How To Get Rid of Dandruff: 11 safe Dandruff treatments [GET RID OF DRY ITCHY SCALP]

I bet you want to learn how to get rid of dandruff fast. It’s a menace and every girl’s worst nightmare. It’s dandruff. Medically referred to as Pityriasis simplex capillitia, dandruff can be a real headache once it decides to set in. On this page, I am going to share with you 11 safe dandruff treatments and 10 alternative methods to get rid of dandruff. But what exactly is dandruff?

how to get rid of dandruff
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The skin undergoes a cycle whereby the old skin cell are shed replaced by new skin cells. This process happens in everyone and is completely normal. The peeling off of the old skin cells at a faster rate than normal results into white flakes on the scalp, dandruff.
Dandruff is not only on the scalp, but any oily areas on the body like the eyebrows, on the sides of the nose and even regions around the areas. However, the most common place to witness dandruff is on the scalp.
Did you know not all dandruff are the same? Now you know. Let’s take a look at the different types.

Types of dandruff

  1. Dry scalp related dandruff.

This is the most common type of dandruff. It is associated with dry scalp. Your scalp requires moisture to avoid instances where it gets dry and begins to flake. Washing hair with hot water may further worsen this type of dandruff since it strips off the scalps natural oils further. Dry scalp related dandruff may appear only in winter.

  1. Oily scalp related dandruff.

Your shampooing habits can also bring about the presence of dandruff. This is how. As you wash your hair, some of us tend to over shampoo and wash too much. This triggers the sebaceous glands to secrete oil onto your scalp in bid to counter the dryness on the scalp caused by over shampooing and washing. Most of the time, the oil secreted is in excess amount and tends to build up on the scalp. Dirt accumulated over time combines with the sebum oil and dead skin cells forming dandruff flakes which are often itchy.

  1. Fungal dandruff.

Malassezia is a harmless fungus naturally found on the scalp of human being. Now, normally you wouldn’t even notice the presence of this fungus, but too much oil on the scalp provides the perfect environment for the rampant growth of Malassezia. This fungus then produces Oleic acid as a by-product of its metabolic activities. Oleic acid now does the trick. It increasing the turnover of skin cells increasing the presence of dandruff.

  1. Disease related dandruff.

This class of dandruff is as a result of a particular disease or infection in the body. Skin disorders like eczema prompt the presence of dandruff. Psoriasis, a skin disorder, brings about scaly scalp skin sine it initiates excessive production of skin cells. Seborrheic dermatitis, causes white flakes to occur around the neck stretching up towards the scalp.
Some dandruff come about due to allergies to a particular food, chemical or even some medicine.
I’m sure you’ve ever wondered what exactly causes dandruff. Well, there are quite a number of reasons. Take a look.

Causes of dandruff: what causes dandruff?

  • Skin disorders- we have discussed a few skin disorders that may bring about white large flakes on the skin like eczema and psoriasis
  • Other diseases- people with neurological diseases like Parkinson’s disease often have dandruff flakes. These flakes can also be noticed in patients that are recovering from stroke and heart diseases.
  • HIV/AIDS- people living with HIV/AIDS are also prone to have seborrheic dermatitis hence presence of dandruff is inevitable.
  • Yeast – rapid and increased growth of yeast results into formation of dandruff. People with yeast-sensitive skin are the victims of this overgrowth.
  • Dry skin – un-moisturized skin often has small flakes that are dry.
  • Shampooing – under shampooing results into build up of dirt and oil which promote dandruff occurrence. Over shampooing is also a factor. It dries up the scalp resulting into excessive production of sebum onto the scalp.
  • Stress – it may sound unreal but experts say there is a link between stress and many skin problems, some of which cause dandruff.
  • Poor diet – a diet without foods rich in vitamin B, zinc and some types of fats would often result into development of dandruff. Water should also be incorporated into your diet.
  • Hair products- your scalp may be irritated by some hair products resulting into an itchy flaky scalp. This is known as allergic contact dermatitis.

I believe the right way to counter any condition is catch it early and dandruff is no exceptions. Many people don’t know they have dandruff until the white flakes drop off onto their shoulders. Quite embarrassing. Here is the good news, you can catch dandruff early and stop it from being a menace. Be on the lookout for any of these symptoms.

Symptoms of dandruff.

  • Itchiness on your scalp caused by irritation from Malassezia
  • Dryness of the scalp
  • Redness of the scalp, eyebrows, around the ears and/or any areas prone to dandruff.
  • Oily scalp. It may sound ironical but oily scalp is also a symptom of dandruff
  • Dry hair – if your hair looks dry and lifeless there is a possibility dandruff have already set in. Dandruff often derive oil from the scalp and also from hair leaving it dry and dull.
Other Dandruff symptoms that may not be directed to the scalp include:
  • Presence of acne which are often painful and ease away with the removal of dandruff
  • Chronic constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. Though still not clearly linked to dandruff.
  • White dry flakes- the most common sign.

Effects of dandruff.

  • Dandruff generally results into poor outlook of the hair
  • Dandruff results into:
  • Hair fall which is often noticeable.
  • Hair damage since hair is deprived of its oil
  • Hair becomes weak due to the constant scratching to elevate the itching
  • Unhealthy general outlook of hair since it is susceptible to breakage
  • Split ends

How to get rid of Dandruff

Common Dandruff Treatments That Work

Time to get rid of dandruff – this menace that never gets enough. Let’s talk about dandruff treatments (how to treat dandruff). Ready? Let’s begin!


Use of [easyazon_link identifier=”B00AINMFAC” locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”designsauthority-20″ cart=”n” cloak=”n” popups=”n”]anti-dandruff shampoo[/easyazon_link] is the most common way worldwide of getting rid of shampoo. Get a mild anti-dandruff shampoo ensuring its components won’t cause further damage or itchiness to your scalp. If you experience a stingy itchy feeling on your scalp on using the shampoo, don’t use that product again. This simply shows your scalp is sensitive to some of its components.
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Aspirin dandruff treatment
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This wonder-working tablet not only gets rid of headaches, it also gets rid of dandruff. Salicylic acid, the main component of aspirin functions as  an anti-microbial and fungicidal remedy to get rid of dandruff flakes caused by the fungus Malassezia.
How to use aspirin as a dandruff treatment
Crush two tablets of aspirin and mix it into your usual shampoo. Mix it well. Shampoo your hair and let it sit in for about 2 to 3 minutes before washing it off. Viola! Your journey to a dandruff free scalp just begun.

Healthy diet.

Health diet to get rid of dandruff
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Now to win any battle you have to start for the inside out and get your enemy by the same manner to win this battle against dandruff, girl you have to nourish yourself from the inside. I’m sure you’ve heard the line before or something similar so you definitely know the importance of a healthy diet to your immune system which protects our body from any infections, including those skin infections that cause dandruff. Let’s indulge just for a minute on the foods we should be key on if we want to battle dandruff.

  • Fish oils
  • Green leafy vegetables like kale, broccoli the list is endless
  • Vitamin B6 rich fruits like bananas, avocado and dried apricot.
  • Take foods Packed with zinc
  • Proteins especially plant proteins like beans and nuts. You can also slip in some eggs into your diet.

Drink water

how to remove dandruff
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It has now become a song we all can join in. Drink water, drink water, drink lots of water. The sad part is we are so good at the singing and forget to actually drink water! Water moisturizes your skin preventing overall dryness of your skin and even your scalp. 

Wash your hair

what causes dandruff
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If you wash your hair once a week now do it twice a week. Regular hair washing ensure dirt and any build up is done away with. Excessive oil secreted onto the scalp is also washed away.
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Keep calm!

Yes, you heard me. Keep calm. Avoid any situation that may unnerve you. Keep of stressful situations ad let only positivity flow in. Stress immensely punishes your skin with dryness and poor general outlook.

Take Probiotic.

probiotics for dry scalpd
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These dietary supplements that contain healthy bacteria that helps combat the overgrowth of yeast on the scalp. Yoghurt also contains this bacterium

 Avoid showering with hard water.

It only worsens the condition since minerals build up on the scalp adding g to the already existing build up on the scalp.

Minimize of foods that feed the yeast-like fungus

Now the main enemy here is the yeast on the scalp that overgrows causing dandruff. The strategy here is to cut off its food supply reducing its growth rate. You may not know this but the following foods feed yeast: Mushroom, fruit juices, any food containing vinegar, soya sauce, and alcoholic drinks. Replace these foods with herbs like garlic, aloe Vera, marigold and even raspberry leaf.

Sun bathe

sunbath to get rid of dandruff
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Let your hair bathe in the UV rays of the sun for a while. There is a link between exposure to sun and decrease in dandruff’s sternness. However, remember too much sun damages your hair.

How To Get Rid of Dandruff: (home remedies to get rid of dandruff fast)

  1. Apple Cider Vinegar.

get rid of dandruff fast
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Vinegar’s fungicide properties aid combat the overgrowth of the yeast-like fungus on the scalp

How to get rid of dandruff using apple cider vinegar.

Mix water and vinegar in the ratio of 1:1. Use warm water. Pour the mixture over your hair and massage it in for a few minutes. Rinse the vinegar off out with water only. Repeat this for one or twice a week for best results.

  1. Listerine.

Listerine for dry scalp
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Commonly used as a mouthwash, Listerine fights fungus. This very property makes it a viable way out of the dandruff menace.

How to  get rid of dandruff using listerine on your dry scalp.

Mix water and Listerine in the ratio 2:1. You will use this mixture after shampooing your hair. Carefully pour this mixture onto your hair and thoroughly work it onto your scalp. Massage it gently ensuring all part get a part of the ‘magic water’. Keep yourself occupied for the following 30 minutes before you wash it off with water.

  1. Lemon Juice.

Dandruff treatment lemon juice
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Lemons contain citric acid which breaks down any fungus and since the root cause of dandruff are fungi, lemon will surely do the trick. Add a tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon into a cup of water. Do not use hard water. After shampooing, pour this mixture into your hair and rinse it off as your last rinse. Do this until the dandruff goes away.

  1. Aloe Vera.

Most hair product infuse aloe Vera into their product due to its numerous healing attribute for the hair. The gel from aloe Vera works perfectly to stop the growth and flourishing of the fungus on the scalp.
How to use it on your dry scalp.
Aloe Vera should be applied before washing your hair. Apply the aloe Vera gel on your scalp generously as you massage it’s fluids into the scalp. Let it infuse for about 20 minutes before you do your washing as normal.

  1. Baking Soda.

You can never miss a packet of baking soda in any kitchen. This jack of all trades has numerous beneficial uses in every household. Not only does it kill fungus but also exfoliates the skin getting rid of any excess dead skin.
How to use it on your dry scalp.
In a cup of warm water, add a tablespoon of baking soda and mix thoroughly. Use this in place of shampoo. Do it for a while until the dandruff goes away.

  1. Fenugreek.

fenugreek seeds for dandruff treatment
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This Indian cuisine spice many medicinal functions. Packed with amino acids and protein fenugreek seeds also known as methi promote healthy hair keeping the flakes at bay.
How to use it on your scalp.
Soak fenugreek seeds in a cup of water overnight. Grind them into a fine paste before applying it to your scalp. Let it sit in for 45 minutes then proceed to wash out the paste with a water and a mild shampoo.

  1. Salt

Readily available and very affordable, salt works as a natural exfoliator. It’s slightly rough particles gently scrub out the flakes off the scalp.
How to use it your scalp
Massage a generous amount of salt onto a dry or slightly damp scalp ensuring all areas are reached. Do this for 2 minutes then shampoo.

  1. Tea Tree oil.

This medicinal oil has been around for century within seen results. The extracted oil, is particularly soothing to the itchy scalp and has fungicide properties

How to get rid of dandruff by using tea tree oil on your scalp.

Mix a tablespoon of tea tree oil and a cup of warm water into a spray bottle. Shake it thoroughly and use it on your scalp after shampooing. Spray the mixture evenly over your scalp and massage to infuse it in.
Do not wash it out.
NB: tea tree oil should not be ingested.

  1. Olive Oil

This essential oil is good for the hair.
How to use it on your scalp to get rid of dandruff.
Apply it generously on your scalp before washing your hair as you massage it in.
Wash your hair.
Apply your olive oil on your hair before going to bed.

  1. Coconut oil.

Apply it routinely just as you do with olive oil.
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How to prevent dandruff.

Maintain hair hygiene.
Be on the lookout for any symptoms of dandruff.
With this knowledge on how to get rid of dandruff in mind, you are good to go. Enjoy your healthy hair journey and keep the dandruff at bay.

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