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Top 10 instant pot replacement parts: Comparison and Product Source

Top 10 Best instant pot replacement parts: The List

Finding the right instant pot replacement parts doesn't have to be a pain. One of the first steps toward making it less frustrating is finding the right  instant pot replacement parts.

We looked at tens of instant pot replacement parts to find the product that can help you take the guesswork and make your task easier. 

  • BudgetWill you be spending much on the instant pot replacement parts? Buying a instant pot replacement parts is primarily determined by your budget. From where to purchase and who to hire for installation, everything needs to be considered when it comes to budget. A wide range of models is now available, from the cheapest to the most expensive.
  • Price- More expensive items are known to last longer. Quality is also a guarantee when it comes to high-priced items. Sometimes, however, the guarantee does not apply. There is still no instant pot replacement parts available from large and well-known brands. Beware of overpaying for average quality so you don't get taken in. In contrast, you should avoid buying a cheap one because it will never be as good as the original. It is always important to balance price and quality.
  • Sizeinstant pot replacement parts comes in a variety of sizes. You need to consider their size first. Your home's size (L x W x H) should be considered when doing this. You can find a instant pot replacement parts that fits nicely in your space if you take into account the dimensions of the space in which you want to install it.
  • Weightinstant pot replacement parts has to be moved before they can be set up. Alternatively, you could move it again if you decide to move or change your room setting. You'd be better off choosing something a little portable. But we also have to keep in mind that if the unit is heavy enough, it'll be easier to handle and more durable.
  • Ease of Use-It will be relatively easy for you to use instant pot replacement parts with an easy-to-move, ergonomic design. In order to optimize your instant pot replacement parts user experience, you should pay close attention to features that make it easier for you to use. Make sure you keep this in mind.
Instant Pot Sealing Rings 2-Pack Clear 5 & 6 Quart
  • Manufactured from the highest quality food safe silicone, passed UL, FDA & LFGB tests for safety, including food safety
  • BPA free & dishwasher safe
  • Genuine instant pot multi use programmable pressure cooker sealing rings designed for the 5 or 6 quart, ip duo50, ip duo60, ip lux50, ip lux60, ip lux60v3, smart 60, ultra 6, ip csg60 and ip csg50
  • Integral part of the instant pot safety mechanisms; Designed, engineered, and built with the optimal material to achieve the highest safety standards
Original Condensation Collector Cup Replacement for Instant Pot DUO, ULTRA, LUX, 5, 6, 8 Quart All Series Ultra 60, DUO60, DUO89, and LUX80 by ZoneFly
  • SAFETY - Food grade PP plastic, BPA free.Designed to collect liquid that may be released from the pot
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY - If for any reason you're not SATISFIED, full refund or free replacement is available. Any questions tell us and we will reply you within 12 hours.
  • EASY TO USE - Easy to install and remove for cleaning, Can be rinsed with water. Notice: CHECK YOUR SIZE AND SHAPE BEFORE PURCHASE
  • SUGGESTions - Water collector easy to breed bacteria, suggest to dispose your old water collector after 6-month use.
  • COMPATIBLE WITH - Replacement condensation collector for Instant pot 5 quart, 6 quart and 8 quart, Ultra 60, DUO60, DUO89, and LUX80, CAN NOT SUPPORT 3QUART!
Farochy Steam Release Valve, Universal Pressure Valve for Instant Pot 3, 5, 6, 8 Qt, Steam Release Accessory for Electric Pressure Cooker
  • -Farochy steam release valve for pressure cooker is made of premium PP + top quality ABS
  • -This instant pot replacement part makes your expensive instant pot work like new
  • -If you are not happy with the product for any reason, please do not hesitate to contact us. All issues will be solved within 24 hours. Your satisfaction is our priority.
  • -Universal pressure valve for all instant pot Duo models, like IP-DUO60, IP-DUO30, IP-DUO50, IP-DUO60 and IP-DUO80, for all 3, 5, 6, 8qt. 【Kindly Note】NOT FIT FOR the Express Crock Pot Multi Cooker, Instant Pot Duo Nova, Ninja Foodie or T-Fal Pressure cooker.
  • -Our steam exhaust safety valve for instant pot is high-temperature resistant, odorless, sturdy, adjustable and durable
Instant Pot Ceramic Inner Cooking Pot - 6 Quart
  • May not be compatible to electric pressure cooker.
  • Genuine Instant Pot pressure cooker accessory. Dishwasher safe Perfect for slow cooking, rice cooking
  • Designed for the 6 quart Instant Pot multi-use programmable pressure cookers, IP-DUO60, IP-LUX60, ip-lux60v3, Smart-60, ultra-6, and IP-CSG60. Not compatible with Instant Pot Duo SV, Duo Evo Plus, Duo Crisp + Air Fryer, or the Air Fryer Lid
  • Can be transferred to the oven where it is safe to 360C/ 680F
  • Instant Pot electric pressure cooker 6 qt ceramic non-stick interior coating, plastic PTFE and PFOA free
Steam Release Valve Handle Replacement for Instant Pot Duo/Duo Plus 3, 5, 6 and 8 Quart, Mini 3 Qt, Duo50 5 Qt, Duo/Duo Plus 60 6 Qt, and Duo/Duo Plus 80 8 Qt
  • ✔ | VERY EASY TO CLEAN | - This steam release valve handle is dishwasher safe, making clean up quick and easy.
  • ✔ | KINDLY NOTE | - The steam release valve is NOT FIT FOR the Express Crock Pot Multi Cooker, Instant Pot Duo Nova, Ninja Foodie or T-Fal Pressure cooker.
  • ✔ | WIDE COMPATIBILITY | - This steam release valve handle compatible with all Instant Pot Duo models, DUO Mini 3 Qt, DUO60 6 Qt, DUO80 8 Qt, DUO Plus Mini 3 Qt, DUO Plus 60, DUO Plus 80.
  • ✔ | VENTING & SEALING CONTROL | - The steam release valve handle controls “Venting” and “Sealing” of your instant pot pressure cooker, the instant pot replacement part makes your expensive instant pot work like new.
  • ✔ | HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL | - The steam release valve for pressure cooker is made of premium PP and top quality ABS, it is high-temperature resistant, sturdy, adjustable and durable.
Steam Release Handle,Float Valve Replacement Parts with Anti-Block Shield For Instant Pot IP-LUX Mini,IP-LUX50,IP-LUX60 and IP-LUX80 (LUX)
  • The release valve made of food-grade PP and Steel; The gasket made of food-grade silicone,Float valve is made of Aluminum alloy
  • Designed for Instant Pot IP-LUX Mini,IP-LUX50,IP-LUX60 and IP-LUX80
  • Keep Pressure Cooking Safe:All the replacement parts same as your original ones,This spare part can make your disabled cooker work like new.
  • Package included:Steam release valve X1,float valve X2,silicone gasket X6, anti-block shield X1.
  • Easy to Use and Clean:Just clean with water regularly to keep it clean
Float Valve Seal for Instant Pot Replacement Parts with 6 Sealer Gasket, Fits Duo 3, 5, 6 Qt, Duo Plus 3, 6 Qt, Ultra 3, 6, 8 Qt, Lux 3 Qt
  • What you get: 2 x float valve, 6 x float valve gasket
  • Designed for Instant Pot Duo 3, 5 and 6 Quart; Duo Plus 3, and 6 Quart; Ultra 3, 6, & 8 Quart; Lux 3 Quart; Nova Plus, Viva, Smart, Smart WiFi 6 Quart
  • The float valve is designed to build and maintain pressure
  • Instant Pot float valves are model specific, please note this item NOT FIT Duo 8 Quart, Lux 5, 6 Quart
  • Eeasy to replace it after discolored or broken
Steam Release Handle,Original Float Valve Replacement Parts with 3 Silicone Caps for Instant Pot Duo 3, 5, 6 and 8 Quart,Duo Plus 3, 6 QT by ZYLONE
  • ✔The silicone cap does wear out overtime from all the heat and pressure in the cooker. You might also lose one when you’re washing the lid so it’s good to have some spares around.
  • ✔ This Float Valve Set fits Instant Pot Duo Series, Fits for Duo 3,5,6 and 8 Quart, like IP-DUO60, IP-DUO30, IP-DUO50, IP-DUO60 and IP-DUO80.also fit Duo Plus 3, 6 Quart, Smart 6 Quart, Smart Wifi 6 Quart.
  • ✔Package included: Steam release valve X1, float valve X1, silicone gasket X3, anti-block shield X1.
  • ✔Float valve and cap is small part that play a big role in how your pressure cooker works.
  • ✔ Well made. High quality and durable. Silicone cap is made from safe durable silicone, no odor.
12 Pcs Instapot Replacement Float Valve Gaskets - Float Valve Sealer for Instant Pot Duo 3, 5, 6, 8 Qt, Duo Plus, Ultra, LUX 3, 8 Qt, Float Sealing Caps Float Valve Silicone Caps
  • Float valve sealing cap is often washed off, leaving the float vale loose and the pressure cooker unusable because the steam leak. Besides, the silicone cap does wear out overtime from all the heat and pressure in the cook. So it’s good to have some spares around.
  • Package included: 12 Pcs Float valve gaskets. DRESI
  • The instant pot float valve rubber gaskets are made of food grade premium silicone, which is safe, durable and no odor. Easy to install and relocate for cleaning, make your disabled cooker work like new. Float valve sealer is part of the lid of a pressure cooker, and is essential for the pressure cooker to work.
  • The float valve gaskets are designed for instant pot Duo 3, 5, 6, 8 Qt, Duo Plus 3, 6, 8 Qt, Ultra 3, 6, 8 Qt, Nova Plus 6 Qt, Viva 6 Qt, Smart 6 Qt, Smart WiFi 6 Qt, Lux 3, 8 Qt. 【KINDLY NOTE】NOT Fit Lux 5, 6 Qt.
Parts Replacement for Instant Pot Duo 5, 6 Quart Qt Include Sealing Ring, Steam Release Valve and Float Valve Seal Replacement Parts Set
  • Sweet and Savory Sealing Rings: Comes with two different colors sealing ring to prevent the odors of certain foods from transferring among your favorite foods. The blue ring is for sweet/diary food and red for savory food
  • Replacement parts are MODEL SPECIFIC, this item is ESPECIALLY compatible with Instant Pot Duo 5 and 6 Quart
  • Come with 2 more float valve sealer gasket, easy to replace it after discolored or broken
  • Keep Pressure Cooking Safe: Replace old or damaged parts to keep your device in perfect condition, these replacement parts are designed to build and maintain pressure, without them the device will not work properly
  • What you get: 2 x sealing ring, 1 x steam release valve, 1 x float valve, 3 x float valve gasket

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