisely.
  • This powerful electric nail drill is relatively quiet, super lightweight as well as there is no vibration
  • The adjustable speed as well as entry for the head’s or bit’s is awesome.
  • The price is extremely reasonable which make it the best and the most reliable powerful nail drill available at this point in time.
  • Very durable and will last longer
  • Powered by electric so there is no changing of battery oftentimes





There are few reports come from clients showing that they found it hard to use this product. On the other hand, with regular use you will get used to it. What is more, it comes with manual to teach you how to use this product.

Features of KEDSUM Professional Electric Nail Drill Which Make It Outstanding

The state of the art KEDSUM professional electric powerful nail drill kit is integrated with many features such as:

  • 500-20,000 Range Per Minute with variable speed control
  • Very sturdy and vibration free nail drill for smooth and precise operation
  • The bigger resistance the better work
  • Newest twist lock form of chuck feature
  • 6 optional standard 3/32″ bits / filing heads (with 6 sanding bands)
The KEDSUM Professional electric powerful nail drill kit comes with five attachments such as:
  • Cone Metal Callus Remover: This files as well as gets rid of hardened skin. It also effectively climate corns around your finger and toe, most essentially hand callus.
  • Cylinder Coarse Polish Head: This polish nail edge and corner shape your nails as you want and you can utilize it along with nail edge.
  • Pink Coarse Disk Bit: This attachment polishes the corner of your nail as well as smoothen its edge.
  • Cylinder Smooth Sharper: Bigger than Polish head, this polishes your nail tip, and gets rid of uneven texture.
  • The Soft Polish Felt Cone: This attachment polished nail to finish the pedicure or manicure.

This amazing electrical powerful nail drill set is also comes with five diverse buffing heads, easy change of head or bit without utilizing any tools and most of all ideal for manicure and pedicure. This also comes with six metal grinding nail drill bits such a Mandrel plus sanding bands for shortening, surface work as well as polish removal, huge barrel for surface work as well as shortening, tiny barrel ideal for surface work. Safety bit ideal for cuticle work and cone for under nails, sidewalls and cuticles as well as under the nail cleaner for safer and precise under nail work.

Conclusion/ Verdict on KEDSUM Professional Electric Nail Drill

If you are in the market for reliable and high quality powerful nail drill kit, look no further than KEDSUM professional electric nail drill kit. It comes with many valuable attachments, very lightweight and durable, easy to store and most of all can be bought for a fraction of cost.



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