How To Paint Your Nails At Home Perfectly – [STEP- BY-STEP]

In the teen years, I used to paint my nails as a way of expressing myself or matching my outfit. These days, applying varnish on my nails is like a habit to pretty nails .However, it is a fact that perfectly painted nails are part of good grooming and shows ones personality. Whatever your reason is for wanting to have youhow to paint your nailsr nails painted, just know that you can learn how to paint nails perfectly  from the comfort of your home. Without making a mess or going to money-sucking nail salons to pay a professional manicurist or applying fake stiletto nails or acrylic nails that may be damaging to remove the nails. Learn how to paint your nails like a pro by following this actionable step by step guide and watching the video tutorials below. The tutorials also teach how to paint your nails with designs perfectly, be it short nails or long nails.

17 Steps to Paint Nails Like a Pro at Home.

1. Find your self a well ventilated room where you will work.

You are going to paint your nails on a well lit, clean and flat surface such as a portable manicure table. Also put some paper towel beneath your hand so you don’t get any polish on the surface. So find these.

2. Get everything that you will need in one place.

Below is a list of everything that you will need to pull this off:
nail polish to paint your nails

3. Get your self mentally and physically prepared for the task ahead.

This task can take you some hours, so, be prepared by eating some snack, use the restroom, tying your hair, any anything that may distract you later and mess up your nail painting.

4. Prepare your nails:

clipping nails

  • By removing any old nail polish. you can remove the old polish by soaking a cotton ball in nail polish remover and hold it against the nail for ten seconds, then swiping it along the nail to remove the polish.
  • Then trim and file your nails.

First, push back or trim any excess cuticle. If you do this right after a shower it works best!

5.  Place your hand firmly on the manicure table, above the newspapers and spread out your fingers.

TIP: There is a life changing trick that will help you paint a precise color job that makes it look like it was done by a professional. This trick is to paint your nails using the non- dominant hand.Instead of focusing on keeping your non-dominant hand steady while slowly applying the polish, keep it still and let your dominant hand do all the movement back and forth. Watch the Video below and look for the non-dominant application lesson at the 1:46 mark.

6. Apply a base coat:

This should be of clear nail polish. A base coat will give your chosen polish a smooth surface to stick to, will help the color last longer and will protect your nails from becoming stained by the colored polish.There are two different types of specialized base coat polishes available: A ridge filler, which smooths the nails and provides an even, matte surface for painting on. The second one is a strengthener, which protects the nails and helps them to grow longer and stronger. If you like, you can apply a layer of each.

7. Leave the clear base coat to dry completely.

The first coat should be thin.  I advise three thin coats of polish instead of one lumpy thick one.The thicker your  coats, the longer they will take to dry. This also applies to the colored polish that you will be applying in the next steps.

8. Apply the colored polish.

Open the bottle after rolling it between your hands (helps to warn the polish) do not shake as this will lead to bubbles in the polish that will make painting difficult.

9. When you open the bottle

Before applying the paint onto your nails, first remove any excess from the brush by wiping the brush on the inner rim of the bottle. Do not worry if you cannot get this right at the first time as it takes time to get the skill of knowing how much paint should remain on the brush.

10. Apply enough drop of paint to cover your whole nail:

at the bottom of the nail, just above the cuticle. This technique, secretly used by professional manicurists allows for easy application of paint.

11. To achieveperfectly paint nails a beauty expert nail paint, use the three stripe rule

See video number 2 below which demonstrates this three swipe rule. The first stripe involves dipping the paint brush in the drop of paint you have just placed at the bottom of the nail, then, following a straight line, draw the  brush upwards through the center of the nail, all the way to the tip. The second stripe is done by returning the brush to the paint at the bottom of the nail and following the curve along the bottom of the nail to the left, before drawing a second line, all the way to the tip. he third stripe is drawn on the right side of the nail by using the remaining polish. If you want to learn how to do nails , learning this rule will set you apart.

12. Make sure that your additional coats are thin,

That the polish does not touch the skin, and that you give them enough time to dry before adding more polish.

13. DO NOT take the polish all the way to your cuticles or the skin at the sides of your nails.

Leave the tiniest amount of space around the bottom and sides of your nail unpolished. They will look nicer, chip less, and require hardly any cleanup at the end.

14. How to check if paint is dry?

Don’t touch, instead:   Touch your polished nails together – if they stick to each other at all, they are not dry yet. If they don’t feel tacky at all, they’re dry and ready for another coat! Just be sure to do this with a light hand – pressing too hard can smudge them, too!. There are  few tricks you can use dry your varnish faster if you are painting from home. For example,  some people spray cooking oil onto wet nails when they need them to dry pretty fast, while others run the nails under cold water instead, which is less messy than the cooking oil. CLICK Here to read my review of the best nail dryers to use.

15. Apply a clear top coat.

The importance of applying top coat is that When I you apply  top coat to the nail polish, it can last a little longer compared to when you do not apply top coat because it prevents the color from chipping .Make sure to  completely cover the polish. Also – make sure to take the top coat over the edge of your nail. clear top coat also adds a little shine to the nails.

16. After top coat

Swipe the nail polish brush across the end of my nail. It helps seal the end which will keep the polish there looking nice for longer.

17. Clean Up

Once you’re done, you can clean up any nail polish on your skin by dipping a q-tip, preferably a q-tip with a pointed end into nail polish remover and then slowly and carefully pass it around the edges of the nails to remove any unwanted polish.

18. That is it, now you know how to paint your nails and this skill will become perfect as you do it more often and also save you time to the salon and money to the professional manicurist. Many people are comfortable with the appearance of their nails at this stage, while others will take it a little further by adding perfect nail designs, and nail art etc.

Watch This Video to See How to Paint Your Nails LIKE a Salon.

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Video 2. How to Paint Your Nails Like A Pro using the “three-swipe” method.
Video 3. Nails 101: How to Paint Your Nails – Painting with Dominant and Non Dominant Hands

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