When and How to Wear a Shirt Dress- 5 Occasions and 3 Suggested Ways

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Shirt dresses: the close sister to the comfortable, versatile t-shirt dress. What exactly is a shirt dress you ask? Well, a shirt dress is exactly how it sounds, it’s a long shirt that covers enough to be considered a dress and it usually has buttons that makes it look like a man’s dress shirt. They’re incredibly comfortable, sexy, and chic. You can dress them up or down depending on the occasion that you’re wearing it for, and most of the time you can buy a shirt dress that is a blank canvas – meaning, you can add any sort of accessories that will make your outfit match your personality.
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Now, you might be asking yourself, “How do I wear a shirt dress?” There are many occasions and ways to wear a shirt dress, and if you dress it up well enough they can come across as incredibly chic.

Occasions When to Wear A Shirt Dress

  • In the office

I know what you’re thinking: aren’t shirt dresses too short/revealing to be worn in an office? Some of them might be, but if you know how to dress them up you’ll be able to wear them! If you’re going to wear a shirt dress to the office I recommend wearing a longer one, with some tights of cute, professional leggings underneath. Then what you can do is add an adorable blazer, jacket, or cardigan to make the top look more like business professional attire.

If you’re wanting to add some accessories, try adding a belt that will help cinch in your waist to add more of a fitting look to your outfit. For the rest of your accessories, well that’s up to you. My suggestion is something simple and light, the workplace is a place to look incredible while still giving off that professional vibe you’ve worked so hard to achieve.
Shoes: try pairing your outfit with some cute ballet flats or even some pumps. Just remember to stay away from the heels that are above 3” because then instead of looking like you’re going to work you look like you’ll be attending a party. Plus, heels 3” or lower tend to be the most comfortable to wear all day long!
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  • Date night

Shirt dresses would be a perfect date night outfit because you would look sexy and still be incredibly comfortable. All you would have to do is find the shirt dress that makes you feel the most confident and sexy and dress it up!
What I would suggest is pairing your shirt dress with a pair of sheer tights, some heels, and accessorizing with jewelry that makes you feel radiant. For instance, if you’re going to wear that shorter pink shirt dress I would recommend that you wear a pair of sheer tights underneath, and your best pair of heels. Then you can cinch in your waist using a cute belt, or even a scarf, just to show off your curves more.

  • Grabbing a cup of coffee

Wear a shirt dress that you find cute and comfortable and keep it simple: there’s no reason to go crazy when you’re going out to grab a cup of coffee. A cute navy shirt dress that has a collar and short sleeves would be perfect and give you that bit of sophistication that you might be craving! Add a cute matching navy belt to help give you a waist and a pair of comfortable heels, sneakers, or flats to complete the look. This outfit is an understated but sophisticated warmer weather style that you would totally rock!

  • To class

If you’re anything like me, then you like to look nice when attending class but you just don’t want to put in the effort for that. Well, shirt dresses are the answer we’re all looking for! You can look incredibly cute by wearing a simple shirt dress while still being comfortable.
You could get a cute pinstriped shirt dress, add a belt to cinch in your waist, and pair it with a short denim jacket and a nice pair of black sneakers. It’s honestly this simple to look absolutely stunning while learning in class. This is honestly an outfit that is definitely worth trying out, especially when the sun starts shining and it’s warming up a little bit more outside. You’ll be completely comfortable and still be stylish.
There are many more events that you can wear your shirt dress at, these are just my top two choices. Just remember, it all depends on how you dress up your shirt dress when attending an event that makes or breaks your outfit.

How to Wear A Shirt Dress

  • With Jeans

If you find that your shirt dress is too short for you to feel comfortable wearing it out as just a dress, don’t worry! Even if you don’t feel like showing off your legs all you have to do is pair it with your favorite pair of jeans. I personally recommend wearing a tighter pair of jeans, for example jeggings, underneath just because your shirt dress will have a bit of a loose look to them so why not give some definition to your outfit?

If you want to continue creating a sense of definition between your top and your bottom half go ahead and add a belt to cinch in the waist of your shirt dress to show off more curves. Then just add your favorite pair of sneakers, heels, flats, boots, whatever kind of shoes you absolutely love.
A plain white shirt dress would look absolutely amazing with a pair of darker washed pair of jeggings – you can even pair it with a pair of heels. Not only will you be comfortable, but you’ll look like a million bucks. If you have a brighter colored shirt dress, such as pink, try throwing a pair of black skinny jeans underneath with a pair of sneakers, flats, or wedges.

  • With Leggings

how to wear a shirt dress
How to wear a shirt dress Image is by Lorena Cupcake : Via Flickr Under CC

Leggings, so incredibly comfortable and so easy to dress up. Leggings would work perfectly with a shirt dress because there are so many options out there for them that you can match them with any sort of shirt dress you may have. What you can do is if you have a bolder colored shirt dress, such as red, try pairing it with a pair of black leggings with some flats or heels. You can even go as far as adding in a fashionable belt that will help give you back your curves. This will give you an edgy, sexy look.
A shirt dress would even look amazing just as it is with a pair of three quarter length leggings. If you have a loose shirt dress that you absolutely love, for example a navy striped shirt dress, you could pair it with a pair of black three quarter leggings and a pair of flats. This outfit would be so incredibly adorable that you could wear it to a party if you wanted! Feel free to have fun when working with leggings and your shirt dresses, there’s no harm in trying out different styles and accessories until you find the look you desire!

  • By itself

Yes, you can wear a shirt dress just as a plain old dress, in fact they look perfect on its own. It all depends on how you personally feel about showing off your legs and wearing dresses. If you’re going to do this you should try to find one that is at a length that you feel completely comfortable wearing as just a dress. Then all you have to do is add any sort of jacket, sweater, shoes, accessories that you may want to complete your outfit.
In the fall go ahead and grab that red plaid flannel shirt dress you have and pair it with a pair of cute sheer black tights and your favorite pair of ankle or knee high boots. You could even add a cute scarf or a belt depending on how you’re feeling that day. You’ll look super cozy and feel even cozier. In the spring, go ahead and grab that floral print shirt dress and pair it with a pair of flats with a light cardigan and you’ll capture the spirit of spring in your outfit.
Cinch in the waist to show off your curves if you want, or wear a shorter shirt dress to show off your summer tanned legs: no matter you do, just have fun with it and feel as confident and radiant as you are!
Those are my 3 suggestion on how to wear a shirt dress. Shirt dresses are incredibly versatile and so comfortable, plus there is a wide variety of styles you can find out on the market for them. These are only a few ways that you can beautifully style your shirt dress, use these tips as they are or add your own touch of creativity to them!

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