How To Dye Your Hair Safely – [ To Last Longer And Look Cute At The First Attempt]

If you want to change up your hairstyle by dying your hair a different color, why not just do it yourself? This article is to show you how to dye your hair safely while getting it right the very first time.

how to dye your hair
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There are many reasons why you should give it a shot at least once, some of them are:

  • It’s cheaper: Instead of paying for everything plus for someone to do it for you, doing it at home only requires that you purchase the dye and the tools you’ll need.
  • It can be fun: If you’re looking for something to do, dying your hair will give you something to try out and be proud of when it’s finished and looks awesome.
  • You can do exactly as you want: No more wondering if what you pictured in your head will come out as you described when a stylist does it for you. By dying your hair, you can make sure that you can get as close as you can as what you’re dreaming up.
  • Pride: Once you’ve accomplished dying your hair and making it exactly as you want it, the pride you will feel knowing that you were able to do it will be overwhelming – you’ll want to do it by yourself all the time.

Things to Consider when picking out your new hair color

There are just a couple of things you should consider when picking out your new hair color. The very first thing would be to identify what your natural hair color is, keeping in mind that people who have lighter hues (i.e. blonde) will have an easier time taking on different colors than someone who has darker hues (i.e. brown).
If you’re someone who wants to take on a drastic color, but you have a dark hair color, you’ll need to bleach the color out of your hair before you can do this. Therefore, it’ll take more than one dying session to complete changing your hair color. Something else to consider when thinking about a drastic hair color change is to try on a wig, or something that will allow you to see what the color would potentially look like on you. This will help you decide if you like it or not BEFORE you even touch the dye. However, if you’re looking to just do a subtle shift in the color, you can achieve this no matter what natural hair color you might have!
If you’re seriously considering dying your hair, you can either go to a salon shop and talk to a worker and figure out the things you need, or you can go to any supermarket and pick up a boxed hair dye that they have. Both options work out perfectly fine as long as you follow any directions that the dye comes with. Here is a list of some of the things you’ll need to dye your hair regardless of how you go about purchasing your dye.

Choosing the right hair dye for you

  • Foam hair dyes are best for women who have sensitive skin. This is because the foam product won’t drip onto the face or hairline.
  • If you have thick or curly hair, you should consider purchasing a gel or liquid formula. This is because they will be able to provide full coverage and distribute evenly and effectively throughout your hair, reaching all the way to the roots.
  • Buy a hair dye that is a shade lighter than what you want; this is because the picture on the box isn’t what will actually come out the box. Chances are, the color that comes out of the box is darker than the image that is shown. Keep in mind that it’s so much easier to increase the color intensity of your dyed hair than to try to tone it down.

The things you’ll need to successfully dye your hair

  • Boxed hair dye in the desired color(s): you may want to pick up a couple more than you plan on using just in case something happens, and you run out before you’re finished.
  • Disposable gloves
  • Conditioner
  • Brush – a regular hair brush, and if you want, a hair dye brush applicator you can find at salon stores
  • Comb
  • A hair dye mixing bowl
  • Large hair clips
  • Towel

Steps to take before you dye your hair

  1. The very first thing you’ll want to do is wash your hair one to two days before you are going to dye your hair. According to wikihow, by washing your hair a couple of days before dying your hair makes it so that the dye will look more natural in your hair and help make the color last longer.
  2. Choose the color and dye that you want! Know the difference: a temporary dye usually washes out after 6 to 12 washes, while semi-permanent dyes will last about 20-26 washes. If you’re looking for something that will last weeks, you should consider a permanent dye that will stay for 6-8 weeks or longer.
  3. Make sure that you’re wearing a shirt that you don’t care if it gets stained with the dye or not, and grab an old ratty towel to drape over your shoulders.
  4. Brush your hair thoroughly so that there is no knots or tangles leftover, this will make applying the dye much easier to do and ensure an even coloring.
  5. Put on a pair of your disposable gloves before you mix the dying products. Then follow the instructions that are on the box or inside the box to effectively mix the dying products together.

Dying your hair: How to dye your hair

  1. The very first thing you’ll want to do is coat your hairline around your forehead, ears, and neck to ensure that any dye that might come in contact with your skin will be easy to wash off afterward. You can use conditioner or Vaseline to do this.
  2. Separate your hair into four sections using large hair clips; this is to help ensure that you don’t miss any patches of hair.
  3. It’s time to start applying the dye! Take a section of your hair, and release it from the clips and split them up into even smaller subsections – this will ensure an even dye job. Using the application brush or bottle, apply some product on your hair as close to your roots as possible. Using your fingers, or brush, rub the dye in as evenly as possible from the roots to the ends of your hair in each of the subsections. Once you’re done with that whole section, twist it back up into its hairclip and repeat this process on the rest of the sections.
  4. After dying all the sections of your hair, if you need to do a touch-up apply whatever is left of the product in your hair and work it into the patches that are not colored enough until you feel it matches the rest of your hair.
  5. Cover your newly dyed hair in a shower cap or plastic bag to prevent transferring any dye to anything else. This will also help speed up the dying process.
  6. Now set a timer for however long that dye box says. You shouldn’t rise out the dye before the minimum time limit on the box, but you also shouldn’t leave it in past the maximum time.
  7. You should now wash off any patches of dye that may have dripped onto your skin to ensure that it doesn’t stain.
  8. Once your time is up, go ahead and get into the shower, or just use the sink, to rinse out the dye. You should use warm water to do this, and you’ll continue rinsing your hair until the water runs clear.
  9. You should wait about an hour after rinsing out your hair before you go ahead and wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner as you usually do when you shower. Make sure that you rub the conditioner into your hair as thoroughly as you can; this will help prevent your hair from drying out too much after using the dye.


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Congratulations! You have just learned how to dye your hair. Hope you finished successfully dying your hair, how do you feel? You should feel proud with what you’ve just done, I told you it was simple and I’m sure you did a great job. Now go and dry your hair with any professional hair dryer of choice and style it however you want, and show off the amazing work you have just accomplished.
Something to keep in mind is that you want to wait at least two weeks before you even consider dying your hair again. You should also consider changing up the shampoo you use: chances are the stuff you were using before you dyed your hair will actually strip away the color with the chemicals they have in them. Instead, you should [easyazon_link identifier=”B00138Y8L0″ locale=”US” nw=”y” nf=”y” tag=”designsauthority-20″ cart=”n” cloak=”n” popups=”y”]purchase color protective shampoo[/easyazon_link]  to help form a shield over the hair shaft to help you keep your color longer.

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