How to do Crochet Braids [Step by Step] – Including Crochet Braids Care and Maintenance

On this page, you are going to learn or polish your skills on how to do crochet braids, how to care for and maintain crochet braids. This will include how to maintain and keep your hair healthy while wearing Crochet braids hairstyles. You will also learn how to wash crochet braids and how to care for crochet braids, and finally we cover how to remove crochet braids. So, let’s get started from the beginning.
Crochet braids refer to the non-chemical technique for getting straight hair. This type of braid is common among African American women. It complements the wearer’s look beautifully and elegantly.  I recommend you also read: Crochet braids | 12 Crochet Hairstyles With Pictures – [ Includes EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW]

The process of braiding this type of hair does not require any form of caps or hair glue. As a result, damage to the hair or scalp rarely occurs. When you crotchet braids to your hair, you are able to alter the color of your hair so that it can match your outfit. It’s also a great technique to transform natural short hair into flowing, long tresses.

Varieties of Crochet Braided Hair Styles

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To start any variety of this braid, you must first make the natural hair into cornrows. But, you should first decide on your preferred finished style prior to making the cornrow. Your finished hairstyle will determine how the cornrows will be placed. Generally, the cornrow is spaced evenly apart.
There are different choices of hair you can use for your crochet braids. Some of the popular options include loose curl straighter hair and the twisted or tightly curled hair. The hair usually comes prepackaged in about 36” length. If you want really long braids, you can use the synthetic hair as it is, or cut the strands to shorter lengths. The most common lengths you can cut the hair into are 9 inches and 18 inches.

Here are some of the popular crochet hair braid styles;

  • Deep Pony Tail: This style starts with lots of small cornrows, beginning from your front hairline to your crown. Then, the crotchet hook is used to attach the synthetic hair to the cornrows starting from the crown. The finished braid will appear as though you packed the hair in a ponytail manner at the crown of your head, while letting it flow down your shoulders in curls.
  • Dreamed Hair Style: The cornrows follow the same pattern as the deep ponytail style. But, the crocheting does not start at the crown, it starts from the hairline instead.
  • Paula Braid Style: You can also choose to make your crotchet braids in Paula style. This style starts with parting your natural hair down the middle, in a zigzag manner. Then, use the crochet hook to attach the synthetic hair along the entire cornrows and work your way to the top. The finished outcome will provide you with long tresses that look natural.

How To do crochet braids: Choosing The Materials you Need 

When you want to start learning how to do crochet braids, your choice of [easyazon_link identifier=”B019I2EKZ6″ locale=”US” tag=”designsauthority-20″]yarn and hook[/easyazon_link] combo will influence how your braid will appear. Depending on the type of application or project, certain material combinations would give better result than others. You can play around with different combinations to find what suits your application or style better.
For instance, if you desire a polished-looking, smooth braid, a [easyazon_link identifier=”B00BJT9H00″ locale=”US” tag=”designsauthority-20″]satin cord[/easyazon_link] or [easyazon_link identifier=”B00IDZPIR4″ locale=”US” tag=”designsauthority-20″]smooth yarn[/easyazon_link] can perfectly provide this outcome. Another alternative to get smooth and polish-looking crocheted braid is to use fuzzier yarns. However, you will not have very pronounced defined stitches.
For the best appearance, ensure the stitches are close together and as fine as possible. In that case, what would work best in crocheting the hair is a small hook. In fact, consider using the hook-2 or hook-1 size – these may be smaller compared to the one regularly used for the size of yarn you chose. The yarn’s label usually features such recommendations.

How to do Crochet Braids – Step by Step Instructions

When you’ve decided on the materials, the next major step in learning how to do crochet braids is to start making the braids. Except if you’re a pro, it’s difficult to crochet the hair into your cornrow without an assistant. This is why most people prefer to get professional braiding service for the best possible outcome.
But, if you want to give it a try or just familiarize yourself with how to do crochet braids i.e how hair crocheting works, here’s a simple procedure on how to do crochet braids;
Step 1: Make two chain stitches for a start, followed by single crochet passed into the second chain.
Step #2: Take a look at the stitch you made in step one; there are three hooks on the back side. The top of the stitch is created with two smaller hooks. And, the larger, third hook lies perpendicular to the smaller two loops.

Step #3: Work on the larger loop and create additional single crochet. Again, take a look at the stitch you just made – there are now four loops, and three out of the four didn’t change, they are the same as previous and the fourth hook snuggles next to the loop that is large.
Pass the hook through that large loop as well as the new loop that follows, then make additional single crochet.
Step #4: Keep up the process above until you get your desired length of braid.
Step #5: Finish your crochet braid with a slip stitch as well as a weave – implemented in the braid’s loose ends.

Here is a video on how to do crochet braids for beginners – Do it yourself

Here is another video on how to do crochet braids With the help of another person

You can employ different methods to make variations of crocheted braids. For instance, you can try including a chain stitch between the stitches of the braid. Alternatively, you can attempt working on the braid’s large loops. You can discover your own unique design by experimenting with varieties of techniques as well as stitch combos.

How to Wash and Care for Crochet Braids

Now that you have learnt how to do crochet braids, you probably know that hair crocheting and other forms of braids are great way to grow your natural hair. However, bear in mind that maintenance is needful while having your braids on. Particularly, it is needful to wash your braided hair at least bi-weekly or every 3 weeks.
Here are the essential steps involved in washing your crochet and other kinds of braids;
Step #1: ‘Purchase a suitable shampoo – the [easyazon_link identifier=”B009909F3U” locale=”US” tag=”designsauthority-20″]clear moisturizing shampoo[/easyazon_link]. This type of shampoo will help minimize accumulation of residue at the base of your braid and ultimately help prevent flaking.
Step #2: Before you start washing, make larger and loose braids to help minimize frizz.
Step #3: Dilute the shampoo and pour a handful over your braids, along with warm water.
Step #4: massage your scalp and hair gently, ensuring you focus more on the base of each braid that you made – this will help dissolve and wash off the natural oil that has built up at the base.
Step #5: Rinse out the shampoo properly and thoroughly, ensuring nothing is left out to avoid damage to the braid and flaking to your scalp.
Step #5: Use a towel to squeeze-dry the hair. To prevent frizzing, do not rub.
Step #6: Air-dry the braids. Ensure the hair is not damp by the time you’re about to retire to bed. So, wash and start drying the hair as early as possible. Bacterial buildup and mildew can occur when you sleep overnight with your braid damp.
Here is a video on how to wash crochet braids

How to Maintain and Keep Your Hair Healthy While Wearing Braids

As mentioned earlier, braids are great techniques for growing natural hair longer and firmer, in addition to being fashion accessories. But, you need to maintain and care for the hair under the bread in order to get the full benefits that braids offer to the natural hair.
You only need to adopt a few extra hair care routines to ensure your natural hair grows healthier, longer and stronger. Essentially, you will need a deep conditioning treatment for this purpose.

Pre-braid Care

Step #1: Take a Look at Your Hair
You should first evaluate the state of your hair before considering a crochet braid or other types of braids. Relaxed or colored hair may not be yet ready for braiding. The reason is that color-treatment and relaxer impact the bonds in your hair. Subsequently, your hair may become brittle. And, managing the hair may also become difficult.
And, when the braids break off due to the impact of the relaxer or color treatment, your natural hair would start breaking and become uneven.
Step #2: Get Your Hair Ready
Your hair would require tons of deep conditioning treatments in the course of the week (and more than one week if you recently colored or relaxed your hair), prior to getting your braids.
For hair that is just recuperating from a treatment, it will require weekly deep conditioning for four weeks. For natural hair, two or one conditioning treatments would do as you prepare to get the braids. You can save cost by doing the deep conditioning on your own with off-the-shelf hair care product. Alternatively, you can visit a salon.
Step #3: Carry Out a Strand Test
This type of test is a great way to know whether or not your hair can withstand braids yet. Bear in mind that you will only deteriorate the health of your hair by braiding it when it is not ready to handle the braid.
To do the strand test, pull out hair from your nape or crown and get them to sprig backwards. Watch to see if the strands will snap; if that happens, you should condition the hair more prior to braiding.

Post Braid Care

Step #4: Shampoo the Braid Daily
Once you wear your crocheted or other types of braid extensions, ensure you shampoo your hair daily. This way, your natural hair will grow faster. Massage the shampoo onto your scalp to wash the new hair growth. Then, sponge off dirt from the braid itself.
Step #5: Dry the Braids Properly
Squeeze as much water as you can out of the braids using an absorbent towel. This will help prevent mildew from growing over time. Don’t apply styling products until you’ve thoroughly and properly dried your braids.
Tip #6: Don’t Use Braid Sprays or Styling Products that Have Oils
Your natural hair captured in the braid may mat when you apply oil or use products with oil. When it’s time to take off the braid, ensure that matted hair is clipped out. The bottom line is, use oil as minimal as possible while wearing braided extensions. It’s a good practice to help your hair remain intact all through the period of time you will be having the braid on.

Additional Tips
  • If you intend to have the crochet braids on for more than a month at a stretch, ensure you wash them regularly in order to keep the hair clean. This way, your natural hair under the braid will be strengthened and fortified, resulting in better and healthier growth.
  • And, you should consider redoing the braids on the areas that are prone to matting. Typical example is the braids behind your ears and at your neck’s base.
  • Bear in mind that you will definitely lose a good amount of hair when you wear braids extensively – about 100 strands on a daily basis. It gets even worse when you have the extension on for more two months. You will lose significant amount of hair. Therefore, stick to your stylist’s recommended duration to have the braids on.

How to Uninstall Crochet Braids – How to remove crochet braids | Taking down crochet braids

It is not only about learning how to do crochet braids, you must know how to uninstall crochet braids. While you can attempt taking off/ uninstall crochet braids on your own, the best bait is to visit your stylist and have him or her take off/ uninstall the extension carefully. The easiest technique to uninstall crochet braids is to carefully cut the braids with sharp pair of scissors, close to the base of your cornrows, and above the point that the knot has been made.
Apply as much natural oil as possible (e.g. coconut oil) to promote slippage as well as cut back natural hair breakage. Allow the oil to sit on the hair for not less than half hour or even longer. This way, it can penetrate the braids as well as your natural hair. As you work on the cornrow, the rest of the braids will be easier to take off. In fact, they will start slipping off on their own.
Video on How to remove crochet braids fast, How to uninstall crochet braids easily, How to take down crochet braids

Final Thought
Crochet braids are great hair fashion accessories, especially for the African American women’s hair. They complement the uniqueness of their hair texture beautifully. More importantly, they help the natural hair to grow longer, firmer, and healthier. Now that you have learned how to do crochet braids, also adequate care before and while carrying the braid is necessary for all these benefits to be real.

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