How to Hide Kitchen Hood Venting – (3 Great Ideas)

The vent hood of your kitchen stove is a very crucial element in your kitchen. It pulls odors, gas, smoke as well as cooking residue up and out inside your kitchen to lessen air contaminants and surface grime from the cooking process. However, the device could be just as unattractive as it is effective and useful. You can at all times hide the vent of your kitchen’s range hood in different ways. For you to find out how to hide kitchen hood venting and to determine which method is suitable for you, ask yourself first some questions to identify your options and needs.

how to hide kitchen hood venting

How to Hide Kitchen Hood Venting – Things you will need

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How it works?

  1. Determine your budget first

It is important that you determine the budget you will need for this project. When money is no issue, then change the existing vent hood along with the retractable vent hood. This type of hood might be installed to the back of your stove of the cabinets or ceiling above the stove. The good thing about it is that it inclines manually or automatically if needed and tucks out of sight completely when not in use.

  1. Calculate the number of space available

When room allows, you can install the bottomless cabinets on the kitchen hood venting for you to hide it. An option for more effective and functional camouflage is for you to install an over-the-range microwave oven vent. Every option mounts over the stove and pulls air through their bottom. In addition, a microwave oven model along with sensors modifies microwave cooking time and power to integrate the heat received coming from the stove.


  1. Evaluate your DIY abilities and skills

For an easy and simple solution, you can cut and upholster or paint a plywood panel in order to match the wall at the back of the stove. Glue the panel to the ceiling in front of the hood along with 2 or more “L” brackets to cover-up the vent, plus to help it blend to the wall at the back of it.


On the other hand, if your Do It Yourself skills are limited, there is no need for you to worry as you can simply paint the vent the type of color of the wall after it. Some spray cans of epoxy primer paint and a day’s work will totally help your hood venting compliment to the background at the same time make less of a statement inside the kitchen.

There you have it, the steps on how to hide kitchen hood venting. Bear in mind that all you need is a little creativity when dealing with these kinds of stuff. Hope you learn something from this that will surely help you when dealing with kitchen hood venting.

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