How To Install Kitchen Cabinets – 7 Great Reminders

Kitchen is one of and the most important and decorated areas in your house. This is a joy to be in for some people as food is cooked and served lovingly here. Kitchen can be of various types and it is in accordance with the theme of the kitchen that the cabinets are constructed. This means that if it’s modular kitchen or a gallery kitchen, the cabinetry is designed accordingly in order to match with the complete aesthetics. Sometimes, you can learn how to install kitchen cabinets and get a DIY kit for cabinetry instead of hiring a kitchen contractor. Other times, if you need sophisticated cabinetry that will just blend with the kitchen as a whole, you have the option to hire the professional contractor for the same.

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How To Install Kitchen Cabinets

Installation of kitchen cabinets might seem to be easy than it actually is. This means that the work needs to be carefully measured with and ascertained. There are numerous steps and directions that you need to follow and even a slight mismatch can flaw the whole project. Hence, if you are going for a kitchen makeover, and you are installing cabinets by means of a DIY project (rta cabinets), you need to be very careful regarding the exact measurements and installations. If you have hired a contractor, make sure that the exact excitation from him are clearly conveyed and so are the budgetary constraints, if any.

  1. While doing a do it yourself project, you need to check if you have all the tools for it. You should also get a good helper for your cabinetry. This is a great money saving way and this is not so hard too. Installations kits are readily available and all you have to do is to read the same and be prepared for the work intricacies.
  1. Each and every dealer offer installations either by himself or in conjunction with other independent freelance installers of kitchen cabinetry. When you order your cabinets, make sure that you ask for referrals and estimates. This goes a long way in making your work easy.
  1. New cabinets in the kitchen should be installed after the rough wiring and the plumbing work is done and completed. This should be done before the finish flooring starts because then there will be no reason left to disturb these cabinets. If you install kitchen flooring after the cabinets have been installed there will be no damage to them accruing from construction.
  1. Replacement of old cabinets has to be done properly. If not done accurately you can damage the kitchen walls. You can also use the old cabinets for taking measurements as this will be highly precise and easy to take. The best way to remove the old cabinets is to take out all the doors first and then the drawers. You can lift any removable shelves. You need to be careful that you do not break anything here.
  1. Most of the cabinets are fastened using a nail or a hook. You have to be very careful if you are pulling these out and it’s best if you have a helper to sort out this matter. As you remove the fasteners, someone needs to hold the cabinets. Else the walls will be damaged.
  2. Talking of walls, the walls that provide support to the new cabinets have to be flat surfaced and mark any bumps, you can flatten them out as you proceed in your installation.
  1. When you are installing kitchen cabinets, it’s better to install the wall cabinets first and then the base cabinets.

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