How To Do Sharpie Nail Art At Home

sharpie nail art

Sharpie nail art is a new take on nail decoration. First we had nail stamping, then water marbling and now we have sharpies. Sharpies are pens that we can use to create fine nail art of any kind known as sharpie nail art. When decorating nails using sharpies, you do not need lots of nail polish. Actually, the only polish you will need is the white base polish and a topcoat.

With your sharpie pens, that is all you need to create modern, stylish and teeny nail art in any color combination that you want. See links below to where you can buy the material used in this tutorial including the sharpie permanent markers.
This being a fairly new nail trend. There are very few tutorials on how to decorate nails with sharpies. Here, I will be showing you how to create sharpie color nail art. Read on and also watch the video tutorial at the end.

Steps to Perfect Sharpie Nail Art:

Things you will need for sharpie watercolor nail art.

* Rubbing Alcohol or Clear Listerine (Not colored) or ethyl alcohol 20% or Dettol)
* White base color polishes (OPI Alpine snow)
* Top coat
* Sharpie® permanent marker (fine point),Assorted Colors.
* Dappen dish *Nail art brush
* Angled clean up brush.


1.  You need to start with a clean nails. So prepare your nails by soaking them in soap water for a few minutes, trimming and filing them. You can use an electric nail file / nail drill machine for easy and quick filing.  Also remove any old nail polish that is on the nails from previous manicure. You can use nail polish remover for to accomplish this. Leave the nails to dry completely.

sharpie base color

2.  Paint your nails with the white base color. Apply two thin coats until the polish is opaque.

3.Use a q-tip

sharpie fine point markers

Use a q-tip or an angle brush dipped in acetone and Clean up around the edge of the nails to remove any white polish on the skin. You should do this before you apply the sharpie ink.
4. Pick your sharpie ink color combinations (Two, three or four color combinations)More than four will be too much. A pack of sharpie ink pens gives you many colors to use. So it should not be hard to pick a color combination of your choice.

dappen dish

5. Get the first sharpie ink and dampen the bottom of the Dappen glass dish.

6. Put a couple of drops of the rubbing alcohol (or whatever alcohol you chose) into the ink in the dish and mix those together using the nail art brush.

sharpe nail art

7. Use the same nail art brush and apply the sharpie liquid on top of your nail over the white base color until you are happy with how the nail looks.

8. Clean the dish for the next color: Put alcohol in the dish and wipe it clean until no more color is left. Then dry it completely. If any alcohol is left at the bottom of the dish before the next color, in the long run, it will ruin the sharpies.

sharpie watercolor nail art

9. Repeat steps 5 -7 above with the remaining colors, making sure to clean the dish between each color.

sharpie nails art

10. When you are happy with the final results, leave the sharpies to dry and then paint with top coat. The trick to using sharpies for nail art is letting them dry all the way before the top coat. The top coat helps to protect your sharpie ink and add a shine to them.

That’s it. You have now created sharpie nail art, a modern take on nail decoration. You can use it for prom nails or for any occasion. This tutorial was created by Nails by Jema.